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How to Start Tent House Business in Small Scale

Tent house business is a Growing business, whose service is in demand in 12 months of the year. Every other day in today’s modern world, some occasion is commemorated in someone’s home, whether it is a festival, a wedding party, or someone’s birthday, or even a person’s function. All of these occasions are celebrated by inviting close family and neighbours. 

In such a situation, for the good arrangement of the guests, some similar things like chairs, rugs, lights, tents, fans are needed, which people rent for 1or 2 days.  It is similar to a tent house. Also, it can be started from urban and rural areas.  The most important thing is that entrepreneurs can do it as a part-time business.The truth is, entrepreneurs, do not need any special qualifications to do this type of business and starting it is a very easy process.

If you are looking for employment and you are able to make some investment, then you can start a tent house business by taking orders for occasions like weddings or parties.

Here in this article, We are giving you all the information about, How to Start a Tent House Business on a small scale.

Market Potential of Tent House

The business of tent house it’s which is always in demand because India is a huge population country, where people keep looking for various opportunities to share their happiness every day and then celebrate it.  In such a situation, they definitely need the items related to the tent house.  As a result, this business could be beneficial for you.  Talking about the future, at least 65% of the population in India is young generation, so lakhs of people are getting married every year in the country. 

As a result, the demand for tent houses will be quite strong in such a situation. People have started taking the same tent home rent on multiple occasions not only in the city but also in the villages nowadays. Like a result, both the demand and scope of this business are quite high and will continue to be so, so you may expect a lot of profit when you start it.

Investment for Tent House Business

Tent house business is such is one-time investment business. after that, you will not need to make any special investment for 5 to 10 years.  Only the items associated to the tent, which will need to be purchased in big quantities, transportation to get it to the orders, and the employee’s compensation for the same transportation, among other things, will need to be invested.

In this way, if you’re establishing a new firm, you’ll need to spend between 1.5 and 2 lakhs in total, and if you’re thinking of doing it on a larger scale and can invest more, you’ll need between 5 to 6 lakh rupees.

Space Requirement for the Business

In this business, many items are kept at one place, such as boss, iron pipe, which is used to tie, furnishings, utensils, clothes, vehicles, lights and more. So to keep all these you have to at least  100 square feet space will be required or maybe more, apart from this you will need space for an office because order cannot be taken sitting in the open, so if you want, you can rent a shop in the market.

License for Tent House Business

Many types of licenses are required to start a tent house. For getting license, You can find and approach the Small Industries Center of your district. If there is get an event, permission is required from the police of that area.  Although this work belongs to your customer, but they do not pay attention to it.  You may have to bear the brunt of their carelessness.  As soon as the order is booked, take permission from the police regarding this.  So that you can avoid any trouble.

Required Equipments for Tent House Business

To start a tent house business, you will need many things related to tents, such as follows.

First of all, you will need tents of different designs and for setting it you will need wooden sticks or bamboo or iron pipes.

After the tent is set up, now for a better meeting of the guests, for their accommodation arrangement, chair or rug, light, fan, mattress, bed and sheet and some more. You’ll also need a lot of it, which you’ll have to buy in bulk.

All types of utensils will be needed to prepare and serve food for the visitors’ food and drink arrangements. In order to cook together, a large gas stove is also required. Along with this, huge drums for drinking water and other uses should be available.

It is often seen in weddings or parties that various decorations are done, so you also need to buy other things related to decoration like carpets, different types of lights, music systems, different types of flowers and more.

Apart from this, some other small and thick ingredients may be needed, which you can buy as per the requirement.

Finally, You have decided what you need, but it is important to know where you will buy all of this. So, first of all, You should buy goods from a good wholesaler because it will get you the goods at an affordable price. Or you can search in online websites like India mart and trade And also, You can get information from other competitors near you, as well as some business-related tips from them.

Tent House Business Marketing

You’ve started your tent home business, but how will people find out about it if they don’t know about it? You won’t even make money from it.

That is why it is critical that you promote your company and make people aware of it. In the beginning of business, you should meet school-college, bank, government and non-government organizations, builders, Political parties and wedding halls. Tell them about your business,  Give them your visiting card.  When necessary, they will contact you. Despite this, you kept calling him from time to time. These are great ways to promote your business.

Tent House Business Profit & Benefits

In order to determine how much profit may be earned in the tent house business, it is necessary to consider how far your company has spread, or how many people are aware of your business. Because the more people who are aware of your company, the better off you will be.  However, you can earn between 25 and 30 thousand rupees each month with this.

However, because most wedding parties order tents first during peak season, the tents fill up rapidly and demand is considerable. As a result, you might expect monthly sales of up to Rs 1 lakh throughout the festive season.  Once your business is well-organized, you can expand it at a later date. So that you can make more money from this venture.

Challenges of the Tent House Business

One of the most important challenges of the tent house business is not being able to hire workers permanently.  So it is difficult to get them in daily wage when they are needed. Therefore, entrepreneurs need to determine in advance how they can cope with such a situation. Although the workers required in this business are unskilled, it continues because it only requires physical labour.

How to Start Tent House Business in Small Scale

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