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10 Best Business Ideas with Under 5 Lakhs Investment

Business Ideas with Under 5 Lakhs

Business Ideas with Under 5 Lakhs – Business is one thing in this day and age that whenever actualized appropriately can acquire you a parcel of benefits. The main part of any business is business thought and capital speculation. Albeit numerous individuals concoct various thoughts yet they normally do not have the capital. This is the essential explanation for why they neglect to build up a fruitful business.

Also, a business gives you the sole position to work as opposed to executing another person’s requests. In the event that you need to begin business ideas under 5 lakhs interest in India then you have come to the correct spot. Today, we have selected some profitable businesses which you can start with an initial investment of under 5 lakhs. In this list of businesses, some ideas are manufacturing based and some are service-based.

1. Wedding Planning Business

This business idea, which can be started with an investment of up to five lakhs, is linked to the need of man, in which he spends outside his competence, only because his work is completed successfully.  If someone is going to get married in the house, then the whole family lives in tension as to how all the work will be completed.  Because a lot of money is spent in weddings in India and it takes a long time to carry out various procedures. 

In such a situation, people who do not have time to manage all this, they move towards the wedding planner.  This is to say that the main source of income for the entrepreneur planning the wedding planning business is the people who do not have time to prepare for the wedding.  Creativity can be the key to the success of this business. 

2. Paper Carry Bag Making Business

Due to the ban on plastic carry bags, the demand for paper carries bags is increasing in the market.  Therefore, implementing this business idea can be a profitable deal for anyone.  Since the task of making paper carry bags is very simple and one machine can produce thousands of bags. 

Therefore, this business is also a business that can be started with an investment of up to five lakhs.  As far as profit in this business is concerned, the entrepreneur can earn up to 1-1.5 rupees on a carry bag.  To earn more, the entrepreneur can start the business of printing on paper carry bags.  

3. Water Tank Cleaning Business

The business of cleaning water tanks can also be started easily with an investment of up to five lakhs.  The entrepreneur who starts this business is very important to be tech-savvy.  Because this business earns when the entrepreneur collects the help of water cleaner tanks, vacuum pumps, high-pressure jets, etc. in a house, building, commercial complex, hospital, hotel, school, college and more.  Is cleaned with  Hence the entrepreneur adopting these business ideas is required to be Tech Savvy.

4. Food Delivery Business

By food delivery business we mean a business in which the entrepreneur takes the responsibility of delivering the food delivery to the house and plays it well.  In the beginning, the entrepreneur should do this business keeping in mind the local market. 

This is to say that it is very important to research in the local area how many food outlets are there in that particular area and whether people have the habit of ordering food at the home, office or not.  Initially, with two delivery buoys, this business idea ie food delivery business can be started with an investment of Rs 5 lakh to 2.5 lakh.

5. Business to Make Uniforms

Currently, all schools, whether they are general academic schools or business schools, have made dress codes mandatory for their students.  Apart from these, a dress code is also prescribed for some colleges like medical colleges, law colleges etc.  Would like to make you aware that this is also a business that can be started easily with an investment of up to five lakhs.  Therefore, the entrepreneur should tie up with the above-mentioned institutions to bring success to his business. 

6. Tour Guide Business

Do you know much about the local culture and history of the place where you live?  |  Do you like to talk to a group of people?  Do you like seeing the enthusiasm in someone else’s new experiences?  If the answer to all these questions is yes, then you should start a tour guide business. 

Keep in mind, as a tour guide, you should know the historical facts about each location in your local area and should also present this information in an entertaining manner to someone else.  However, for this business, a location is required where the tourists come more.  But this business can be started at a very low cost.

7. Housekeeping Service Business

Currently, housekeeping is required in various offices and hotels and more.  Therefore, if a person has knowledge of management, and more, you can start a housekeeping service business with an investment of less than five lakhs or up to five lakhs.  This is to say that the cleaning staff, whether in the hotel or in any other company, are mostly employed through the agency. 

In such a situation, this business can be started with very little investment, but for this, it is necessary to have communication skills and knowledge of management.  By adopting this business idea, the entrepreneur can earn his income by sending cleaning workers to hotels or other offices and hiring them.

8. Export Business

Currently, several important steps have been taken by the Government of India to promote export business, one of them is that the process of exporting to outside countries has been greatly simplified.  That’s why it has become easy and profitable to do export business.  If the entrepreneur does not store the goods, that is, he can export directly from the seller to outside countries, then this business can be started with an investment of up to five lakhs.

In the early stages, the entrepreneur can start with agricultural products, because agricultural products are easily available in India.  To start an export business, the entrepreneur may need a registered company name, import-export code, business bank account, and more. 

9. Making Disposable Paper Cups and Plates

The business of making disposable paper cups and plates is an environmentally friendly business.  And if the entrepreneur has a good business plan about this business, then he can earn a good profit from this business.  Demand for such products is also increasing due to the ban on plastics. 

Therefore, this time can be considered suitable for any entrepreneur to enter this business.  Disposable paper cup and plate making machine is not very expensive, this business can be easily started with an investment of up to five lakhs. 

10. Trade for Making Incense Sticks

In India, incense sticks are used on various occasions, so its demand always prevails in the markets.  Since agarbatti making machine is easily available between 75,000-2,00,000 rupees in the market, this business is also included in the list of businesses to be started with an investment of up to five lakhs. 

According to one figure, in the production of one kilogram of incense sticks, the entrepreneur can earn a profit of up to 12-15 rupees and an automatic agarbatti-making machine can produce up to 70 kg of incense sticks in a day. 

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