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How to Start Barbed Wire Manufacturing Business

Barbed Wire Manufacturing Business

Barbed Wire Manufacturing Business – Barbed wire is an essential item for the protection of specified prohibited areas belonging to houses, gardens, forests, nurseries and defence establishments, aerodromes, railways, warehouses and other government areas.  These wires are installed in all these places so that the properties there are safe.

Apart from this, in villages and countryside areas also use it for planting in their fields so that the animals that are there do not harm their fields. The demand for barbed wire has become very much in today’s time and in this way you can easily earn huge profit a month by starting a Barbed Wire Manufacturing Business with Making Machine.

Barbed Wire Production business can be started as a little and medium scale premise with a nearly little startup capital venture.

Market Potential of Barbed Wire

Barbed wire is an important item to safeguard houses, gardens, forests, nurseries and specified prohibited areas concerning the defence establishment, aerodromes, railways, warehouses and other Government and personal properties. they’re essential items to form and safeguard international boundaries.

Also, these are the most cost-effective materials to use for these various purposes. Growing population, increasing numbers of building and construction, increasing safety issues within the current socio-economic zone, are the main factors of the increasing demand for wire.

Investment For Barbed Wire Business

You can start this business from 6 to ₹ 7 lakhs. The fixed capital investment for the barbed wire production unit includes the cost of land building and machinery, you can buy barbed wire production by renting land.  This will reduce your fixed capital investment towards your project.

You can invest your own capital to buy machinery and raw materials or you can also apply for a loan if you do not have the money.  Starting this business involves the purchase of raw materials, rent, human resources, transportation costs and other operating costs.

License for Barbed Wire Business

First of all, you have to register R.O.C, after that, you will have to take Trade License from the Local Municipal Authority, along with G.S.T registration and M.S.M.E industry Aadhaar registration.  For this business to run smoothly, the N.O.C has to be obtained from the Pollution Control Board and also get the license to manufacture based on the standard IS: 278-1978 as per B.I.S Certification.

Required Space for the Business

You need space to start this business.  For this business, you will need 400 to 1000 square feet.  After that, you are used in this space for machine and reproduction and assembly and to keep packing material.

Raw Material For Barbed Wire Manufacturing

The only Raw Material required for Barbed Wire Production is galvanized iron wire 12/14 S.W.G.You get this wire in the market for 50 to 55 rupees per kilo.

Machines for Barbed Wire Manufacturing

To start Barbed Wire Making Business, the following machines you will need to buy.

AUTOMATIC or SEMI-AUTOMATIC Barbed Wire Making Machine.

Bench Grinder.

Universal Tensile Testing Machine.

Wrap Torsion Testing Machine.

Weighing Machine.

Testing Equipments.

Where to Buy Machine and Raw Material

Before starting your business, find out if you can get machines and raw materials from your nearest city.  If you can find it then first of all go inside that company and collect all the information and also get the training of the machine vendor to run the machine from here so that you can easily start the business.

If you cannot find machines and raw materials near you, then you can go to the INDIAMART website and SEARCH both machinery and raw materials. There are also contact numbers of SUPPLIER, you can talk to them about your company at  Then you can go to their company and buy the machine.

Barbed Wire Manufacturing Process

To make barbed wire, you can start producing barbed wire with an automatic barbed wire making machine.  Except for the machine.  G.I.Wire 12/14 S.W.G Galvanized Wiring Required The electric motor attached to this machine works on its own after the machine is set up.

Two mainline wires are fed inside this machine.  After this, a second wire is placed inside this machine which works to make barbed wire on both main wires.  The third wire, which is made by the axes inside this machine, cuts it at the required intervals and attaches it to the machine.

The pointed wire is automatically corrected after the line wire is automatically desired, and the barbed wire is automatically formed at the desired distance, thus forming the entire barbed wire.  There is also a gear inside this machine, through which we can also control the machines.

Basically, it drives power from the foremost motor attached to the machine. Once the machine is about up it goes on working automatically.

Profit Margin in Barbed Wire

For this business, if you work in a daily shift, then you can get a profit of 5000 rupees per day.  Talking about its production cost, it can take 50 rupees per raw material to make one kilo of goods, and if you add even 20 rupees to the production cost, then you can sell a kilo made by the mall for 200 rupees.  is.  In this way you can earn 5000 rupees a day.

Marketing the Barbed Wire Business

Once you are done with all and production of barbed Wire Create a marketing plan.

You can create your own website for marketing this business.  And after that, you can sell it with the help of a wholesaler.

You can also sell them on Amazon, Flipkart and IndiaMART websites.  For this, you will have to create a seller account.

Final Thoughts

whoever the business is, but before starting, it is necessary to get the correct information about that business. In today’s era, barbed wire making business can be earned if given the demand of barbed wire. 

But before that it is important to plan the business, so start any business and start only after getting the right and accurate information.

How to start Barbed Wire Manufacturing Business

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