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How To Start A Sweet Box Making Business | Small Business Ideas

We are all live in a village, or in a small town, or in a big city, everyone loves sweets. We all need it  Whether it is a party or a function, or a festival, It is used and distributed in almost all traditional functions. without sweets the function does not complete, And need a box to carry sweets. Further, the sweet shop owner, the sweets should sell well and make more profit. Therefore, he wants to improve the taste of every dessert he finds in his store. But, the main attraction of the customer is the attractive cover of a beautiful looking sweet box. so, it’s important to make good sales with quality cheap sweet boxes. Therefore, they need more boxes to increase the sales of sweets. in the situation If you want to start a new business, then start a sweet box making business can prove to be a good business for you.

Here in this Article you will get a complete details about how to starting a sweet box manufacturing business.

How To Start A Sweet Box Making Business

Market Scope of Sweet Box Making Business

The scope of this business is very high in the market, because the consumption of sweets is very high in our life.  Sometimes sweets are not available in the market according to consumption. So you can understand how profitable starting this business can prove to be for you.  Because sweets cannot be sold without a box.  Meaning that as much as the demand for sweets, there is a demand for its box in the market. Also, the demand for this sweet box not only in the local market also high in globally. So starting this business can prove to be a profitable deal for you.

Required License for Sweet Box Making Business

  • First you will have to register to get a business license from the local authority.
  • And Get Company registration and GST number are required to start this business.
  • You can also consider MSME and Udyog Aadhaar Online Registration. This will help you to get government grants and subsidies.
  • Where you will use a machinery, Along with all these you have to apply for establishment and consent to conduct business from Pollution Control Board.
  • Further, Without a license, you can supply it to the small town shopkeepers of your village, but if you start this business on a large scale, then all these licenses are necessary for you.

Investment for Sweet Box Making Business

You can invest around 3 to 4 lakhs rupees to start with a semi-automatic machine initially. And The investment varies according to the quality of the machine.  If the quality of the machine is high, the price will be higher accordingly. Also, need a running capital for the initial 3 months, so, overall investment for sweet box making will need around 5 to 6 lakhs.

Required Space for Sweet Box Making Business

By starting this sweet box making business with small machine, you will not need much space. That means, You can start this business in your own home. For this you will need a minimum of 200 to 500 square feet only. On the other hand, if you want to run this business through big machines with large scale, then you will need big space.  Apart from this, make sure that the choosen place has electricity and transport facilities.

Raw Material for Sweet Box Making Business

You need cardboard in the form of raw materials to make sweet box.  This cardboard is easily available in the local market.  Usually its price is found in the market for rupees 20 to  30 per kg. Further, many types of paper are used in this sweet box business. According to customer its need, choose the thickness of the cardboard.  Overall it can be said that its price depends on the quality of the cardboard. To buy raw materials from online, then you can go to India Mart website and search.

Required Machinery for Sweet Box Making Business

There are two types of machines in available , one is the semi-automatic machine. And the Another fully automatic machine. The cost of a semi-automatic machine is around Rs 3 lakh. And The cost of a fully automatic machine is around  5 to 10 lakhs rupees.  You can buy it according to productivity.  You can buy this machine at your nearest market. If the machine is not available near you, you can go to the India Mart website and call the machine manufacturer from there and get all the information and buy the machine from them.

And In this machine, you can change the dia to create different types and sizes of boxes used for desserts, pastries and cakes.

Manufacturing Process of Sweet Box

The process for making sweet box is simple.

  • Firstly, the cardboard paper roll should be cut into the customer required shapes with the help of machine.
  • Then the next step is, it should be further made into box shape with the help of some labors.
  • And then finally it should be made into the sweet box.
  • Further, The machine supplier will tell you how to operate this machine.
  • Most customers have their company logo, its name or product design printed on the outside of the box.
  • So, You can also make printed sweet boxes.And You can charged extra amount for doing this.

Profits in the Sweet Box Making Business

You can make 900 boxes of 1 gram paper  from one kilogram of raw material. And you Can make 450 boxes of 2 grams paper.  The cost of making 1 box is about 25 paise.  You can sell it in the market for 1 rupee. In this way you can earn at least rupees 500 in 1 hour.  Similarly, if you work for 8 hours, you can earn from rupees 5000 to 10000 a day.  All this income depends on the capacity of production and its ability to sell.

Marketing for Sweet Box Business

Initially, when you have started the business then try to contact your local bakery shops and nearby sweet shops.  But in the long term, you have to aim for big branded shops that will place huge orders as per your requirement. Apart from this, you can contact the sweet box wholesaler.  If you want to order more quantity then you can register with India Mart , Trade Mart and Just Dial websites. then registering in these websites is very beneficial.  Because when you start a new business, it takes a lot of time to reach the customer. In such a situation, a lot of orders can be found from this website. And grow your business well.

Final Thoughts of the Business

  • Examine the sweet box market thoroughly first, and then if you start a sweet box manufacturing business, no one can stop you from advancing in the market.
  • Compare the quality and price of your box with the quality and cost of a box already on the market. 
  • Think about how you can provide better service than your previous supplier in the market. 
  • To position yourself in the market, create a good quality box and give it some offers to sell. Further, Look at your budget and do all of these. 
  • Take a look around the market, read the intricacies of the market, think carefully, give yourself time behind all of this, and then make a decision.

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