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How to Start Rabbit Farming Business – Guide For Beginners

rabbit farming business

Rabbit is a pet animal which people keep for home but today rabbit farming business is done on a very large level because today there is a lot of demand for rabbit meat, it is cholesterol-free meat which is very popular. further, it is a special dish in many big hotels and many medicines are also made from rabbits. And  Very easy on rabbit breeding, Because this animal is not a carnivore, there is no fear of it.

Due to the high demand for rabbit meat in the market, there are not enough suppliers to meet this growing demand. That’s why today Rabbit Farming is a very good business and going forwards business, this is a business that can be started in a small amount of money and for this business is also fully supported by the government and loan for this business.

If you are also interested in animal husbandry and want to get profit with the help of this interest, then the rabbit farming business can prove to be a very good business for you. Here in this article, you will get a detailed guide about Rabbit Farming Business.

Market Research for Rabbit Farming Business

When you start a rabbit farming business, before that you must do market research once. In this way, you will get an idea of how many chances are there of its success in the area where you are starting this business. To start a rabbit farming business, first of all, it is very important for you to know that you cannot do this business by keeping 10 to 12 rabbits because in this way you will not be able to make any profit at all.

To start this business, you must have at least 100 rabbits. Apart from this, you also have to see from where you can buy rabbits at a reasonable price and where you can sell your rabbits from where you can get more profit and other such important things. Along with this, you also have to take information about what kind of food rabbits eat. And know all those things which are essential for the rabbit farming business.

Investment for Rabbit Farming Business

In this business, most of the investment has to be done on the farm itself And does not have to spend much. Generally,  when you start a rabbit farming business, you will need at least 100 rabbits and you will have to spend about 2.5 lakh rupees for buying them.

Further, the investment in it depends on the business size, because this business you can be started at a small level also. or it can be started even above a very large level. so, if you want to start the business bigger, then more investment is required.  And if you want to start a smaller business, then less investment is required.

License and Registration for Rabbit Farming Business

It is very necessary to register for Rabbit farming. Check your state’s licencing requirements before getting into this business.  First, You can register your form under partnership or proprietorship. And Also, income tax has to be deposited every year for the smooth running of the form. Apart from this, it is very important to have a current account and PAN card on your form.

Location for Rabbit Farming Business

For the rabbit farming business, you will need a location where apart from less pollution, there is very little noise. For this, if you make your own farm in a village, then it will be more suitable for you because there is a lot of noise in the cities. So that’s why you should try that your rabbit farming form is away from the city. Generally, For 100 rabbits, a space of 400 to 500 Square Feet or bigger will be required.

Select and Buy Rabbits for Business

When all your registration process is completed and your farm is also ready, after that you will have to buy rabbits and for this, you can contact people who are already doing rabbit farming business. From there you can start your business by buying rabbits. And also, Select the breeds because many breeds of Rabbit are followed for business.

After selecting the breeds, to start this farm it is necessary to have at least 10 units of rabbits. A unit contains ten rabbits, so a total of 100 rabbits are required to start a rabbit farm in this manner. Of these 100 rabbits, approximately 65 to 70 female and 30 to 35 male rabbits are required.

The Feeds for Reared Rabbit

On average, 2 times food is given to the rabbit reared in the farm, out of which green things are given at one time and other items of rabbit food are given at one time.  Rabbits eat all kinds of food, cereals Always try to feed nutritious and high-quality food to your rabbits.

Setup and Precautions for Rabbit Farming

When the farm is ready, then set the cage inside it and start the farm. And also, many things should be taken care of for this business. There is a need to take some special precautions on your farm while raising rabbits.

First and foremost, cleanliness must be prioritised in the farm’s established under-rabbit farming business. This is essential because it protects the rabbit from diseases.

It is also critical to provide food and water to the rabbits on a regular basis. As a result, special consideration must be given to matters concerning their food.

If a rabbit is afflicted with a disease, he must be treated with medications.

It is also necessary to clean the utensils used to feed the rabbits on a regular basis.

During the summer, the rabbit requires more attention. If your farm’s summer temperature exceeds 38 degrees, it must be balanced.

Your rabbits must also receive the necessary vaccinations.

Marketing for Rabbit Farming Business 

In order to run your rabbit farming business properly, you have to market it and for this, you should also market your business through social media and also tell people through offline means that you have a rabbit farming business.

First and foremost, those who want to pet or keep at home benefit from this business. Because different breeds of rabbits exist in a variety of forms. So, if a person wants to get a different rabbit breed, a company provides a variety of options. In this way, breeding rabbits of various types can be beneficial to you; however, there are other ways to earn money.

Rabbit meat is widely used in medicine, so you can sell rabbits from your farm in these areas.

Rabbit long hair is also used in a variety of industries, particularly in the production of wool for clothing. As a result, you can sell Rabbits for such businesses by farming them.

Rabbits can be sold for a variety of research purposes in both the government and non-government agriculture industries.

It is also beneficial for people suffering from heart disease because it contains no cholesterol in rabbit meat.

Profits from Rabbit Farming Business

You can earn a lot of profit from the rabbit farming business if you start it by making a proper plan. Let us tell that if you have 70 female rabbits on your farm, then she gives birth to about 350 rabbits in 45 days and after birth, a rabbit becomes big in only 4 months.

In such a situation, if you take care of these 350 rabbits very carefully, then after just 4 months you can sell them for one lakh twenty thousand rupees. Along with this,  if you take care of newborn rabbits, then it costs you about 80 to 90 thousand rupees.

If seen, you can get a profit of up to Rs 30,000 from the rabbit farming business at the beginning itself.

How to Start Rabbit Farming Business

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