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How to Start a Designer Candle-Making Business at Home

Candle Making Business

Designer Candle making business is such a business, which can be a golden opportunity for new entrepreneurs or startups, which does not require a lot of costs to start and it is such a thing that its demand can never be less.  Because people use candles for religious functions, home decorations and more.  By doing this business you can earn extra money or full time.

According to recent Market Research, homemade candles have become an essential home decor item expected to earn $664 billion by 2020, and this demand continues to grow.  Considering the universally increasing demand in the Indian wax industry, you as an entrepreneur can expand your candle business to meet the demands of the consumers.  This business can play an important role in shaping your future.

Further, You can also do a Designer candle making business at your home which is very easy but if you want to do a Designer candle making business on a big level then you can also start it from a small place. Here In this article, you will get complete information about How to Start a Designer Candle Making Business at Home.

Market Potential of Designer Candle

Candle making is a simple business for a beginner for the following reasons:

Throughout the year, there is a high demand for candles in the market. The initial investment required to launch a business is significantly lower. Because it does not require a unit setup or manpower, you can start a candle making business from home. The availability of raw materials for this business is easily obtained through the local market as well as from around the world online.

The demand for aromatic and decorative candles for decorative purposes is growing by the day. and this type of candle is used to brighten up the interiors of many homes, restaurants, and event parties. You can easily sell your candle in the local market if you consider the market demand for decorative and traditional candles. In addition, an online platform is available for you to launch your candle making business.

Learn to Make Designer Candle

To begin, learn how to make a perfect candle by taking an online or in-person class from an expert, as well as visiting the National Candle Association’s website at You must ensure that the candle burns with a pleasant, strong scent from start to finish. Also, make sure the candle burns evenly and leaves no residue on the jar’s sides.

Investment for the Candle Making Business

Before you begin your candle business, you should create a rough draft of your financial plan. If you want to start at home or on a tight budget, an investment of Rs. 25,000 to 2 Lacs will suffice. However, the investment required for a larger commercial operation will be in the range of Rs. 5 Lacs to Rs. 10 Lacs.

Space Requirement for Candle Business

You can start this business from your home or even on rent with a small room of 12 by 12 size.  The most attractive feature of this business is that it does not require a large space to get started. However, if you want to start from home or on a larger scale, keep in mind that you will need to melt the wax.

There should be enough space for the storage of its raw materials, as well as a place to store the finished candle, for this there should be a room or someplace as the office of the company.  In this way, you must keep enough space.

License for Candle Making Business

This business does not necessitate a specific setup or workshop, so if you intend to run it from your home, the tread licence will suffice.

If you want to start a commercial candle making business. Then you must first register your company. Then, go to your local government and request a business pan card and a trade licence. You can register your company as an SSI Unit and apply for a business loan. To protect your brand name, apply for a trademark. Finally, fill out a sales tax registration form.

Raw Materials for Candle Business

The minimum quantity of materials required to make candles that  ​​​​a small scale industry can be given.paraffin wax, Pots, Castor oil, Candle Threads, Various Color, Thermometer, cents for fragrance and Oven.

You can also buy the raw materials of candles from local shops, but the advantage of getting the materials from wholesalers is that they are always able to provide you with the required quantity as per your demand.  When purchasing raw materials, always keep quality in mind. Such wholesalers can be found in your area or online.

Machine for the Candle Business

The most important thing you need to make a candle is a candle making machine because without it you cannot give any shape to the candle.  There are many types of candle making machines available in the market, from which you can make different types of candles, just you will have to buy different moulds to make different types of candles. If you want to buy Candle Making Machine, then for that you can search on the internet, you will find Indiamart and many such websites on the internet.

Candle Making Process

Candle making is very easy then when you have all the ingredients then let’s know candle making process.

First of all, you have to take the thread which has to be put in the candle making moulds.

Now you have to heat and melt the raw wax so that it becomes liquid, taking care to heat the wax as much as is necessary.

After the wax is heated, you have to carefully pour the melted wax into the candle making moulds.

When you pour the wax in all the moulds, keep in mind that the wax in all the moulds is filled properly.

Now, wait a few minutes for the wax to dry. This procedure could take 10 to 20 minutes.

Now your candle will be made, whose thread you can cut and separate them.

If you want to make a coloured candle, then for that you have to add colour to the wax which will make the wax coloured and you will be able to make coloured wax candles from it.

if you have done all this, then you can make candles and sell them in the market.

Marketing for Candle-Making Business

When you start a business, it is important to inform others about your business. You can sell candles from the store and additionally have to sell decorative candles online from your own website. Additionally, promote products on popular social media sites. 

Of course, you can also sell candles to your friends, relatives and neighbours.  A great place to sell candles is a home party. Hotels, restaurants, spas are big buyers to decorative scented candles. Market yourself more than your candle by being professional and intelligent.

Profit in Candle-Making Business

The candle business is a demanding business. In this business, you can earn more. Also, the Candle business does not require many employees, due to which candle business can make more profit with less cost than other businesses. but it all depends on your product, and how many goods you are making and selling in the market. Generally, You can easily earn 10 to 15 thousand rupees per month in the candle business.

Designer Candle Making Business

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