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How to Start Chapati Making Business With Machine

Chapati is one of the main food of our country. While on one hand it can be easily obtained, on the other hand it is also very beneficial for health. Because it contains abundant fiber which is easily digested.  This reduces the chances of getting many diseases like heart attack, cancer, diabetes.  It contains a lot of nutrients which provide strength to the body. There is no need of any kind of diet to include it in your diet.  Almost every person here likes to eat roti.  India is a developing country.  In this place, new offices are opening almost everywhere, new factories are sitting. Many people run their own catering in these big offices.  Also, those who provide tiffin service also give more importance to roti in their tiffin.  Because of this, the number of chapati suppliers in big cities has increased significantly today.  You too can earn a good profit per hour by working as a chapati supplier. which will help you a lot in establishing Chapati Making Business.

Chapati Making Business With Machine

Market Scope for Chapati Business

Before starting a chapati making business, you need to be familiar with the market. There are a several  kinds of chapatis (Roti) available in market. Therefore, it is necessary to understand what chapatis can be done in order to get the most profit. The Ready-made chapati is more popular now in these days, because diabetes is on the rise In our country, people eat chapatis mainly at night and for breakfast. Chapati has great potential in establishments such as hotels and restaurants. Chapatti has great market potential because it is food and not  a reusable. Further, Your packaging configuration should only be as good as the product itself.So, Starting in this business it’s very beneficial for any one.

License for Chapati Making Business

It is very important to register your business to do any business definitely and to earn profit regularly. 

  • This business is a food supply business, so before starting it, it is necessary for the trader to get a license, so that the credibility of the people remains. 
  • Therefore, first of all, do not forget to register your business under MSME or under Udyog Aadhaar. 
  • Apart from this, you also need to get a license from the government food and health department of your area. 
  • This license may vary from state to state, but it is also mandatory to obtain a license from FSSAI.

Required Places Chapati Making Business

The chapati business does not require much space and you can start with a small space in your own home. Generally a medium size machine used in Chapati making business. Therefore, according to this, you need a space of  25 to 50 square feet to sit the machine.  Apart from this, you need an additional 100 square meters of space to keep the prepared rotis and for packaging.

Investment for Chapati Making Business

If you want to start a chapati business, you need to invest 3-4 lakh rupees. This includes the rent of the machine, raw materials and house and also the wages of a laborer. To start the roti making business on a large scale, at least one thousand square feet space and 7 to 10 lakh rupees will be required.

Raw Material for Chapati Making Business

Generally, flour, maida and water are used to make roti. 

  • You can buy it from your local market.  The price of 10 kg packet of flour in the market is around Rs 275
  • The price of flour which is available in the open ranges between Rs 21 to Rs 22 kg
  • So you can  choose the flour according to the quality.
  • Bulk quantity of flour for making roti can be bought from nearby flour mill or online site like India to get bulk quantity of flour.
  • They will also do home delivery to you.

Machines for Chapati Making Business

Today, there are many types of machines available in the market for making roti. 

  • If you want to do roti making business, then you can make about 1000 rotis in 1 hour by taking semi automatic machine.
  • And also, There are two more engines with this machine. These two machines are flour mixer and ball cutter.  With the help of this machine you can set the thickness and diameter of the loaf.
  • The price of semi automatic roti making machine is around Rs 2,00,000, apart from this, the price of dough kneading machine is between Rs 27,000 to Rs 32,000 and the cost of shearing machine is around Rs 30,000.
  • You can buy this machine from the machine manufacturer near you or by visiting the website
  • With the help of this machine, you can easily make more chapati in less time and make more profit.

Chapati Making Process in Machine

The process of making roti with this machine is being described, by following which you too can easily make roti with the help of the machine,

  • This roti making machine runs with the help of LPG.  There are many burners in this machine, which need to be lit.  This burner is installed in different chambers of the machine.  The knob of these chambers is mounted on the top of the machine itself, so that the burner can be controlled easily.
  • After this knead the flour mixed well.  While kneading the dough, keep in mind that the dough should be soft, the rotis formed should be soft.
  • Roll the kneaded dough into medium sized balls.  There is such a section of this machine, where by putting the dough, it is transformed into the size of the roti itself.  So there is no need to roll the roti by yourself.
  • This section makes roti by pressing the dough and when it comes forward, the roti has to be turned over while it is being cooked.  So that the chapati can be saved from burning.
  • Keep in mind that in this machine the tawa is divided into two parts.  Inner Tawa and Outer Tawa.  Half cooked roti needs to be cooked on the outer pan from the inner pan.  There is a difference in temperature between these two elements.
  • In this way, more number of rotis are prepared in less time.

Chapati Packaging

Once the Chapati is made, serve it.  Packaging required for delivery.  Foil paper is used to make Chapati.  According to your order, you can pack the Chapati in foil and send it to the customer. Since Chapati is used for eating, it must be taken care of during packaging due to its purity.  Also, when baking, it is important to make sure that the Chapati is not damaged in any way.  If you use foil wrapping paper for its packaging, it will be useful.  With its help, the Chapati will stay fresh, hot and soft for a long time.

Profit in Chapati Making Business

  • You can make 1000 rotis in 1 hour with the help of this machine. 
  • In this way, if you work for 8 hours, you can make 8000 rotis
  • A roti costs Rs 2.  In this way you can earn Rs 16,000 in 8 hours.
  • Including all the raw materials and labor wages, your cost per hour comes to a maximum of Rs.1000 per business.
  • So if you can make 1000 Chapati per hour, Then you can make a profit of at least 1000 rupees per hour. 
  • This way, working 8 hours a day can earn up to Rs.8000.

Marketing for Chapati Making Business

The business of Chapati being made with the help of this machine can be done at different places simultaneously.  Traders can sell their own made roti at catering, canteens of different places like catering related places like school canteen, college canteen, office canteen, call center canteen and hospital canteen. Apart from this, you can take orders during different types of weddings and get at least Rs 2000 per day. There are also various other companies, which do the work of food supply, you can also do this business of making chapati by getting orders for Chapati from them. There you can give your machine on rent.  Apart from this, you can also start this business by opening your hotel or restaurant in crowded areas.

Final Thoughts of the Business

You should be kept and follow the important in mind in the business of making Chapati.

Rotis is a food item, so take care of hygiene in it.  Take full care of cleanliness.  Use good quality flour and use pure and hygiene water to knead the dough.

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