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How to Start a Helmet Manufacturing Company

How to Start a Helmet Manufacturing Business

Helmet Manufacturing Business – In today’s world, everyone, whether male or female, young or old, going to school, going to the office, playing on the field, whether they are young or not young, uses a two-wheeler. They must wear a helmet if they use it. It could be any two-wheeler. In addition, helmets are required for all workers, including those in large factories, engineers, and building construction workers. And now, Wearing a helmet with a two-wheeler is mandatory everywhere.

If someone does not do this then he is breaking the traffic rules. further,  if any labourer or engineer does not use it, then they are putting their own lives in danger. So the demand for helmets is very high at all times. in this situation, Starting a Helmet Manufacturing Business is a hugely profitable business. But, this business actually encompasses many aspects from marketing, technical, and financial to management aspects.

Here in this article, you will get all information about How To Start a Helmet Manufacturing Business.

Market Opportunity for Helmet

In 2018, the worldwide helmet market was valued USD 372.4 million, and it is predicted to increase at an 18.6 % CAGR between 2019 and 2025. Nowadays, helmets are outfitted with a variety of electronic devices and sensors that allow users to collect real-time data, reducing operational risks and improving safety in the long run.

Helmets are becoming more popular among bicyclists and motorcyclists due to the increased protection, safety, and comfort they provide. They can also be found in a variety of sports, as well as military and firefighting operations. Demand is expected to be driven by government-imposed road safety regulations, the growing adoption of advanced wearable technology, and increased knowledge of personal safety.

Investment in Helmet Manufacturing Business

Investment in this business is dependent on the business and the land because if you start a large business, more investment is required, whereas if you start a small business, less investment is required. In addition, an investment of Rs 75 lakh to 1.5 crore is required to run a complete helmet manufacturing plant, as well as an investment in purchasing land and building construction. It is up to you at what level you start this business because you invest in raw materials and everything else that goes with it.

Space for Helmet Manufacturing Business

A minimum of 1000 to 3000 square feet is required to start and run this helmet-making business. But you can try to locate it outside of the city. So, in a location from which you can easily transport raw materials and finished goods without difficulty. Furthermore, you should have enough room to securely hold the helmet you’re making. You should keep a steady supply on hand so that you don’t run out when there’s a demand.

License for Helmet Manufacturing Business

Initially, a manufacturer must apply to various government agencies for various registrations and licences. It is, however, prudent to consult state law.

Register your business with the Companies Registrar (ROC).  

Apply to the local municipal authority for a trade licence.

Apply for MSME Udyog Aadhaar for small and medium-sized businesses.

To obtain an ISI mark, apply for BIS certification.

Obtain a permit from the Pollution Control Board.

In this industry, both quality and process are critical.

As a result, adopt global competition standards. And, Fill out the GST registration form.

Finally, Trademark registration can help you protect your brand name.

Raw Material for Helmet Manufacturing

Whatever be the any business, raw material is of great importance in it. The following are the raw materials related to the business of making helmets:

Kevlar, Foams, Carbon Fiber, Fiber Glass and Plastics.

And the most important thing, The company must have a good supplier. Furthermore, the company must establish positive relationships with its raw material suppliers. And Material suppliers will have an impact on how the business operates. So, Choosing a trustworthy and reputable one is crucial.

Machines for Helmet Manufacturing

The Following machines are what you need to start your helmet-making business.

1. Plastic Injection Molding Machine:- The price of the machine is up to Rs 15 lakh.

2. Helmet Mould:- The cost of a new helmet mould is up to Rs 3.75 lakhs.

3. Helmet Testing Machine:- The cost of a Helmet Testing Machine is Rs.15 lakhs.

in starting a Helmet Making Business, make sure you contact the right supplier for the right machine. And  Bear in mind that the best machine is most likely to produce the best quality helmet.

Manufacturing Process of the Helmet

First, the thermoplastic granules form the outer shell of the helmet.

Following that, in the injection moulding machine process, you will feed those thermoplastic granules into the hopper, after which the reciprocating screw will heat and push the molten plastic into the Mold Cavity, where the Helmet Mold is fixed.

Then is moved to the Helmet mould, which is fixed to the Mold Cavity.

You can take the helmet outside once the moulding is finished.

Then you drill holes in the back and front of the helmet.

Then use fasteners to secure the fast track inner ratchet into the holds.

The inner ratchet should then be attached to the helmet cap.

Next, put the helmet through its paces in the testing machine.

Finally, the company’s logo or name should be fixed. The finished helmets are now being sent to be packaged.

Profits in Helmet Manufacturing Business

This is a product whose demand is constant throughout the year, and the market need for this product is always there, as is the profit margin in this firm. You also understand quite well that the wearing of a helmet is required for driving two-wheelers from the point of view of safety and under traffic laws. Due to the lack of a helmet, the dread of challan persists. As a result, we can conclude that its demand will continue throughout the year. Profit margins of 30 to 40% are possible in this case.

Marketing for Helmet Business

Marketing this business of your helmet is very important because without it it will not be easy to run your business. Make certain that you produce a wide range of helmets. You must put up posters and banners to advertise your business so that more people may learn about it. Use appealing offers to raise awareness.

Create a loyalty programme that will allow you to reward your loyal consumers. Advertise your company and products on the yellow pages. Leverage the internet to advertise your business, Engage in direct marketing and sales. You may also promote it on television. Also, Encourage the usage of word-of-mouth marketing as well.

Helmet Manufacturing Business

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