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How To Start A Ice Cream Cone Making Business

Nowadays, children to old people Every one likes to eat ice cream, And they like ice cream of every flavor. Various types of ice creams are found in the market, out of which cone ice cream has a lot of importance and is very much liked by the people.  Cone ice cream is in highest demand even on the occasion of marriage or other similar event. This is the reason that there are many flavors of ice cream available in the market, And also, the demand for ice cream cones is very high in the market and this demand increases a lot during the summer days. Because of this many people are engaged in earning money only by making ice cream cones. So, you can easily earn money by doing ice cream cone making business yourself also.

Market  Opportunities for Ice Cream Cone

Earlier, the ice creams used in summer days only. But, today whether it is winter or summer it is evergreen business, Because, Today people like ice cream very much and just as the demand for Ice cream will increase, so will the demand for Ice cream Cone, so this business has good scope in the market  And you can make good money by putting a little invest inside. Further, if you start this business from home then not much things and investment are needed.

Investment for Ice Cream Cone Making

Investing in this business depends on this business and the land because you need to invest more if you are starting a big business then, The total cost of this business is about 7 to 10 lakh rupees. With this money your business starts permanently. And within it there are many different types of machines and everyone’s rates are different and the investment depends on them. If you own land, you can work for less money and if the land is rented or purchased, you have to invest more in it. And if you start a small business from home then, you need 2 lakh to 3 lakh rupees.

License for the Ice Cream Cone Making

You need to register your firm for this business. After this you also have to register your business under ROC. You also need to get a trade license and PAN card for your firm. Since this item comes under food stuff, you also need to get a license from FSSAI for the cone made by you. This is because, if the trader starts a food related business, it is necessary to get a food license.

Required space for Ice Cream Cone Making

To start the business of making ice cream cones, you have to arrange the proper place, where the machine can be installed properly. you have to arrange 200 square meter space to install the machine.  Only then you can proceed the business in the right way.

Raw material for Ice Cream Cone Making

The major raw materials are wheat and cornflour.  Apart from these the food coloring, Soda,Baking Powder,Sugar And Arrowroot Powder  are required.  Additionally, You will also need some packaging material. All The goods for Ice cream Cone can be bought from any wholesale market, but if you want to buy this stuff online, then, you can buy from inadiamart website.

Machines for Ice Cream Cone

There are  2 to 3 types of machines are required in this Ice cream Cone Making  business and the price of this machine is around Rs 2 to 3 lakhs. If you want to make all kinds of ice cream cones then you have to buy special type of machine and this machine is automatic.  Every trader can operate this machine in a simple way and can produce ice cream cones. it can be bought both online and offline. if you want buy from online Then go to the indiamart or treadeindia websites.

Ice cream Cone Making Process

Once the machine is setup, then cones can be made easily. First of all, to make ice cream cones, first you can use the mixing machine to mix flour, soda, sugar, baking powder well.  Then put the mixer inside the cone making machine, this machine is completely automatic, you can add the color of the cone you want to make in this mixture. This mixer is kept covered for 25-30 minutes. At this time the machine is turned on and heated.  Cone making mold is given in this machine. Then start the machine and within 12 to 15 minutes the cones are ready.  After this it is removed and packaged and sent to the market.

Marketing of Ice Cream Cone

This business is completely based on marketing.  There are many shops in the city, where you can sell your made cones very easily.  You can also sell cones wholesale to places where ice cream products can be sold.  There are many such vendors in the city, who do business of ice cream by roaming around.  You can also get profit by talking to them and selling your cones to them.

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