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How to Start Medical Oxygen Cylinder Business

We need oxygen every day at all times. All creatures are in need of oxygen to breathe. A person without oxygen cannot even imagine life.  If a patient is having trouble breathing.  So with the help of oxygen cylinder, it is oxygenated – Medical Oxygen Cylinder Business

Due to the virus disease, the demand for oxygen cylinders has increased even more.  The virus disease patients are having difficulty in breathing.  Due to very high demand, oxygen is not being supplied, the government is also trying its best to supply oxygen.

If any person wants to help the country at this time. Or wants to start his business at this time.  So this is the perfect time to start the oxygen cylinder business.  In this Article You Get complete information about the oxygen cylinder business is given.

Medical Oxygen Cylinder Business Plan

How Medical Grade Oxygen is Made

Medical grade oxygen, as the name implies, refers to the oxygen used by hospitals and clinics in the treatment of various ailments.  In this sense, it is similar to a drug.

One is with the aid of using liquifying air via a procedure known as cryogenic distillation. In this method, oxygen is produced in air separation vegetation in which the air is cooled and the oxygen is distilled primarily based totally on its boiling point. Liquified air additionally separates into argon and nitrogen via the identical method.

Oxygen also can be generated from the air itself via way of means of a system referred to as an oxygen concentrator. According to a observe via way of means of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, an oxygen concentrator is “a self-contained, electrically powered scientific tool designed to pay attention oxygen from ambient air”.

A third technique of oxygen generation is thru strain swing absorption (PSA) plants. A PSA oxygen plant employs a generation that absorbs nitrogen from ambient air to pay attention oxygen for deliver to hospitals. They function at near-ambient temperatures and use particular adsorbent materials (that entice a substance on their surface) like zeolites, activated carbon, molecular sieves and more, to entice oxygen at excessive pressure.

Investment for Medical Oxygen Cylinder Business

Investment will depend on your land and business.  If your own land is now building.  So you have to invest less capital.  If you have to rent land when building, then this is the case, you will have to invest more capital.

If you want to set up a large automated oxygen cylinder plant, then for that you will have to invest crores of rupees.  If you set up a semi-automatic oxygen cylinder plant.  So for that you will have to invest less capital.

If you want to set up a semi-automatic oxygen cylinder plant.  So you will have to invest between 15 to 25 lakhs for that.  For 15 to 25 lakhs, you can set up a semi-automated cylinder plot business.  Your machines workers and vehicles and more .

Space For Medical Oxygen Cylinder Business

For oxygen cylinder plant business, you should have at least 1000 to 1200 square feet of land.  After that you should have extra land of at least 300 to 500 square.  In which you can keep your cylinders and office.

That means in total you should have land of 1500 to 1700 square.  So you can easily set up a medical oxygen cylinder plant. This is about the Semi Oxygen Cylinder Plant.  If you have to set up a big oxygen cylinder plant, for that you will need land according to acreage.

License Required for Medical Oxygen Cylinder Business

License is required for any procedure related to medical facilities.  You will also need a license for the oxygen cylinder manufacturing business, which you can complete through the following process.

There are some states where a license is required to sell and buy medical equipment.  In such a situation, you should get information at your state level whether you need a license or not.

Please take permission from the local board of the place where you are thinking of starting your business.

Be sure to know how to register your new business legally and also check the incorporation laws of the state.

Machines and Equipments for Oxygen Cylinder Plant

If you want to do business of medical oxygen cylinder plant, then for that you will need equipment and machines.

  • Automatic PSA,
  • Pressure gauge.
  • Flow meter.
  • Oxygen mask. And Other elements to fit the entire system together.

While starting this business, it is very important to plan what kind of elements you have to make a part of your oxygen supply business.  With the help of those tools, you will be able to get this type of facilities which you need more.  Like any business venture, you must go to the market and check the potential equipment.

Medical Oxygen Gas Cylinder Transport

The oxygen gas cylinders used in medical services have to be guarded with great vigilance, so it is important to pay special attention to its transportation.  These cylinders have more pressure.  The tank pressure reaches 3000 PSI for personal or transport use.  While handling these cylinders, the safety protocol must be followed keeping in mind the pressure.  Those transport freight trains or trucks which are sent to these cylinders, they should be full of security, so that they do not conflict with each other.  The regulations adopted in transporting oxygen cylinders are inspected by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration as well as by transport standards.  Therefore, try to follow all the rules issued by them properly.

Profit in Medical Oxygen Cylinder Plant Business

Now let’s talk if you are thinking about the oxygen cylinder business.  So how much profit are you going to make after setting up an oxygen cylinder plant.

This business earns per cylinder or per cylinder.  To refill a cylinder will get 100 to  200 rupees.  The more cylinders you refill on your plot, the more you will earn.

Final Thought’s of the Business

Due to the unforeseen outbreak of the deadly pandemic, the demand for oxygen has increased extensively among the people and hospitals. Therefore, creating the activity of oxygen implants will also help you be successful. It will also help you serve the hundreds of thousands of people suffering from oxygen deficiency.And also In this business, there is a maximum risk of oxygen cylinders because the pressure is very high in it, so the safety of transport has to be taken with very much care.

The oxygen gas that is filled in the oxygen chamber is absolutely unadulterated. In this manner, assuming you are intending to begin the Oxygen Plant Business, you should comprehend that the oxygen plant and the oxygen chamber doesn’t contain any compound components or different poisons. Moreover, you are additionally needed to survey every one of the guidelines with respect to oxygen supply and chamber taking care of.

For More Information Of the Medical Oxygen plant Business Check Here

Medical Oxygen Cylinder Business

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