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How to start a Disposal Syringe Manufacturing Business

Disposal Syringe Manufacturing Business – The disposable syringe business is an industry that protects people from infection. Every time a doctor gives us an injection, new injections are used. There is therefore no risk of infection for humans. Disadvantage that it was boiled in hot water every time it was used, but in today’s time there have been so many diseases so many patients have been injected.  It is almost impossible to use.

Disposable Syringe is quite easy and easy to use.  In today’s times, a new syringe is used every time to prevent infection.  Apart from this, the re-use of Disposable Syringe has stopped due to dangerous disease like AIDS.  In today’s time, Disposable Syringe Business is an emerging profitable business that can be started and earned from millions of rupees.  Although not everyone can start this business, because this business costs a lot. if you want to know how to start this business then you can watch this video completely.

Today, new syringes are used in every medical shop, hospital, and other medical institutions to meet these needs. The person who starts this industry is called Disposable Syringe Manufacturing Business.

Here In this Article you will get complete information about How to start a Disposal Syringe Manufacturing Business.

Disposal Syringe Manufacturing Business Plan

Market Potential for Disposable Syringes

If we talk about its market potential, the demand has increased rapidly in the market due to the closure of glass syringe.  The reasons for its rapid growth are that one is always ready whenever you want, you have used the new injection, second they are low in price and are bacteria free.  Disposable Syringes are in demand not only in India but also abroad.

There is no Disposable Syringe Business plant in eastern parts of India.  Manufacturing of Disposable Syringes is done at places like Indore, Ahmedabad, Faridabad and more places. which are also exported abroad and earning millions of rupees in addition to the country.  Hence, market demand of Disposable Syringe Making Business is very good.

Investment for Disposable Syringes Manufacturing

starting this business, you will have to buy many machines which are quite big and cost if we talk about the total investment, then it will cost about 25 to 30 lakh rupees.  To start this business, if you want to get more information related to the machine, you can visit the website of to know the variation and price details of the machines.

If you want to start this business in a low investment, then you can take a franchise from the company.  To get a Disposable Syringes Franchise, you can contact a franchisee company, in which you can start earning and start working without manufacturing.  It will not take too much cost.

License for Disposal Syringe Manufacturing Business

Disposable Syringes Business Being a business connected with the medical field, the entrepreneur starting this business is required to obtain a drug license.  Manufacturing of Disposable Syringes can be done according to the specifications prescribed by the Drug Control Department.  Apart from this, some other licenses may also have to be taken.

Raw Material for Disposal Syringe Manufacturing

The raw materials required to start the Disposable Syringe Business are as follows –

  • Polypropylene (Plastic Grain).
  • Ethylene oxide.
  • Packing paper.
  • Packing box.
  • Needle.
  • Rubber gasket.
  • Printing ink and more.

Machinery and Equipments for Disposal Syringe Manufacturing

  • Disposable Syringe Making Machine.
  • injection molding machine.
  • Sterilization plant.
  • Screen printing machine.
  • Automatic assemble machine.
  • Packing machine.
  • Scrap grinding machine.
  • weighing machine.
  • Air compressor.
  • Water pump.
  • Chilling plant.
  • Mold barrel and plunger.

Manufacturing Process of Disposable Syringes

First, the injection molding machine is poured into the hopper of polypropylene, the plastic presses, after which the Injection Presser Machine automatically controls the production-related actions such as temperature, clamping force, and the quantity of raw material that is checked on the syringes by checking the quality.  After this, all the assemble products are used in sterilization plant using ethylene oxide and sterilizing process. in example, without sterile process and packing of syringes.

Marketing for Disposable Syringe Business

After starting a Syringes manufacturing company, if you are thinking about where to market it, then let me tell you that it should be sold in the medical shop, government hospitals, and private hospital.  You can sell in hospitals, other medical institutes and more medical places. Also you can earn good money by exporting to other countries as well.

Final Thoughts of the Business

 If you want to start Disposable Syringes Business, then you must take all the information before entering this business.  Before starting this business, complete planning will have to be done because your cost will be high in Disposable Syringes Business.  If you do not work with complete planning then your money can also be wasted.  In the business in which lakh and two lakhs are gone, you will manage in some way, but the question here is 25 to 30 lakhs or more.  whenever you start a business, do it thoughtfully and wherever you do.

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