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How To Start Sanitary Pad Manufacturing Business

Sanitary pad manufacturing is a productive business that can begin with the low venture. A Sanitary pad is a spongy item used to assimilate the liquid without leakage. Sanitary pads are the fundamental thing for women cleanliness; each woman at one phase of her life needs sanitary pads.

The user ought to consistently feel dry and agreeable. It comprises a permeable pad sandwiched between two sheets of nonwoven texture. Consequently, it is consistently present in the shopping rundown of each woman; the sanitary pad has a great market interest in both urban and rural areas. A Sanitary pad is a fundamental thing for every women’s. Both emerging and developed countries have a sizable market for the product. So it is an incredible business opportunity for the present who need to begin the limited scale manufacturing business.

Market opportunity for Sanitary Pad

The demand for Sanitary pads is increasing fast nowadays. The explanations include rapid urbanization, growing middle-class people, raising awareness, growing number of working women and therefore the increasing availability of products. In general, these are the primary growth drivers in India’s female hygiene market. The demand for sanitary pads was earlier the very best in urban areas. But after many programs launched for the cleanliness of girls, now their demand has also increased within the country. consistent with a survey, the Indian hygiene market goes to extend significantly within the coming years. within the current scenario, the Sanitary pad segment is generating the most important revenue within the female hygiene market.

Investment for the Business

To start the business of sanitary pads with a little investment as the process is simple and requires only a minimum amount. It will cost you at least 3 to 5 lakh rupees, And you can start the business immediately on a small scale. While your profit margin will depend on your production and how many rupees you sell your pad in the market.

Business Registrations

Sanitary Pad business demands several registrations and licensing procedures from the government authority. it’s advisable to see the government law associated with the business, here is the list of registration and license required for the business.

First, register your company with R.O.C.

And get G.S.T registration which is mandatory to run a business.

Obtain a trade licence from the local government.

Registrations With M.S.M.E  to get the government scheme and facility regarding sanitary pad business.

Apply And Get the BIS certification.

Finally, Get Trademark registration for the brand name of the product.

Area Required For Sanitary Pad Business

You need to remember while selecting the placement for the sanitary pad manufacturing business. start the Sanitary pad Production Plant you need a minimum of 1000  to 2000 square feet of area space; confirm that the area must have the ability like water system, drainage, and electricity supply. the location must be easily accessible by the target market and therefore the staple will easily be available in the situation. you can split the area into different sections like the production section, a storage section, and a packaging section.

Raw Material For Sanitary Pad Business

The raw material is a crucial factor that obliquely impacts on the business success, therefore while selecting the material you would like to remember, look for the raw material supplier who will provide you with honest quality material at a reasonable price. The list of Basic required raw materials are.

Special Absorbent Polymer.Cellulose Pulp.Silicon Paper Of 25 Micron.Hot Melt Seal.Non-Woven Fabric.Polypropylene Back Sheet.Hot Melt Positioning Seal.

Machines for Sanitary Pads

There are two types of machines available for making sanitary pads, out of which the first machine is a semi-automatic sanitary pad making machine and the second is an automatic sanitary pad making machine. You need to settle on the proper machinery consistent with the investment and production demand of the sanitary pad.

For the most part, a semi-automatic plant comprises a few unique machines. The following are a few of the important machines:

Pad press machine. Gumming Machine. Mixer With Pulverizer. UV treated sterilizer. Sealing Machine. And Packaging Unit.

Sanitary Pad Manufacturing Process

sanitary pad producing measure incorporates some basic stages that are referenced.

Stage 1. Pulp Making

Delicate mash is an accessible sheet structure you can buy it straightforwardly from the market. Or then again you can set up the delicate mash with the beating machine.

Stage 2. De-Fiberated

The wood mash is then de-fiberated utilizing a carbon steel edge that de-fiberates the wood mash to a necessary fibre length.

Stage 3. Formation Of Pad

When the wood mash is finished with de-fiberated, it’s at that time filled the middle framing machine where the mash is packed into a necessary portion of the napkin.

Stage 4. Seal The Sides

The shaped wood mash centres are wrapped by a non-woven texture and are fixed by a delicate drive fixing technique.

Nichrome composite fibre is utilized in the development of the fixing pads.

Add the gumming sheet at the rear of the sanitary pad.

Stage 5. Packaging Of Sanitary Pads

Pack the Sanitary pad in dampness confirmation parcels.

Marketing your Sanitary Pad Business

While sanitary pad marketing the business you can inspect your rivals, examine the competition, and plan for some technique for advancing your image. You can move toward medical stores, go to the ladies’ wellbeing related projects and different occasions to advance your sanitary pad brand, and significantly offer them a free example. Leave the Sanitary pad advancing material with your contact data on the occasion district so anybody can get educated about your sanitary item and in the event that they want to buy your item by calling you. Aside from all conventional methods of advancing; online advancement is great and proven powerful when you dispatch your image.

Sanitary Pad Manufacturing Business

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