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How to Start Steel Scrubber Making Business in low Investment

Scrubber is made from steel or iron wire which is used in every household, hotel, restaurant, dhaba to remove stubborn stains in utensils.  It is used everywhere from village to city, so the demand for scrubber always remains in the market.  If the iron scrubber gets rusted then it gets spoiled soon.  But scrubbers made of steel do not rust and last for a long time, so they are used in large quantities. in today’s time, many people have become unemployed due to pandemic virus.  Many people have to work on low salary.  At such a time, you can start a small scale Steel scrubber Making Business at a low cost and earn a lot of profit and support your family.

Here in today Article we will provide a detailed information about, How to Start Steel scrubber Making Business with low investment.

Steel scrubber Manufacturing Business

Market Scope of Steel Scrubber

Scrubber is in demand in every household, hotel, restaurant, dhaba to clean utensils daily, so its scope in the market is very good.  You can earn a lot of profit by starting the business of making scrubber. Its demand is high in big markets like grocery stores, general stores, Big Bazaar, Geo Mart, Spencer, De Mart. Further, there is a huge online market like  Amazon, ​​Flipkart, Snapdeal, Ebay and many more online market you can  Scrubber can be sold.  Apart from this, you will find many buyers in IndiaMart website,  which you can sell in wholesale. You can also sell your scrubbers online by creating your own website.

Investment for the Steel Scrubber Making Business

  • Starting a scrubber manufacturing business in small scale you need at least 3 to 5 lakh rupees will be required.
  • Keep in mind that the cost of all these may increase or decrease. 
  • Because the price of the machine depends on manual, semi automatic and automatic.
  • And Also, The price of raw materials also depends on the quantity.

License for Steel Scrubber Making Business

  • If you want to start this business on a small scale, then you must first register the business under the industry base or MSME of the Government of India.
  • Apart from this, if you wish, your brand registration has to be filed under I.S.I. 
  • To run the business smoothly, you will need trade license, firm’s current account, PAN card and some Business Documents.

Space Requirement for Scrubber Making Business

You can Starting In this business with a space of 100 square feet to 200 square feet, and you can get rent or lease that space.  Apart from this, a place is needed for raw materials and baking materials.  There is also a little waste, and a place to put them is needed.  When you choose a place for your business, make sure that the place has electricity and water supply.

Raw material for Steel Scrubber

Steel wires are required in the form of raw materials for making scrubber.

  • The S.S grade 410 Wire is used for making Steel scrubber.
  • If you want to pack the scrubber with the brand and sell it to the wholesaler or retailer, you should also buy scrubber packing material.
  • You can start a scrubber business by purchasing all of these in bulk.

Machine for the Steel Scrubber Making

  • The Steel scrubber machine comes in both single phase electric connection And triple phase electric connection. And There in lies the difference in production.
  • The Machine price starts from around 2 lakhs and production And increases according to the quality.
  • Further, Scrubber packing machine price approx Starts from Rs25,000. 
  • In which from Manual Machine to Automatic Machine is available. 
  • In this also the price of the machine increases according to the production. You can visit indiaMart website to know the price of the machine.
  • Also, Installation and Training for the Scrubber Manufacturing Business and the Scrubber Baking Business If you purchase one of the two machines, the machine manufacturer installs the machine in your factory, and provides complete training in creating the complete system and operating the machine.

Marketing for the Steel Scrubber Business

There is no need spacial skills to market the product. Because the customer does not see the brand while buying this product. Because many people use it everyday. And this is a product that is going to be used in every home. Every person uses it. For this, if you will take it to every shopkeeper, then that one shopkeeper will take 5 to 10 sheets from you. And if you want to sell it from house to house then you can sell it. For this you will not have to spend much on marketing. And there is no need to give any Advertisement for this. Once if a shopkeeper buys from you, then every time he will buy the product of the month from you. You just have to give it at a good rate.

Profits in Steel Scrubber Making Business

Talking about the profit margin of this business, you can earn a very good margin from this business. 

  • According to its raw material, it costs you 35 rupees to make a sheet. 
  • For this, you understand that in one kilo of material, 100 pieces of scrubber come. 
  • And packing cup, you get 200 pieces in a kg, then according to the raw material, you can sell a sheet for Rs 70 in the market by making it for Rs 35. 
  • For this, if you have a profit of 30 rupees on the back of a sheet, then even if you sell 25 sheets from the day, then you can earn 750 rupees daily.

Final Thought’s of the Business

If you start scrubber manufacturing business, then steel wire breaks a lot in it.

To avoid this, you have to learn the setting of the machine well.

Apart from this, you will have to use a lot of soap in the water, due to which your wire will go into the machine after becoming smooth, this will reduce the problem of wire breakage.

As your experience increases, you will become an expert in this business and you will be able to earn more and more profits.

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