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How To Start Edible Biscuit Tea Cup Making Business

Biscuit Tea Cup Making Business is also called Edible Biscuit Tea Cup or Wafer Tea Cup Making Business. In today’s era, more people use eco-friendly products. Now drinking and eating utensils have also become eco friendly. Today we are going to talk about such eco-friendly products which can be eaten after use.  Yes, this is a product is called Edible Tea Cup or Biscuit Tea Cup. After the ban on plastic, now such eco-friendly products are getting more promotion.

Due to which increasing pollution can be stopped to some extent. This product is very much in trend. And Also, The demand for these products is going to be high in the coming times. Everyone is liking to use this cup because its manufacturing produces this product without causing any harm to the environment. It is made with the help of food items, so it is also edible. Drinking tea in this is a different and unique step. If you also want to start your own unique business, then you can also start the business of making biscuit tea cups.

Market Demand for Edible Biscuit Tea Cup

Edible  Biscuit Tea Cup It is 100% edible, And biodegradable, eco-friendly, disposable cutlery. We can eat it or we can also feed it to the pet in our house. Another special thing about it is that it does not harm the environment in making it. In this, food colour and sugar are added for the test or it can also be made from jaggery. It doesn’t spoil too quickly. If this product is packaged then its shelf life is up to 6 months.

It can be commonly used for ice cream, tea And juice.  After the ban on plastic, people are going more and more towards eco-friendly products. In such a situation, the demand of this product is also increasing in the market. Its demand has also increased due to this because it can be eaten after drinking tea in this biscuit tea cup. So, Doing this business is very profitable.

Investment for Edible Biscuit Tea Cup Business

This business relies upon you from which level you start the business. If you start your business from a small scale, you can begin your business with a single face edible tea cup machine. as soon as the speed of your production becomes high, then accordingly you can take a 4-face edible tea cup machine. You can increase your business further. In this way, this business can also be started at a low cost.

Edible tea cup machine costs at least 2 to 3 lakh rupees. In which the charge of GST and transport is charged separately as well as a mixer machine is also required. Along with this, some expenses may also be incurred in the material of packing. Accordingly, the total cost involved in this business can range from 4 to 5 lakh rupees. In which the cost of raw material, labour cost, electricity cost, packing etc. is included.

Space for Edible Biscuit Tea Cup Business

If we talk about the space for the business of making biscuit tea cups, then at least you need 400  to 500 square feet to start this business. This space is including your raw material, machines and Finished Products. And There is no need for a lot of space in this business. You can start your business in the beginning with the help of one manpower.

License for Edible Biscuit Tea Cup Business

You need a Following license for manufacturing Biscuit Tea Cup. For this business, you will have to get your firm registered and also get your business registered under ROC. You need to get a trade license for this edible tea cup or edible cup business. Due to this business being of food items, an FSSAI license is also required, It is also called a food license. Apart from this, you have to register your business under the SSI unit as well as some documents like PAN card, Aadhar card, Ration card and recent electricity bill.

Raw Material for Edible Biscuit Tea Cups

It is very easy to start this business. Various types of raw materials are used in this. It is made from food items used at home. Along with being crispy, it is also tasty. The raw material for the business of making biscuits or edible tea cups is as follows-

corn flour, Fine flour, starch, Sugar, Edible vegetable oil or butter And food colours.

Machinery for the Edible Biscuit Tea Cups

For Biscuit Tea Cup making business, you need machinery. For the development of any business or for the sale and good quality of the products manufactured from it, machines are an important part. The edible tea cup machine can make cups of 60ml, 90ml and 100ml. For the business of making biscuit or edible tea cup, two main machines are required which are as follows-

  1. Mixer Machine.

2. Edible Tea Cup Making Machine.

For this edible tea cups business, You can also buy the machines online on websites like Indiamart,

Edible Biscuit Tea Cups Making Process

First, you have to prepare a list of raw materials for making Biscuit Tea Cup. Its entire process is dependent on the machines. The process of making Edible Biscuit Tea Cup which is as follows-

First of all, you have to mix all the raw materials well in the mixer machine.

Add flour, cornflour, starch, sugar, edible oil, food colour and water to mix everything well and mix it well with the help of a mixer machine.

When the mixer is ready, then this mixture is first put in the tank which is part of the edible machine itself.

Now deepen the feeder in the mixture of raw material filled in the tank. On deepening, the mixture is filled in the bowl-shaped groove made in the feeder.

Now the edible tea cup making machine is started and the temperature required is set.

In this machine, there are moulds on both the top and bottom sides. This whole mould is made of brass.

Now with the help of the feeder, the mixture is poured into all the moulds. Then after that punch 4 to 5 times and wait for 1 minute for it to heat up.

After heating, the waste accumulated over the mould is cleaned of scale.

Now for the second time, the mixture is again poured into the mould of the machine. Due to which the product can be strengthened and become more crunchy. Then after that punch 5 to 6 times and again have to wait for 1 minute.

Now again after cleaning the waste accumulated in the mould from the scale, now all the product is taken out by pulling the mould apart from each other.

As the machine heats up, so the production is ready very quickly.

Now the edible cup is completely ready. And finally, it is packaged and sold in the market.

Marketing For Edible Biscuit Tea Cups Business

Marketing is necessary for the growth of any business and to earn huge profits. You can market the business of Edible Tea Cup Manufacturing from small to big shops. By this, we can market your product in big schools, hospitals, offices, malls and supermarkets. Apart from this, you can sell your products in big online e-commerce websites like Amazon, Alibaba, Indiamart. In this way, you can earn huge profit from this business by marketing your product.

Profit Margin in the Business

In the market, the price of trophies varies depending on the different sizes and quality. If we talk about profit, the profit range in the industry is 1 to 2 rupees per cup. This machine produces 900 to 1000 cups per hour. Seeing this, if you run this machine for 5 hours, you can easily get a net profit of up to Rs 10000 per day through this business.
How To Start Edible Biscuit Tea Cup Making Business

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