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How To Start Chalk Making Business With Low Cost

How To Start A Chalk Making Business

The Chalk Making Business – Chalks are actually round-shaped sticks. And it comes either in white or colour. Chalks are used by tailors, furniture makers, construction workers, and many other industries in addition to schools, education, and training institutes.  Most Indian schools and colleges make extensive use of chalk. And is used for taking classes in different types of schools. The main reason for this is that the blackboard written with chalk can be cleaned easily.

Along with this, the number of schools and colleges is increasing day by day. So it is predictable that the demand for white and colour chalk will be in an increasing mode for the coming years. Chalk making or production is a profitable small-scale manufacturing business. Moreover, this business can be started from home.  Also, any entrepreneur can initiate a chalk-making business with a small startup capital investment.

Market Opportunity for Chalk

The future market for a chalk manufacturing business is very good because as the human population is increasing, schools, colleges and coaching institutes are opening in places, in which blackboards are used to teach children and only chalk can be written on these blackboards. Because once writing with chalk, it can be erased with the help of a duster whereas after writing with a pen it cannot be erased, so the demand for chalk is going to increase day by day.

As far as Scope in Chalk Making business is concerned it can be estimated from the fact that according to data circulated in the past 12.85 lakh elementary schools in the country were connected to the district education system. So in this business lakhs of educational institutions are ready to become its customers. This clearly indicates that chalk manufacturing is the best opportunity for an entrepreneur.

Investment for Chalk Making Business

The cost needed to start a chalk-making business is usually determined by a number of factors. These are the location, desired output, and business size. However, you can expand or scale up the business at any point in time. In general, starting a business from home lowers the initial fixed costs.

To set up this business on a small scale, a maximum of Rs 50 Thousand is required. With this money, you will get a better mould and all the necessary raw materials. However, for setting up this business on a large scale, you need a capital of up to 2 lakh. Furthermore, you can start a business from a rental space.

Registration for the Business

In starting a chalk-making business on a large scale, you need to register your firm. Apart from this, you also need to obtain ROC and trade license. You need to create a PAN card and a bank account in the name of your firm.

 If you want, you can set up your firm as SSI. It is advisable to obtain a NOC Certificate from the Pollution Control Board.

 And also, you have to do GST registration, which has been made mandatory by the Government of India to start any business in today’s time.

After that, if you want to sell your product under your brand name, then you have to Trademark brand registration has to be done, after that you can run your business easily.

Required Place for Chalk Business

The machine required to set up this business is of medium size. This machine allows for the production of more chalk in less time. And the space required will be around 200 to 500 SQ FT. It includes the machinery and storage space.

The location should be close to the target market, such as schools and colleges.  Also, Basic facilities like electricity, water supply, and proper space for raw materials are also required for the starting of this business.

Raw Materials for theBusiness

Chalk is mainly made from Plaster of Paris (POP) which is a type of white-coloured powder produced from gypsum-like limestone. The main raw materials in making are as follows.

Plaster of Paris (POP), This is the main raw material of this business, from which is made. Kerosene and groundnut oil is put in the mould in the form of lubricant in small quantities so that the chalk does not stick to the mould.  White cement is added to make the chalk white. If you want colourful, then you can also add any colour of your choice.  Finally, Water is used to make the mixture.

Machine for Chalk Making Business

A special type of mould or machine is found for making chalk. With the help of this machine, any person can easily make chalk. For manual operation there are two types of machines you will find. One is aluminium and another one is gunmetal. but for industrial production, You can also establish a fully automatic chalk-making operation.

Automatic chalk-making setup includes supplying water automatically, mixing material by electric mixer, filling and taking off mould all the work is in around the assembly line. And you will get 120,000 to 150,000 pieces per day production output out of these machines.

Apart from this, You will also need some equipment such as Scrapers, Paintbrushes, Dryer, Hand gloves, and more. And you can buy these machines online from the Indiamart website.

Chalk Making Process

In the chalk manufacturing business, no special machine is required to make chalk, it can be made only from moulds, but for mass production on an industrial scale It is made using machines, and you must know the making formula to do so. It is very important, it is made in the following steps.

First, Mix plaster of Paris (POP) and white cement and water well, if you want colourful chalk, then also mix the desired colour together. Then Using the mould lubricants, In the process kerosene and groundnut oil 4:1 is used in the moulds so that the chalk does not stick to the moulds.

 Now put the completely prepared mixture in the moulds and leave it to sit for 15 to 20 minutes, while pouring the solution, care is taken that the mould is completely filled, otherwise, the chalk will become hollow. which later breaks down.

After the chalk gets solidified, take it out of the mould and collect it in a big vessel. Now, these chalks are dried in good sunlight for a day so that they do not break quickly.

Finally, is completely ready for packing. Also, it requires special packing. Chalk often breaks due to excessive force, so it needs to be packed in such a way that cannot break in any way. For this, you have to use boxes.

Marketing for Chalk Business

If you want to strengthen your hold in the market, then you have to adopt some marketing tips. You can market this business in schools, colleges, various educational institutions, stationery shops and more. places. If the quality of the chalk made by you is better, then your chalk starts selling in a short time and the profit starts getting started.

You can register your company and include your company logo on the packet. You can also visit nearby cities, villages, and towns to increase sales. A delivery person can be hired to manage inventory and order collection. And you can start marketing and promotion activities on various social media to reach customers across different parts of the world.

Register on various online platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, Trade India, and Indiamart. You can increase your sales this way.

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