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How to Start a Mushroom Farming Business At Home

If you are a planning to open a new business for earning extra money, then mushroom cultivation – Mushroom Farming Business can be very beneficial for you.  Although you have to take a lot of care to get good yield in it, if you work hard in it, then the profit is also very high. In the last few years, the demand of mushroom in the world market is increasing very fast, as much as the demand for mushrooms in the market is not being produced yet, Now-a-days, educated people are also earning  through new mushroom farming method. in such a situation,  Any farming interesting person can earn a lot of profit by cultivating mushrooms.

Here in this Article we put complete step by step guide for how to start a profitable mushroom farming business at home.

Mushroom Farming Business At Home

Market opportunity for Mushroom

Due to the consumption and use of mushrooms in food recipes, the demand for the mushroom in the market is high. There are several types of mushrooms on the market, but mushrooms are the most popular and widely grown due to their high market potential. The government promotes mushroom cultivation and grants subsidies for mushroom cultivation. With a small capital investment, you can easily start growing mushrooms at home.

Training for Mushroom Farming Business

Training is an important part in mushroom production because without getting training a person cannot produce mushroom successfully.  It is necessary to take training for mushroom cultivation so that farmers can earn more income in less cost.  Subsidy is also given by the government for this business as well as the facility of free training is also provided, for which the government has opened many training centers where you will be taught about all the techniques of growing mushrooms.

Choose the Type of Mushroom for Farming

Mushroom is a type of plant that people use as a vegetable, it is a vegetarian food.  It contains a lot of protein and other nutrients like Vitamin D.  Its plant is about the size of a hive. There are 4 types of mushrooms are produced Right now.Which are as follows.

  • Button mushroom cultivation.
  • oyster mushroom cultivation.
  • Paddy Straw Mushroom and Fried Mushroom.
  • The most famous of these is the Button mushroom, which people eat with great fervor and get a good price in the market.

Area required for Mushroom Farming Business

Mushroom Cultivation  is not sown in the field like other crops.  It requires shade, so you can start from mushroom cultivation at home or you can cultivate it by keeping thatch on the vacant land around the house.  The area location with 500 square feet space is enough to produce the mushroom.And you will need to control the temperature, humidity, and light. Then you can start your Mushroom farming business.

Investment for Mushroom Farming

The amount to be invested on this depends on your capability and level of business.  In mushroom business, you have to spend money to maintain and grow it.  Mushroom Cultivation does not require much capital to start, because it does not require a large machine.  You can easily start this business from just Rs 50000.  It costs more to buy seeds, which comes from 75 to 80 rupees per kg in the market and comes to prepare compost, it does not require much labor, you can easily do it alone too.

License for Mushroom Farming Business

The following licenses are required to operate a mushroom growing business.

  • First Get The GST number , which is mandatory for every business.  
  • And a business license can be obtained from local authorities.
  • MSME  Registration for the government is encouraging the mushroom harvesting business by providing a subsidy and facilities for the business owner.
  • Trade Mark license for secure your brand with simple registering the trademark.
  • Mushroom growing activities are categories under food production activity. Therefore, you need to the FSSAI license.

Raw Materials Required for Mushroom Farming

First, you have to buy the seeds to start Mushroom Farming. the mushroom is grown in winter season because the temperature should be low during its cultivation. So, Along with this, to grow mushrooms, hay or wheat and paddy straw is required.Apart from this, you also have to buy many organic, inorganic compounds, nitrogen nutrients. By using them, there is a significant increase in the production capacity of mushrooms.For Mushroom farming Raw Materials, you can make inquiries on the website of

The Process from Mushroom Seeds to Production

Mushroom Cultivation Business is done in a closed room, for this, before sowing mushroom seeds on the floor of the room or a shed made of bamboo, spread the compost in the form of a thick sheet and then spread the seeds on a layer of compost laid. And after dispersing the seeds cover them with a layer of compost two to three cm thick. Spread old newspapers on this layer, soak them in water, keep enough humidity in the room. At this time, the room temperature is around 22 to 26 degree centigrade and humidity is between 80 and 85% and the windows in the room keep the doors closed and keep it dark.

  In the next 15 to 20 days, a trap is formed on the top of the compost layer, by this time the room is kept completely closed as fresh air may get impaired in them.

Mushroom Harvesting

When all the mushrooms are ready to an average size, which is approximately 40 to 45 days after the sowing of the mushrooms, the mushrooms are worth breaking down carefully with a sharp knife to cut the mushroom. So that they do not put compost in it, otherwise the mushroom starts to rot quickly, now your mushroom is ready to be sold in the market.

The packaging for Mushroom

Broken mushrooms are cleaned and one size mushroom is packed well in cartons so that they do not spoil quickly and ease of transportation as this is a product which is less in demand in the village and more in the cities  Therefore, it is necessary to reach it from city to city.

Profit of Mushroom farming business

As far as earning from mushroom production is concerned, the market price is very high due to high demand and low supply, hence profit in this business is very high.  The mushroom price means that the price in the market ranges from 200 to 300 rupees per kg. Believe it or not, you can earn about 2-3 times more profit than the cost per kg.

Marketing the mushroom business

Marketing and promotion are vital to the overall success of any business.  Therefore, according to your marketing plan, you must promote your product and business.  It is advisable to set up a local distribution network.  Make sure your product is available in stores where customers can buy the product.  Additionally, pay attention to institutional sales.  Generally, B2B sales ensure good volume in this type of business.  Besides this , you should also promote your mushroom processing business to the international market .

Growing mushrooms is fun and stimulating. Retailers must follow of the mushrooms value price and quality. So to be a successful small scale mushroom grower you need to focus on these two things. Following all the above procedure To Start A Mushroom Business At Home is a much easier option for starting the business. Earn more profit with this mushroom business with the right harvesting techniques. Some of the good variety of the mushroom farming to start is the oyster mushroom. While there are also other varieties that include Shiitake, Lions Mane, Portobello, White Button and more.

Mushroom Farming Business

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