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How To Start Packers And Movers Business in India

Packers and Movers Business Services is one of the Fast Growing Business in India. because every month thousands of people go from one place to another, and people do not have enough time to shift their goods from one place to another. That’s why he sees a good Packers and Movers company. and mainly consumers demand it for local and inter state shifting needs. Because there is a little problem in carrying goods in it, so today this business is going on in India so much. and today there are many companies in India that provide Packers and Movers services. If you wants to do business with small investment, then Packers and Movers can do business.

Packers And Movers Business Plan

Market Opportunities for Packers and Movers Business

In Today’s, Thousands of people move from one place to another every month. And packing and transfer of there goods from place to other place, And also, relocation of local and inter-state offices, providing transport from one state to another. And for this, every one sees the service of good Packers and Movers. Due to this the demand for Packers and Movers services in India has increased. And today many companies within India offer Packers and Movers services. However customers are looking for faster and better new services, so there are good opportunities in the market for this business. And the highlight of this business is that it requires minimal investment and can get it started quickly.

And If you are thinking about packers and movers business, then following the process to start this business.

Write a Business Plan

When you plan this type of business, it should include in detail how your company will operate, how you will serve customers, and what you will do to grow your business.  And how you will face your competitors.  And keep in mind how it fits into your investment potential and the size of the business.  You need to decide early on whether you are going to do your business local or interstate or internationally.

Location for Packers and Movers Business

You will not need a very large space to start this business. It will need this space in a 2 room with 1000 square feet room to keep its contents such as cartoons, ropes or other similar items. plus you may also need a room to meet your customers. And also, You can choose an area for a moving business with a large number of families or apartments. Because they want to securely order or ship their valuable furniture.  It should be planned to select the area with the highest number of such customers.

Investment for Packers and Movers Business

Investments in Packers and Movers business it’s depend on the business size. because if you start a big business you need to invest more and if you do small business you need to invest less.  Starting this business with your own office and vehicle will require an investment of 10 to 15 lakh rupees.  However, if get all these are rented, an investment of Rs 50,000 to Rs 1 lakh will be required.

License & Registration

once the investment is done for your business then apply for the license for packers and movers business.

To form his own company, the entrepreneur can register his business under any one of the various business entities like Proprietorship, Partnership or Private Limited. A Shops and Establishment License may also be required. Normally this license is issued by a local authority such as Municipal Corporation. Also, PAN card may be required in the name of business. There may be a need to open a current account in the name of the business. And GST registration is also required.

Raw material for Movers and Packers

The Raw materials used in this such as cartoon,packing paper, tape, rope and more. And it’s will be easily available to you in the local market as well.  If you want to take these materials from the wholesaler or through online you can check out the indiamart or tradeindia website.

Profit in Packers and Movers Business

The business of Packers and Movers is a profitable deal these days.  Here so many people move daily from one city to another that if seen on an average, about 30-50% of the total cost of a packing and moving work is your company’s profit.  That is, you get 10 bookings in a month and on an average you are taking one lakh rupees for the total cost of ten bookings, then you will definitely have 40,000 left.

Marketing of Packers and Movers Business

In the current system, customers search online for this kind of service. so it is necessary that you build a website for your company according to the user, which includes your business information along with contact details and how.  Provide all this information, including the details of the process from which the company carries out the work. Today social media is the best means of marketing, social media sites also help you a lot in connecting with new customers.  With this, you can attract customers towards you by sharing your company. Also make a brand logo of the company.  The company’s uniform can also identify the company. Promote Through posters or pamphlets. This is also a good way of advertising, you can promote your company by placing and distributing it in cities or far flung areas through pamphlets or attractive posters in the name of your company.

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