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How to Start a Successful Restaurant Business – A Complete Guide

How to Start a Successful Restaurant Business - A Complete Guide

Many of us have made the restaurant our first choice of business in recent years. Despite the fact that many of us visit restaurants on a weekly basis, many people aspire to own their own restaurant business. The main reason for starting this business is that one has to go to restaurants from time to time because one has to go to restaurants when one wants to eat something delicious.

So, nowadays, good restaurants can be found everywhere, and new restaurants are opening all the time, and their businesses are thriving. Many people are earning lakhs of rupees in the restaurant business because it is one of the best, easiest, and most comprehensive businesses in today’s era. In such a situation, if you are also one of those who want to start a business of your own. then, this is the right business in which you can earn well and will run forever.

Market Opportunity for Restaurant Business

Nowadays, the restaurant industry is growing very fast, And Let us tell you that in 2020, the food industry of India was about 23,000 crores, which has increased even more in today’s time. It is being estimated by the experts that in the coming few years this figure will go beyond 50,000 crores. The biggest reason for the increase in the food industry is the change in the people.

Yes, compared to before, people now go to the restaurant every week and enjoy delicious food there. And some people all go to restaurants once or twice every month. In such a situation, it can be guessed from all these things that opening a restaurant in India is very beneficial. And also, you can definitely start a restaurant business in India and in the coming year also. So, starting a restaurant business is very beneficial. If you start it in the right way then in a short time you can earn a lot from the business.

Decide the type of Restaurant Business

First of all, You have to decide what type of restaurant business you will start?. There are many restaurants in India, If you are starting a restaurant at a big business, then you may have to invest a lot of money in it. Along with this, if you want, you can start a restaurant business in a small place where only a few selected dishes are served. And You can start this type of business at a low cost.

At the same time, the third and most popular is to start a good restaurant business by renting a place where all kinds of delicious food are served. So, which depends on your investment, And the type of restaurant you want to open.

Find a Good Location for the Restaurant

Its location is very important for this type of business. For the restaurant business, you have to find a place where people come and go a lot. Like Main Market, Shopping Complex, Near Office, Colleges, Airport, the Areas with high population density. And, While choosing the place, there should be a good arrangement of parking in the place.

Now the question must be coming in the minds of many people that how much space will be enough to start a restaurant business, So you can choose the location according to your investment and according to the rent of the place. And you have to look for a good location keeping in mind all the things mentioned above. Your entire business success will depend heavily on the location you choose.

Registration and License for Restaurant Business

To start a restaurant business in India, you may need to take many types of registration and license, which are as follows:-

• Arrangements are made for food and drink in this restaurant, so you will have to get a food license from the Food Safety Authority and this is very important. Without this license, you cannot start a restaurant business.

• To start a restaurant business in India, you have to get GST registration which you can apply online.

• After this you will have to take a trade license from the Municipal Corporation. The validity of this license is 1 year and after the expiry of the validity, you have to renew it.

• In some cities of India, you may also need to get a fire safety license to open restaurants.

• After this, traders can register their business under Udyog Aadhaar.

So these were some of the registrations and licenses that you may need to start a restaurant business. You may need to take some more registration and license, so that is why you can get information about all these things from any CA.

Investments For Restaurants Business

Investment in this business depends on this business and on the land because if you start big restaurants then you have to invest more and start small restaurants then less investment in it. And if you have your own land then work can be done in less money and if you buy or rent land then you have to invest more in it. And, You can start any type of restaurant according to your mind. in general,  investing in the small size restaurant business, you may have to invest 5 lakh to 10 lakh rupees to start. Further, If you do not have money to invest then you can apply for a loan in the bank.

Raw materials and Essential Items for Restaurant Business

Only by purchasing the raw materials and components for the restaurant from a wholesale market will you be able to obtain them at a low cost.

Every city has a wholesale market, so you can get all of your supplies there. When it comes to the kitchen equipment, such as a stove, cylinder, rolling pin, wheelbarrow, pot, mixer, deep freezer, and more, you should also purchase a table, chair, and fan for your restaurant.

You can also find a location for it in your city. In addition, all goods are now available online, so you can buy kitchen equipment on websites like Indiamart and Alibaba. While shopping for all these items, you have to keep two things in mind and that is the price and the quality of the goods.

The Process to Start a Restaurants Business

If a Restaurants business starts from a small level, then there is not much process in it, in this business can be started by hand at home with raw materials. but if you do business on a large level, then start according to a process inside below.

First things, now you have to prepare the menu for your restaurant. While preparing the menu, you have to keep some things in mind like whatever dishes you are adding to the menu, you should have it with you at all times.

For the business of the restaurant, you must add the dishes in the menu which are most in demand in the market. Now you have to find out by yourself which dish is most in-demand in the restaurant of your area.

In order to run the restaurant properly in the initial period, you have to recruit the staff according to you. There will be dish makers, cleaners, waiters, managers, etc. While hiring staff, make sure that they are all experts in their work.

And remember that each employee’s salary will depend on their skills and experience.

If you are looking at your restaurant as a brand, try to have every worker’s dress. You can contact a good tailor to get the dress design done for the staff.

Finally, if you want to be successful in your own restaurant, you should pay special attention to cleanliness.

Marketing Your Restaurants Business

Marketing is essential after starting a business. This allows you to easily reach the initial customer.

There are many ways to market your business, such as when you order something for home delivery, you must include a  pamphlet, and you must include your restaurant’s logo on everything.

Create an account on each social media platform and continue to share photos and videos there on a daily basis. Using pamphlets, you can tell people about your business in every house in your area.

Also, Connect with all of your Food Delivery Partners, such as Zomato, Swiggy, and others, using this. Following that, you must place a large banner advertising your restaurant in each square so that people are aware of your venture.

Profits from the Restaurants Business

in the initial time, you will not get to see much profit from this business, but as time goes by, you will be able to earn very well from here. generally, you can earn more than 50,000 rupees from this business in the initial time. At the same time,  this figure will keep increasing with time. The extent to which your earnings can increase or much depends on you, how you run your business and what is your business plan going forward.

Important Things for Restaurants Business

• You will also have to keep the service of home delivery in your restaurant. There are many customers who prefer to eat at their home than to eat in a restaurant, so it is very important to have this service in your restaurant.

• As you all know, in today’s time you get the facility of digital payment in almost every shop like phone pay google pay airtel pay etc. Along with this, you will also have to have the facility of card swiping so that customers do not face any problem in paying.

• You must take special precautions to keep the restaurant clean. That is why you clean it on a regular basis.

• For 2 months after starting the business, you will take stock of everything, which dishes have the highest demand in the market and which dishes are not. This will reduce the wastage of your belongings.

• It is important that your restaurant has a clean drinking water system. You can accomplish this by installing a water purifier.

• Whenever we all go to a restaurant, along with eating there, we definitely drink something or the other. Now here I am not talking about alcohol at all. You can keep soft drinks from which you will earn a little bit from here too.

• Whoever has hired the waiter at his job, his behaviour should be good. I have been to many such restaurants where the employee does not behave well with the customer. So, You must take special care of it.

• For the safety of the restaurant and the people, you must install a CCTV camera, which can be monitored on all the activities.

Although the business of other restaurants is a very profitable business idea, but for your information, let me tell you that there is a lot of risk in this business. If you are not able to serve the customers according to them, then your business is not going to last very long. I have seen many businesses closing with my own eyes and the biggest reason for this has been that over time people stop focusing on improving their business.

Over time, you have to pay more attention to your business and make it better. If your month’s sales have come down a bit, then you can find it and rectify it. Customer reviews are very important to make your business better, so pay special attention to this as well and do not give the opportunity to customers to complain again.

How to Start a Successful Restaurant Business

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