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Wire Nail Manufacturing Business – How To Start

Wire Nail Commonly used for carrying out various domestic and commercial tasks, the nails are called Wire Nail.  Although nails are used extensively during building and construction, in addition to the carpentry trade, nails have an important contribution.  Wire nails are easily available in any hardware store in the country.  Therefore, we can term the nails as hardware that is used in building and packaging boxes and more.

The task of making nails and earning money by selling them in the market is referred to as the wire Nail Manufacturing Business. If we define a nail, we can say that it is a pin-shaped object that can be easily fitted on a wall and wood or any other object with the help of a hammer,  It works to connect another part or to fix an object that we want it to not move automatically. 

Spikes, on the other hand, are employed to execute a variety of activities. But the commonly used nails are called wire nails.  And the process of earning various sizes of nails by selling them in the market is called Wire Nail Manufacturing business.

Here in this article, we will give complete information about Wire Nail making and its business.

Market scope for Wire Nail

Nails are mostly used in the construction and revival of new buildings and as the population in India increases, every year millions of people need buildings for living and commercial work. This is the reason that millions of people in India every year  A number of new buildings are constructed. Looking at the growing area of ​​the construction sector, there are chances that Nail means may be required on a large scale in future. the Demand always remains in Demand in the wire nail market due to attachments and demands of the people. This is the reason that any new entrepreneur can start this business and earn by selling his product in the hardware store available in the local market.

Investment for Wire Nail Manufacturing

Nail-making machines cost at least 1 lakh and up to 10 lakh, they are priced according to capacity. However, an average machine will get from 1 to 3 lakhs, apart from that there are other machines which are meant for polishing the nail. In addition to the cost of machines, you should have a three-phase power connection, in which you can charge around up to 50 thousand rupees, the raw material will be according to your cost by an estimate 50 thousand, And need one vehicle for transport. Overall  It takes at least 5 lakh to 10 lakh rupees to start this business.

Space Required for the Business

The land will be required for the nail making industry will depend on the production capacity of the entrepreneur’s plant. To start a nail-making business in a small scale, you need 450 to 1000 square feet of space. And keep in mind that it is not necessary that the entity set up by the entrepreneur should be in a crowded place or local market only.  Rather, the entrepreneur can start his unit at any place where there is easy availability of electricity, water, roads and employees.

License and Registration for Business

The following license and registration are required for the business.  G.S.T registration may be required to generate billing and invoices. There may be a requirement to get a trade license from the local authority such as Municipal Corporation, Municipality.

For this business to run smoothly, the N.O.C has to be obtained from the Pollution Control Board and also get the license to manufacture based on the standard IS: 278-1978 as per B.I.S Certification.

Raw Materials for Wire Nail Manufacturing

Several of wires are used as raw materials to make the nail.  such as HB wire, mild steel wire and more available in the market

You have to find out what kind of nail is in high demand in the market. Iron nail or steel nail.  If you listen to the advice of market experts, then all kinds of nails should be produced so that any kind of demand can be fulfilled in the market.  Also, wood sawdust is used to polish the nail, you can easily buy it from a wood factory.

Machines for Wire Nail Manufacturing

Various types of machinery and equipment are used in the Wire Nail manufacturing business. The list of the main machinery and equipment is as follows. Automatic Wire Nail Making Machine. Nail Polishing barrel or Drum. Various sizes dies. Grinder and Cutter. Wire Stand.And Other manual tools.

There are many types of nail making machines available in the market.  You can buy the machine according to the production capacity.   If you buy a machine with more production, then it will cost more.  So you can choose the machine according to your need and budget.

Wire Nail Manufacturing Process

Cold drawn bright wire is employed to form iron nails. This wire is out there in various markets starting from 20 gauge to 65 gauge.

Such wires are available bundles and this bundle of wire is fixed within the tool stand and one end of the wire is inserted into the wire straightening roller which automatically reaches the machine. an edge is formed after the roller within the machine to tug the wire forward, this grip only pulls the wire forward the maximum amount because the wire is needed to form a wedge. to form the top of the nail, it’s cast into moulded rams.

it’s formed through the back shot. The front of the wire hits the punch with a head-forming mould, making the front and wire cutting automatic. Here the wire is pressed by the mould press within the Wire Nails Manufacturing Process.

Whereby the nail is bifurcated and separated from the wire. during this process, some a part of the nail should be attached to the wire which the automated trigger separates. then when the iron nail comes out of the machine, iron and grease lubricant is poured over it and sent to the polishing drum for polishing. And when the polishing work is complete, the nails are often earned by packaging and selling them in local hardware stores.

Profit in Wire Nail Manufacturing Business

Nail making machine makes 300 nails in 1 minute.  In this way, if you run the machine for 8 hours in a day, more than 600 kg of the nail is produced.  If we follow 600 kilograms then 1 kilogram of wire comes to Rs 35.  Manufacturing cost for making 1 kg of nail  Rs 2. Then Total manufacturing cost  Rs 35 + Rs 2 = Rs 37 per kg. Selling in Wholesale price Rs 42 per kg. The Profit Rs 5 per kg.

Production of 600 kg in 1 day. your 1-day profit is Rs 3000. And overall  Rs 90,000 profit in every month.

Marketing of Wire Nails

You can contact all hardware wholesalers for nail marketing. As a result, it is appropriate to offer at a low price in all big and minor hardware stores around the city. For marketing, you can hire a man who can order from a hardware shop.  There is no brand in this business, so you can easily sell your product. When the market is gotten, your item can be sold again at the market cost.

Wire Nails Manufacturing Business

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