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Small Business Ideas – How To Start Toys Manufacturing Business

Toys Manufacturing Business Plan

Speaking of toys, they help in the intellectual and physical development of children, so it becomes very important to talk about the Toys Manufacturing Business. Toys in India can be divided into many categories such as plastic toys, soft toys and more, but there is a great demand for electronic and battery operated plastic toys these days, but the toy manufacturers also make other types of toys such as paper toys, cloth toys, wooden and metal toys.But children can be injured by toys made from these heavy objects. This is the reason why people do not like to buy these children’s toys. Nowadays, educational toys and activity toys are also becoming very popular because these toys aid in intelligence. and the child’s physical development are helpful. Even today, the toy making business in India is mostly run by DIY enthusiasts. Various types of electronic and soft toys are made in them.When it comes to electronic toys, the most famous ones are remote control toys, walkie-talkies, musical toys, video game toys, educational toys, etc. Currently, there is a great demand for toys in the world. Especialy in Indian Domestic Market. Hence, it can be very beneficial to start this type of business here.

  • Here in this Article we will provide a detailed guide for How to Start Toys Manufacturing Business in Small Scale.

Market opportunity for Toys Manufacturing Business

The world toy industry does a business of Rs 7 lakh crore. In which the share of our India country is negligible.Further, Let us tell you that according to the population, the number of children in India is very high as compared to other countries.  It is obvious that if there are more children, then toys will also be sold more.  Due to this the business of toys is also increasing very much in the country.  Till now, India remained the biggest market for toys coming from China.  But now due to the call made by government, a global hub of toys has to be made in the country.  So that our country of India can become self-reliant in this matter.  So now the demand for Indian toy business can also increase a lot in India.

Select and Research the Toys Manufacturing Business

To start a toy making business, first of all you must be artistic in it, that is, you should come to make different types of toys.  For this it is not necessary at all that you are highly educated.  But your skill in making toys should be very good.  Apart from skill, you need to keep in mind what kind of toys children like more.  As we have mentioned that at present the most famous category of toys are plastic and soft toys.  And they have many subcategories so the entrepreneur now has to decide which category of toys he wants to produce.Apart from this, marketing your business is also very important. With this you can start this business.

Investment for Toy Making Business

The Total investment are its depending on type of the making the toys, Generally you will have to make an initial expenditure of rupees 3 to 5 lakhs. For this, you can take a loan from the bank, or you can take advantage of various schemes of the government.  So much capital includes everything like machinery, raw material, salary of employees . Also its depends on the business size, because if you start a big business then you have to invest more and If you start small business from home then the  investment is not take More.

Required Space for Toy Making Business

For the business of making toys, an area of ​​at least 1000 square meters is required, which should be in a place which is some distance from the main market.  Because for setting up a toy making machine, you have to take N O C and it will be available only if your factory is at some distance.  Apart from this, there should also be a large space to keep raw materials, machinery and stock for making toys.

Required license for Toy Making Business

  • First of all you have to register your business under Udyog Aadhar or MSME, from this you will get the benefit of financial assistance given by the government.
  • To give a brand name to your business you have to get a trade license.
  • Ever since the introduction of GST by the government.  It has become mandatory for all the businessmen to register in GST, so you have to register in it.
  • Finally, You have to take N O C to set up a toy making factory, which you will get from the pollution board.

Raw Materials Required for Making Toys

Before talking about the raw materials required to make toys, you should know what kind of toy business you want to do, soft toys or gadgets or plastic or battery operated toys.  From these you can start any type of toy making business.  And accordingly you can buy raw materials from the wholesale market.

Machinery for Making Toys

After getting the raw material needed to make toys, let us tell you that different types of machinery are required to make toys.  Such as sewing machine for soft toys, apart from this machine for plastic body gadgets and toys with battery in which a mold is put in various ways. Products made of plastic are in trend these days, you can earn good money by doing business with it.

Toys Manufacturing Process

The toys making process it’s depends on what kind of toys you are manufacturing .If you want to start the business of soft toys, then you can also use sewing machine to make soft toys, with the help of this machine, you can design and make soft toys well, if you want that you can use gadgets.  Or make battery-operated Toys a plastic toy, for that you will have to take the help of automatic machine, you can also make such type of toys with the help of automatic machine which children will like very much.

Profit in Toys Manufacturing Business

In today’s time, every child is liking a toy and In the coming years, the demand for the business of making toys is going to increase even more, so you will get more profit in doing this business.  If it is costing you 100 rupees to make one toy, then you can sell it in the market for 150 to 200 rupees.  Due to which you can make a profit of 50 to 100 rupees per toy.  With this, you will start earning not only in lakhs but also in crores.

Marketing of Toy Making Business

If you are starting a toy making business, then after making your own toys, marketing it also becomes very important.  Because without marketing, no one will get information about your product or your toy, then it becomes very important to do marketing so that people can know that this product is available here, in this you will get a lot of benefits. You can give samples of your toys in the market and promote.

If the merchants like your samples, then you can fulfill their order by taking their order and you can also use the newspaper to market your product or your toys, you can advertise your toys in the local tv, And also You can promote your toys online.

Final Thoughts of the Toys Manufacturing Business

Today, many ‘Make in India’ companies have opened in India. They are manufacturing in all types of toys. In this Toys making company is going on the path of rapid growth in India.  If you want start the business with them, Then you can also start business by taking franchise from these companies.  The business of making toys in India can grow Fast, in front of which Chinese toys are nothing.

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