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How to Start Potato Powder Manufacturing Business

Potato Powder Manufacturing Business

The potato is one of the most important tuber vegetables. And people consume it all year. Potato tubers vary in size, shape, colour, depth of eyes, and other important characteristics. Potato powder manufacturing can begin in areas where the main raw material, the potato, is readily available. The protection of foodstuffs from moulds and bacteria is a major concern of food technologists.

It is estimated that processing and preserving potato powder manufacturing could save approximately 25% of the potatoes that are spoiled due to a variety of factors. Potato cultivation is widespread in India. As a result, making potato powder from raw potatoes is a good idea. As a result, the potato powder manufacturing project is an excellent opportunity for a new startup entrepreneur with a low capital investment.

Market Potential for Potato Powder

Despite the fact that there is a domestic market for dehydrated and powdered potatoes, more than 70% of the total indigenous production of potato powder is exported to various countries. The potato powder is distributed in bulk to manufacturers of various snack foods, as well as restaurants and hotels. The major demand is in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Nagpur, and more.

At the moment, demand is exceeds supply, and this is likely to increase with the growing popularity of snack foods and other items that use potato powder as an ingredient. also, It has good export potential.  With a small amount of startup capital, anyone can start a powder processing unit. As a result, we must conclude that the manufacturing business is an ideal opportunity for a new entrepreneur with low investment.


Space for Potato Powder Manufacturing

For the manufacture of potato powder, The area where potatoes are produced more It would be good to put this plant in that area. This will save the biggest expense of transport, which will reduce the cost of production and increase profits. It is important to have a place for water, electricity and drainage at the place where the plant is to be installed. And, The surrounding environment should be pure.

Investment for Potato Powder Manufacturing

The manufacture of potato powder necessitates a moderate capital investment. The two most important investment categories are fixed costs and working capital costs. So, to start the business the entrepreneur needs to estimate the total capital investment. The machine cost of the plant producing Powder will come to Rs 7 lakh, And the working capital will be Rs 4 lakh. So, the Total Capital Investment for the Manufacturing business is Rupees 15 to 20 Lakhs, But, This does not include the cost of land and shed.

License for Potato Powder Manufacturing

To start a manufacturing plant, a company has to be registered. You have to choose a specific name for your business. And, Many types of clearance will have to be taken by the government. Including investigations related to the environment, health and safety. Apart from these, trend license, FSSAI license, MSME license, Udyog Aadhaar, GST registration and some more will be required. And also Apply for Export License for Potato Powder Export. Also, it is important to Don’t forget to get insurance before starting work.

Raw material and Machinery for Business

The main Raw material for manufacturing Potato Powder is potatoes. Others include packaging materials and other materials that are required on a monthly basis.

Many types of machines will be required to make potato powder. Which is a boiler, Pulveriser, dryer machine, potato peeling machine, slicing machine, Electronic Weighing Scale and sealing machine will be required.

Visit your local wholesale machine dealer and inquire about any suppliers who sell potato processing machinery and equipment. You can also conduct an internet search to locate suppliers. Potato making machines can be found in online marketplaces such as Indiamart and Trade

Manufacturing Process

The first step is to prepare your potatoes by peeling and washing them. You could also mash them at this stage to make them easier to dry. Some people prefer to cut them instead.

You must dry your potatoes after washing and slicing them. There are three options for doing this: laying them out in the sun to dry, using your oven, or using a dehydrator. Because you have a lot of potatoes, it is best to use a dehydrator because sun-drying can take up to 20 hours or more, whereas oven-drying can take up to 10 hours or more! Remember that potatoes are composed of 80% water. Purchasing a dehydrator will save you a significant amount of time and effort.

Slicing your potatoes helps to speed up the drying process. It’s time to blend them after they’ve dried out and become crisp. Load them into a blender in large chunks and blend until they’re a fine powder.

They’re ready to use after blending the potato to a fine texture. Depending on the brand, package in airtight containers or small nylon packs. Your potato flour is now ready to be distributed and marketed.

Marketing for Busines

Potato Powder can be sold locally at hotels, restaurants, fast food outlets, supermarkets, shopping malls and some more places. Also, People in cities and suburbs prefer to buy home supplies from online, so you can also sell from those online food stores. And, You can earn a lot of profit in the form of foreign exchange from potato powder. There is more demand for potato powder abroad than in the local market.

The United States imports the most Potato Powder from India. In fact, India exports half of all potato powder to the United States. Germany, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Japan, Pakistan, Australia, France, the Russian Federation, Nepal, Malaysia, Mexico, and New Zealand are also other importers countries.

Powder Manufacturing Business

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