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How To Start Poultry Farming Business-Guide For Beginners

Poultry farming is done in every country and it is very easy to do this business.  There is no need of any special education to do poultry farming business and only hard work is required to do this business.  At the same time, there are many people who want to do this business but they are not aware of how this business is done.  Actually, the business of poultry farming is like other businesses and to do this business. Nowadays, There is no better employment than self-employment.  Poultry farm is the emerging self-employed in world.  Currently, The demand for egg and chicken meat is increasing very fast. So Poultry farm is the best option for self-employment to fulfill the dream of earning money quickly.  You can earn more profit with less cost.  With just a little knowledge and small capital, you can your start self-employment of poultry farming.  This business of poultry farm can be started even in a small space.  Government schemes also give you loan and training to start a poultry farm.

Here in this Article The latest information about How To Start Poultry Farming Business, and cost of starting a poultry farm, its techniques and earnings.

Steps For Poultry Farming Business

Create a Business Plan

whatever the business is, its success depends on your hard work, if you do not have much knowledge about poultry farming, then first of all gather information about it.  To gather information, meet the owners of the poultry farm near you.  Collect all the information about how to do business with them and how to send your Poultrys to the market.  Even if you don’t act according to them, the more information you have, the better it will be for your business.

Get the Training for Poultry Farming Business

If the entrepreneur has made a firm intention to start a poultry farming business, then he may need to take training to understand the challenges and difficulties of this business. Presently many poultry farming entrepreneurs offer training programs to new entrepreneurs. Although the entrepreneur has to pay some fee in return for training, apart from this some government departments give such training to the interested persons. By taking training, the entrepreneur will not only be able to get technical and practical knowledge related to poultry farming, but will also be able to get the necessary information related to management. As we all know that at present there is competition in every field of business. Therefore, training is very necessary to start this kind of business.

Choose the Correct Place for Poultry Farming Business

To do the business of poultry farming, you have to choose a correct place. And Keep in mind that when you choose to the place should be clean and open.  Open space is necessary because the chickens will continue to get open air from it and they will also be safe from many diseases in the future. You can choose to build your own poultry farm in the city or outside the city. At what level and how many chickens you want to keep, you will have to arrange the land accordingly.  By this way, 1 to 2.5 square feet of land is enough for a chicken, if it is less then the chickens can get into trouble, After selecting the place, you have to provide proper facilities to your chickens at that place.  As you have to make good arrangement of water and foods in the place.

Investment for the Poultry Farming Business

Poultry Farms can range from small scale to large scale.  If you want to start a small scale poultry farm, then it costs some 50,000 to 1.5 lakh rupees.  You can gradually increase the business of poultry farm.  By investing with income, you can grow your business and earn more profit.  To open a medium sized poultry farm, it costs between 1.5 to 3 lakh rupees.  The loan of the most interest subsidy is also easily available to do Many banks for poultry farming also provide loans at cheap rates.  You can easily get a subsidized loan from here.

Choose Types of Chickens for the Poultry Farming

you have to first decide what kind of chicken you want to raise.  There are three types of chickens.  In which layer chicken, broiler chicken and indigenous chicken are included.  Layer chickens are mostly used for laying eggs.  It starts laying eggs after 4to5 months of age.  After this it lays eggs for about 1 year.  After that, when their age is around 16 months, then they are sold for meat.  The second is broiler chicken, they are mostly used as meat.  They grow faster than other types of poultry, which is why they are best for use as meat.  The last is the indigenous chicken, they are used to get both eggs and meat.  Decide what kind of chicken you want to raise.  Accordingly, you have to buy the chicks.

License Required for Poultry Farm Business

In many cities, you first need permission to start poultry farming, which you can find out by going to the municipal office of your city.

  • Apply for a business license from your local government.
  • Get the ( N.O.C ) No Objection Certificate from the people living nearby.
  • Get a GST number (required for all businesses after the GST rule) and get a tax code and insurance certificate.
  • Apply for a pollution certificate because the poultry farm gives off an unpleasant odor.
  • Registering your brand in one of them will protect your brand.
  • Poultry Farm industry is categories under food processing industry, therefore, you must obtain the FSSAI license.
  • After this register your poultry farm a company or MSME through MSME web site. With the help of MSMEs, the registration of Udyog Aadhaar is done easily.

Arrangement of  Poultry Farm Business

Now you have land for business and you have chicks too, now it is time to arrange food for them. So you can give many different types of feed to the chickens. But if you want to see more growth in your chicks then you can give them flax seeds to eat. Both of them are very nutritious and help in growth. Apart from this, you will have to arrange water for the chickens. Keep in mind that the water should be clean and the water vessel should be cleaned from time to time. Give to feed chickens and chicks at night. they are does not eat food at night, so give food during the day for development. If fed properly, it can take about 45 to 55 days for a chick to weigh 1 kg. Weight is very important, so pay attention to food. The cost of feed for chicken chickens is rupees 30 per kg. Three types of grains are fed until the chicks are born and then they become chickens.

Poultry Farm Business Profits

It takes at least a month for you to establish a poultry business and within three months you will start getting profits under this business.  That is, it is one of those businesses that you can start and earn money in a short time.  Egg and broiler meat Its demand remains throughout the year.  In such a situation, this business is the most profitable business.  The chick becomes capable of laying eggs in 4 months.  There is a profit of about one and a half rupees in each egg.

Marketing for the Poultry Farm Business

Marketing plays an important role in making any business successful and in the same way you have to take the help of marketing to make the business of poultry farming successful.  Through marketing, you can reach the information of your farm to more people and by doing so your business will increase.  At the same time, you can choose a variety of options for marketing, such as if you want, you can promote yourself through TV, radio, paper and Social Media.

Final Thoughts of the Business

poultry farming business can prove to be a profitable business for you too. In this business, you will have to pay special attention to the care of most of the chickens, if you keep vaccinating to Poultry time to time, then you can earn very good profits.

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