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How to Start Chain Link Fencing Manufacturing Business

The business of making wire mesh or that is to say, chain link fencing, has a lot of demand in the market nowadays. Wire nets are used for security to cover anything in your home, fields, schools or buildings. Some time ago people used barbed wire in its place. But now they use wire mesh in their place. Chain link fencing business is going to be in great demand in future. If seen even today, very few people do this business. And the demand for this product is very high in the market. Some of the factors, that inspire entrepreneurs to begin their very own fencing businesses can be that the business is a highly worthwhile business, and it could be started with minimum capital and manpower.

Here in this Article we give you a detailed information for How to Start Chain Link Fencing Manufacturing Business.

Wire Mesh-Chain Link Fencing Manufacturing Business

Market potential of Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fences its are by and large the most  economical fencing accessible in today. The non-residential  business building and the corporate market are the two principle downstream business sectors for chain link fences. And furthermore, fences are essential for the fence development industry and this industry involves foundations that build and introduce a wide scope of fences, including residential fences, security fences, specialty fences among others. In the initial five years of 2022, industry income is relied upon to develop at an exceptionally moderate yearly pace of 2.3 percent and $ 9.2 billion. In the recent time,  foundations in the business have encountered a variety of conditions as the world economy has recuperated from the downturn and housing esteems have started to bounce back. So additionally, The reason with the new resurgence of residential and private development markets, fencing business are profiting.

Business Registration for Chain Link Fencing

In starting Chain Link Fencing business, you should acquire a few enlistment and licenses from Government authority.

First, get Business registration with ROC. then, Apply for Udyog Aadhaar MSME registration and Obtain VAT Registration.

Obtain Trade License from your  local government Authority. Apply for B.I.S Certification for the business.and finally Obtain N.O.C from state Pollution Control Board.

Area Required for Fencing Business

You do not need much space for this business.  In a room of 10 by 10  for machine can be kept. Overall, if we talk about one place, then 500 to 1000 square feet of space will be required. Because here you can keep your made stuff. If you keep the goods in the open, Then, Due to this many times the rain also comes and the dew drops keep falling. And the brightness of the wire mesh made will decrease. So For this, your space must be completely covered, that is, it is necessary to have a roof.

Investment for the Fencing Business

The investment for the Chain Link Fencing business it’s depending on the business size or Type machine you have a chosen. Further, The Fixed capital investment incorporates the expense of land, building and machinery. You can begin the creation interaction with the rental unit conceal. This will diminish your proper capital investment for the project.Capital use incorporates the acquisition of crude materials, lease, HR, transportation costs and other working costs. You can start in this business in 2 lack to 5 lack rupees investment with a small manual or semi-automatic machine.

Raw material for the Chain Link Fencing Business

The major raw material needed for this is GI wire. And it comes in many types of GSM.  If you want to buy GI wire in small quantity then you can find supplier near you or online site like If your need is more  goods from tons, then you can order goods from cities of Chhattisgarh, Raipur and Bilaspur.About 90% of India’s GI wires is made in Chhattisgarh itself.

Machines for the Chain Link Fencing Business

Many types of machines are used in this business. But here giving about the machines mainly used.

Chain Link Fencing Making Process

For small scale Chain Link Fencing Making business, You don’t need to learn much to make this, For this you have to buy iron wire as raw material. This wire is called GI Wire.  This wire will also be available from where you buy the machine.  Or he will provide you the number of the supplier of this wire.  This wire is put into the machine.  After that the machine automatically makes the wire mesh. Operating this machine is not a difficult task.  Any unknown person who does not understand how to operate a machine can also operate this machine and make a Chain Link Fencing.  It does not require any special experience.

Marketing for the Chain Link Fencing

Once you are done the production Then Marketing the Chain Link Fencing. Approach and sold at any hardware store in your and your nearest cities. And Where the goods related to farming are sold Find and It can be sold at those stores too. Apart from this, some customers will also come directly to you. Contact and sell to the big schools, colleges, hospitals, stadiums. Where this type of work is done, people like to buy goods directly from the factory. In this work you can also get government tenders. Your goods are also bought by the government.

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