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How to Start Honey Processing Plant Business on Small Scale

How to Start Honey Processing Business in small scale.

Honey Processing Plant is a sweet business. Honey is a most consumable item for nutritional, medicinal and industrial use. Consequently, the demand for pure and good-quality honey is increasing. Honey processing in India is a growing trend. Natural raw honey bee farming in India can be done as a standalone, commercial honey bee farm or as part of a crop rotation to increase crop yield and generate additional income from honey. Discover how to start honey processing in India with a complete business plan.

Market Potential for Honey

Honey is the most consumable fixing which is utilized in different foods.

There are numerous food processing businesses that are utilizing honey as an improving fixing, this industry incorporates treats making industry, the jam-making industry, bread kitchens, dairy items, and so forth.

A portion of the medicines are additionally utilizing honey as an improving thing just as the corrective business utilized it as a natural restorative, likewise, honey is devoured as solid food.

Aside from homegrown interest Process honey’s interest in the unfamiliar market,

The wax that depends on during honey bee cultivating is fantastic for Candle Making Business, likewise utilized on surfboard, skin and as a cream.

Honeybee cultivating additionally serves to fertilization of blossoms, subsequently, it has rural worth.

Consequently, the interest for honey is expanding quickly, you can begin the honey processing unit by individual or gatherings, and apiary business has high-overall revenue.

Learning the Honey Processing Business

Firstly You can either buy honey from bee farmers or can produce honey from your own bee farm. It is critical to learn the fundamentals of bee farming in both cases. When speaking with beekeepers or growers, you will come across many different types of honey. Alfalfa, avocado, blueberry, clove, eucalyptus, and other popular ones.

Registrations and Licenses for Honey Processing

You might require the below-mentioned and registrations  to set up a Honey Processing Unit;

Registration: The first step is to incorporate your own company. Furthermore, in the early stages of your business, it is always advisable to incorporate a One Person Company.

Trade License: You must obtain a Trade licence from the local state authority.

FSSAI License: Honey falls under the food industry category. As a result, if you want to start a honey business in any way, you must first obtain an FSSAI licence. In addition, you must follow the Food Prevention Act guidelines.

GST Registration: If your turnover exceeds the specified limit, you must apply for GST Registration.

Bureau of Indian Standards – BIS Certification: The BIS Certification is required.

Area Required for Honey Processing Plant

Site determination in Bee farming arrangement is a significant undertaking which influences the honey creation so it is fitting to begin Honey Processing Business in an open homestead zone.

The area where bee farming is going on is known as a “bee yard”; it is a logical technique for raising bee that can deliver honey and wax

You required average and extraordinary planned spot for bee farming, you can begin it from your nursery territory or your housetop, yet ensure that you get the bee yard far from houses to evade any sort of difficulty brought about by a honey bee.

Your area must have adequate space for haves and Honey extraction machines. Here check some important factors that are mentioned below.

Water Facility: Natural or Artificial sources of water should be available.

Shade Area: It is essential for saving the bee from the extra heat of the sun and also protection from wind. And also Cool Atmosphere, Plantations and Laboratory: you will need to have a laboratory unit for testing honey and bees.

Raw Materials for Honey Processing Plant

Honey bees are extremely aggressive insects, so you must exercise extreme caution when retrieving the bee hive for honey extraction. If you don’t have the proper clothing and tools, it may bite you. You will need a beginner’s kit, hive tools, a smoker, smoker fuel, medications, and apiary armour to extract honey.

Furthermore, you would need artificial or manmade hives. Hives are nothing more than wooden structures that allow honey bees to build honeycombs. It is specially designed to help bees in developing and setting up their colonies. There are many different types of artificial hives; however, the most common ones among horizontal frame hives are the Top Bar hive, Langstroth hive, Warre hive, and Rose hive.

Machinery for Honey Processing Plant

There are several types of equipment required during the bee farming process, some of which are listed below:

Bee Venom Collector

Draining Trays

Food Graded Plastic Made Queen Cage

Gravity Clarifiers

Heating Tank

Hive Gate

Honey Extractor

Honey Filtering Tanks

Iron Hive Tools Of L Shaped & Curved Shaped

Measuring and Testing Equipment.

Packaging Machine

Queen Gate

Pollen Trap

Thin & Thick Beekeeping Brushes

Queen Rearing Kit


Storage Tanks

Queen Excluder

SS Hive Tools Of L Shaped & Curved Shaped

Visit nearer apiary to collect extra knowledge about the equipment and machinery so it will help to choose the equipment for your bee yard.

Process of the Honey

To process honey, the following steps must be taken.

Step 1: Open Hive Frame

Remove the hive box’s top and smoke up the opening to deliver the best lower to the hive box.

Remove the inner cover. To remove the inner hive, you’ll need a mini-crowbar-style hive tool.

Step 2: Removing Beehive

Honey bees are removed from the comb after the inner hive has been separated using a bee brush, smoker, and electric blower.

Step 3: Unclamp Honey

After the bees have escaped, the hive frame with the honeycomb is sealed with wax.

To open the honeycomb, use a knife to cut down the honey wax; one hive frame contains 1.5 kg of honey.

Step 4: Extracting honey

The process of extracting honey from a honeycomb is known as honey extraction. Furthermore, there are various Honey extraction methods;

Honey extractors

Straining extraction method

Bulk extraction method

Pressing extraction method

Water bath extraction method.

Step 5: Filet And Packaging

After extraction of honey, there is some amount of the wax or scum is floating over the honey you need to remove it using filters.

After done with all the honey processing, honey is ready to pack for the selling you can pack the honey in the bottles using Bottle Filling Machine.

Package the Honey for Sale

It is entirely up to you how you package your honey. If you choose transparent packaging, you should choose attractive packaging and ensure that the honey is free of all impurities. You should also consider hiring a graphic designer to come up with appealing labelling for your product.

Marketing Plan for Honey Processing

Marketing and sale promotion is the most crucial aspect of every business.

You must identify your Target Market, also consider both retail and industrial marketing and selling, and build a distribution network.

Also, need to offer some schemes to attract customers, you can use various selling strategies.

Every market demand Pure Organic and good quality honey if you have one then you won’t have a hard time selling your honey product.

How to Start Honey Processing Business

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