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Manufacturing Business – How to Start A Elastic Rubber Band Manufacturing Business

The rubber band is a beneficial consumable item for regular use. Additionally, that its demand will continue to be unchanged within the future also. you could provoke the rubber band making project by putting in a few easy machinery. The elastic band market capacity is huge and the industry will grow more than 8% year on year this decade. You can start Elastic Rubber Band Manufacturing Business in Small scale through utilising a small amount of capital and a few machinery from your own home also.

If you want to start a rubber band making business. Then here in this Article we put a detailed plan guide for How to Start A Elastic Rubber Band Manufacturing Business In Small Scale with machine, manufacturing process, licenses, and much more.

How to Start A Elastic Rubber Band Manufacturing Business In Small Scale

Market Potential for Elastic Rubber Bands

Elastic Rubber bands are one of the most comfortable products. It is also widely used in the agricultural, automotive, packaging and press industries. It is also used as a durable item for the home consumer. The rubber industry consists of a large number of small businesses that are often focused on a specific product segment or market sector. The demand for rubber bands is enormous and there is a great opportunity to set up a production schedule for rubber bands. The reason for this is that the per capita consumption of rubber in the industrialized countries is 0.8 kg. According to a source from the Rubber Commission, India is likely to become the third largest natural rubber producer in the world after Thailand and Indonesia. The rubber industry is expected to grow more than 8% annually for this decade. The market for rubber bands is huge and there is a great opportunity to set up a production plan.

Investment for Elastic Rubber Band Business

The cost to be invested on this rubber bands making depends on your capability and level of business. If You start Rubber Band Making Small scale Manufacturing Business from your home, Then the following investment is required.
Cost for machinery and equipment is Rs 1,50,000. Cost for raw materials is Rs 20,000 to 30,000. Packaging cost is Rs 5,000 to 10,000. The cost involved in marketing the product is Rs. 5,000 to 10,000. The total cost involved in initiating a rubber band making business is Rs 1,80,000 to 2,00,000.

Registration for Rubber Band Manufacturing Business

In starting a Rubber Band Making Business, your next step is obtain different licenses and registration by follow government rules and permits.

First of all, you need to get Trade License and GST Registration.Then Apply for pollution certificate for the business. And Apply MSME Registration, for This registration will allow you to take the government facility and scheme. Finally, protect your company name and trademark by registering your tires.

Area Required For Rubber Band Making business

You can start the rubber band making business from your home, you will need enough free space and local authority approval for a home business. The minimum area for rubber band making business is 1000 square meters. If you are choosing commercial space for business, then make sure the place has electricity and water supplies.

Raw material for Rubber Bands Manufacturing

The raw materials required for small elastic band companies are available all year round. Therefore, when buying raw materials, you need to pay attention to the quality and index of raw materials. For making Rubber Bands you need only one raw material which is Rubber Band Tube or Rubber band Role. You can purchase Rubber Band Tube from the online market like india or ali The Raw material According to size, thickness and quality, the price of Rubber Band Tube is approximately Rs180 to 250 per kilogram.

Machinery Required for Making Rubber Bands

There are generally two types of Machines for making rubber bands: one is hand-operated and the other is motor-operated. You can set up a rubber band manufacturing unit in two ways: first, by using the rubber function as raw material, and second, by preparing the rubber function in yours. With the second option, the project costs are higher and you deserve a better margin. also,For the first option, you need to buy machines such as a weighing scale, cutter, and packing machine. Basically, the manufacturing process is simple, moreover, you can use the ready made rubber role in this process. The cutting machine works automatically. So Usually you cut the elastic Rubber to a specific size bands.For the second option, you need to buy machines. This list includes cutting machines, agitators, drying racks, crushers, molds, dipping tanks, vulcanization tanks, buckets and cups.

Elastic Rubber Band Manufacturing Process

You have to follow a really simple and easy method to create elastic rubber bands. Further You don’t want any work expertise for this manufacturing process. Ready-made elastic rubber Tubes or Role is used during this process. Then Cutting machine works automatically and therefore the rubber bands of a particular size are cut. In this method the most job is Rubber Band Cutting and Packing. After a rubber band has been cut and produced as the end product, it is weighed with the machine and sent for packaging.Finally, once packing it you will sell it within the market.

Marketing your Rubber Band business

Proper marketing is important for any business. You can sell your Rubber Band in local markets and outdoors. You can hire a salesperson to help you sell your Rubber Band. You can also sell your Rubber Band in online. There are many websites that sell rubber bands online. If you choose the right business plan and marketing strategy, you can make thousands of rupees per month.

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