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How To Starting a Paper Cup Manufacturing Business From Your Home

Paper cup manufacturing business is a great business idea for All, which you can start in your village or city and earn good money.  The special thing about Paper Cup Making Business is that you can do it from your home also.  Manufacturing of paper cups is also eco-friendly and health-friendly.  Paper glass can be destroyed, unlike plastic glass cannot be destroyed.  It is also harmful to the environment and health.  With the rapidly changing lifestyle, the use of paper glasses is increasing rapidly in tea, coffee shops, hotels, supermarkets, educational institutions, food canteens as well as in wedding parties.  In such a situation, if you are thinking of starting your own startup, then you can start the business of paper cups.  This business can prove to be a very profitable for you, because its demand is going to increase even more in the future. so that you can earn a lot of money from these business by starting in your home.

Here in this Article we will provide a detailed guide for Paper Cup Manufacturing Business

How To Starting a Paper Cup Manufacturing Business

Market potential for paper cup

Nowadays, You all know that plastic cup has been banned by government. Because, When drinking tea and putting any hot thing in a plastic cup, the chemical comes out of the plastic.  Due to which many types of diseases can occur in the our body. Therefore currently, paper cups are used in all places like hotels, restaurants and small and big functions. And paper cup is a  Eco Friendly product that, due to its daily use in hotels, restaurants, its demand remains in the market throughout the year.  And especially in marriage and function, its demand is very high. so, the paper cup demand in the market is very high in all time.

Required Space for the Business

To make a paper cup manufacturing business, an entrepreneur needs a place for he can run his business.It can be easily installed even in a small room.  But entrepreneurs will have to set up a place to store finished paper cups, a place to store raw materials, and a small office in addition to the work space.  So entrepreneurs may need at least 500 to 600 square feet of space. Also, if your home is large and has a lot of free space, then you can also start this business from home. However, it is important that such this type businesses, which create pollution,so stay away from the public is best.

Investment for Paper Cup Manufacturing Business

You can do this business in two ways, the first way in which you can start making paper cups by buying a semi automatic machine, in this you may have to invest about 3 lakh rupees.  Second, you can start this business by buying a fully automatic machine, in which you can start with an investment of 5 lakh to 10 lakh. In Starting this business, The Loan can also be obtained from the bank for startup business under various schemes.  Under the mudra loan program, loans of up to 10 lakhs can be easily obtained from various banks or financial institutions without collateral.

Required License for the Business

This business comes in small scale industry, so to start this business, It is necessary to register the business as a sole proprietorship company and obtain a legal license to conduct the business. To do this, contact the local authority where you do business for all legal formalities.  After complete the registration, Then Get the Trade License from government , Apply GST Registration and BIS Registration, And also, Apply for MSME Business Registration And complete the other legal formalities. If you start your business from your home place, check home occupational permit will be required with your city or local authorities.

Raw Materials for Paper Cup Manufacturing Business

The major raw materials is as follows. Special type of poly coated paper, There are different papers for different sizes of paper cup. It comes in Rs70 to Rs100 per kg. Printing chemicals and dyes for printing in cup. Bottom reel paper for cup bottom, It comes at Rs 60 per kg. There is a lot of variety in this too. Packaging material such as PP cover and carton box.  The point to be noted here is that if the entrepreneur does not want to use printing chemicals and dyes, then there are pre-printed papers in the market which can be used to make paper cups.You can get all these raw materials at online site Like or .The Website link is given on the description of this the video.

Machines for Paper Cup Manufacturing Business

To start a paper cup making business, you will need a paper cup machine. There are two types of machines in this business in which the first is a semi-automatic machine and the second is a fully automatic machine. In a semi-automatic machine, some work has to be done manually by hand. The fully automatic machine, its price ranges from 3 laksh to 10 laksh. You can also order these machines at online. Further, The machine seller  will give you the training to operate this machine. The machine seller link is given in the description of this video.

Manufacturing Process of Paper Cup

As far as paper cup manufacturing is concerned, the paper cup making automatic machine is very easy to operate, so it can be easily understood by any person after just a few minutes or hours of training.  As far as the automatic paper cup making machine is concerned, the paper cup is manufactured in three stages, in the first process the side wall of the cup is shaped and it is sent to the next stage.  The bottom paper is transmitted to shape the bottom of the cup and then the side wall and bottom are milled.  And the upper part of the cup is folded.  Overall, this process includes many processes like preheating, curling bottom, rolling, curling rim. After, the paper cups can be manufacturing successful.

Profits In Paper Cup Manufacturing Business

In This automatic machine can prepare 3200 pieces paper cups in one hour.  In which it costs you 31 paise to make a paper cup.  You can sell it in your market for 40 to 45 paise.  In this way you can earn from 400 to 500 rupees in one hour in this machine.  In this way, you can earn 70 to 80 thousand in a month. That means, after taking out all the expenses, 25 to 35 percent profit is made in this business.

Marketing for the Paper Cup

To sell the made paper cups, you can contact the whole seller and all the small and big shopkeepers in your nearest market.  Or you can do door-to-door delivery by keeping some agents. Marketing of business through the net and social media is also very popular at present. Apart from this, if your budget is big, then you can give advertisements in newspapers and TV for the advertisement of paper cups of your brand.  Due to which the paper will start selling fast in a few days.

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