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How To Start Surgical Cotton Making Business

Surgical Cotton Making Business – This trade called Surgical Cotton is world famous because it is used all over the world to cleanse and apply ointment to body wounds. In ancient times, wound healing was dependent on herbs. Many herbs were later tested to properly identify and dose the plants. and it became part of modern medicine. If the wound remains open as a result of an injury or an operation, there is a fear of many insect moths such as flies / infections. Therefore, surgical cotton is used for cleaning, sealing and rapid healing of wounds.Surgical cotton is also known as absorbent cotton or, more commonly, surgical cotton for cleaning and covering wounds and consists of well-cleaned cotton. It is mainly used in all medical facilities such as hospitals, nursing homes, pharmacies and homes. Absorbent cotton is used to make sanitary napkins and to repair or remove makeup in beauty salons.

Here in this Article we will provide a detailed guide for How To Start Surgical Cotton Making Business.

Surgical Cotton Making Business

Market opportunity for Surgical Cotton

It is widely used in medical care providers.And also There has been a tremendous increase in the use of absorbent cotton.  It is also used to make sanitary pads, napkins or filters.  However, the market demand for absorbable cotton depends on various factors such as population growth, increase in medical institutions, increase in various types of health camps organized by the government and increase in public awareness about cleanliness.  Surgical Cotton Used There are two types of hospitals, government and private, private hospitals, buying tenders from medical stores in large quantities, government hospitals or any other hospital offering tenders.  Buy absorbent cotton through a government agency.  Apart from this, if the entrepreneur wants, he can export the product abroad as it is in good demand in countries like Australia and Japan.

License for the Surgical Cotton Making

You also need some license to start this business.  In this, the first license for you to start your business is to register your business. in this you can start your business in private, partnership or limited.  For this you have to register your business in R.O.C.  Along with that you will also need a trade license.  After that the GST number will also have to be taken.  And N.O.C will also have to be taken from the pollution officer of your area.

Required Area for the Surgical Cotton Making

For this business, you will need 500 to 1000 square feet of space.  You have to keep two machines in it, raw material will have to be kept.  Along with that, you will also have to do material packing in it.  In this way, space will be needed to start this business.  At the same time, you need to take the place where the transport work is done.  In this, it will cost you less to make the product and sell it.  Because of this, you have to choose the place very carefully.

Investment for the Surgical Cotton Business

if you Start a Small scale manufacturing unit, The entire cost of the Surgical Cotton Making will cost a minimum of 4 to 5 Lakhs in Indian Rupees. If you’re starting the business together with your own fund is best . However, if you looking for finance, you need to have a properly documented business plan report. This report will play the most important role while pitching for a fund to investors or financial institutions.

Raw Material for Surgical Cotton Making

The first raw material that is used to make cotton rolls is Raw Ginned Cotton. You can buy it from the farmer from the market.  You get its price according to 5 thousand to 6 thousand rupees per ton.  If you can buy it directly from the farmer, then you get it even cheaper.  And in this comes the second raw materials is Soda Ash, Caustic Soda,Bleaching Agents, Wetting Agents and Cardboard paper roll.  You get it from the market . And the other is raw material is packing material.  You can also pack it through the box.  It is also used in packing material.

Machine requirement for Surgical Cotton Making

To start this business, you need two types of machine.  There is a machine where you can stretch and keep cotton.  After that you have to roll the cotton in the machine which you have earlier.  For this a rolling machine has to be used.  With the help of that machine you can roll cotton.  The second machine is the cutting machine.  These two machines are required to start this business.  The rolling machine that comes in it.  You can buy it for 2 to 3 lakhs.  Along with that there is a cutting machine, its price comes in 40 to 50 thousand.  For this, you can check on the site of India

Process of Surgical Cotton Roll Making

First, the raw cotton is opened with the help of a machine.  In this, it is loosened by removing dust-like contaminants from the cotton.After that this cotton It is steamed for 3-4 hours and other chemicals like caustic soda, soda ash, soap are added.  This process removes impurities from the cotton,After steaming for three to four hours, after adding chemicals to it, this cotton is sent to the tank for washing.  Now that the washed cotton is fading in color, that is, its whiteness is slightly reduced, it is bleached by adding chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide or sodium hypochloride to bring the whiteness back or whiten it further.Bleaching not only whitens the cotton, but also increases the cotton’s ability to absorb liquids. After bleaching, the added chemical is surgically washed off with a cotton swab and removed by diluting it with a little sulfuric acid.Then wet cotton is moved to the machine for drying. after drying the cotton, it has to be given in a machine, you have to roll cotton in it.  And in this roll machine, the paper is to be rolled over the cotton.  This makes you a role.  And you can cut this roll with another machine.  After this, you can pack that small roll in a box and sell it in the market.

Marketing for the Surgical Cotton Business

Networking is the key to success in this business. After starting a Cotton Roll Making business, if you are wondering where to market it, then do it this ,Talk to hospitals, nursing homes, and local pharmacy retailers for choose your products. sell in hospitals, other medical institutions and many medical places.  You can earn good money by exporting to other countries.Finally, be patient and focus on the production and distribution of your products.

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