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Farming Business – How to Start Aloe Vera Farming Business


In today’s time, the demand for aloe vera is increasing because the benefits of aloe vera are astonishing. aloe vera is in great demand in the Indian, international market, the main reason is that it is the most useful product in medicine. Also, Aloe Vera is being used in face wash, face pack, jelly, face cream and other beauty products, Because, A jelly-like fluid comes out from inside it, which is very beneficial for the skin.  So, If you want to cultivate Aloe vera – Aloe vera Farming, then it will prove to be very beneficial for you because the rate of Aloe vera in the market is very high and in such a situation, cultivating it will be even more beneficial.Whether it is a pharmaceutical company or a company making cosmetic products, the demand for aloe vera is very high in all time in these companies, you can get a lot of profit by supplying aloe vera in these companies and earn in lakhs.

Here in this Article we will provide a complete details about How to Start Aloe Vera Farming Business.

Benifits of aloe vera farming

The cost and maintenance cost in cultivating aloe vera is very less because this plant grows very fast in areas with sandy soil and dry temperature.  Due to which this plant does not require a lot of watering and irrigation does not cost. Aloe vera is mainly cultivated in Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Kerala, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh.  Before cultivating aloe vera, you should do some special preparation like selection of right plant, selection of suitable land for cultivation. setting up companies for sale of goods and spraying of pesticides at the right time.

Investment for the Aloe Vera farming

If we talk about the investment in cultivating aloe vera, then no big amount has to be invested in it.  if you have your own personal farming then it is very good for you. And You can start your aloe vera business in just 40 to 50 thousand investment, and it is ready to give you profit in  every year. This is a very good business which gives you huge amount of profit.

Land selection for Aloe Vera farming

To do Aloe Vera Farming, first of all, select the appropriate land. Choose an area where there is less water and moisture, the soil of the land should be sandy.  If there is a rain area, then choose such a land which is slightly sloping so that rain water cannot collect when it rains.  After selecting the right land, the land has to be prepared for cultivation. for this, start your preparation before the monsoon. After this we have to choose the right plant.

Select the Plant seeds for aloe vera farming

plant seeds selection for aloe vera cultivation is the most important thing for,  that is that you have to choose the right aloe vera plant. Therefore, take special care while choosing the plant seeds.  There are many hybrids of Aelo Vera available in the market, you can choose any hybrid breed plant seeds from IEC 111269 or IEC 111271.  This seeds is a very good variety for aloe vera. It grows very fast and the risk of getting insects in them is also less. where to get Aloe Vera seeds, in general, You can get aloe vera seeds from any seed store near you. Further, you can also get aloe vera seeds from government seed centers. after that you can start your aloe vera cultivation.

Cultivation methods of aloe vera

If you have select the land and seeds for cultivate aloe vera, then now you need to prepare the land for aloe vera before cultivating aloe vera.

  • You have to plow your land and you have to do this work before the onset of monsoon.  you have to plow the land in such a way that there is no big lump of soil. then you have to mix 10 to 12 tons of manure in the plowed land and then mix it again.
  • While sowing aloe vera, special care should be taken of the distance between the plants. There should be a distance of at least 40 cm between the plants.
  • Because when they grow, the plants do not collide with each other. as well as the disease of one plant does not reach the other plant quickly. 
  • Whatever be the crop, the danger of insects remains.  For aloe vera plants, the mealy worm destroys the plant by scraping it.  Therefore, to keep the plant away from insects, spray the right insecticide at the appropriate time. this will prevent worms in your plant.
  • After which your aloe vera yield will be very good.

Harvest of Aloe Vera

Aloe vera plant becomes ready in 7 to 8 months, you can harvest it in the eighth month.  Never cut the plant from the root because this plant grows again from its root.  Both the leaves and the pulp of the plant have a good demand in the market, where leaves are sold at Rupees 5 to 9 per kg, while its pulp is sold at Rupees 20 to 30 per kg.

Profits in aloe vera farming

If you cultivate your Aloe Vera in 1 acres of land then from there you will get 10 to 15 Tons of Aloe Vera. And the price of Aloe Vera inside the market is Rs 25,000 to Rs 30,000 per Ton. so, calculate that How much profit can you get from 10 to15 ton aloe vera. that is, You will earn around 2.5 lachk to 4.5 lachk rupees. And it also has the advantage that you can produce aloe vera for 5 years by planting aloe vera once and you can earn for 5 years.

How to sell the Aloe Vera

Before doing Aloe vera farming, it is also very important for you to first know where and how you will sell your crop.  If you have cultivated your aloe vera and you are not able to sell it in the market, then it will prove to be a big loss for you. so before cultivating aloe vera, you should contact their buyers. Find to Aloe Vera buyers on a large scale in local market. or you can also contact the buyers of Aloe Vera on business directory websites like alibaba, indiamart and agroinfomart.  Apart from this, there are many other grocer’s traders Also buy and sell Aloe Vera.

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