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How to Open a Pizza Business – Pizza Shop Business

how to start a pizza business

This food item called pizza originated in western countries only, that is, its origin is considered to be western countries only.  This is the reason that most of the companies doing this type of Pizza Business in India are foreigners. But since this food item called Pizza was first liked by the working class in India too, they started ordering this type of food in their offices. 

And today if someone does not feel like cooking at home, then the first option they have is to order pizza. This is the reason that today in this business apart from foreign companies, local entrepreneurs are also successfully running their own Pizza Businesses keeping in mind the need of local customers.

So, If you are planning to open a pizza shop, then, here in this article, we are going to mention some important things related to starting this type of pizza business, which will prove to be very useful for such entrepreneurs who want to start a pizza business.

Market Opportunity for Pizza Business

The market is being fueled by expanding pizza consumption in developing nations and the popularity of fast-casual pizza joints. The pizza market is poised to grow by $ 42.20 mn during 2021-2025, progressing at a CAGR of 5.45%. in today’s, People living in metros to small towns and cities have also started liking to eat pizza. Earlier pizza was limited only to big cities but in today’s time, it is being made available in small towns also due to the demand.

Today people also eat pizza as a dish. That’s why most of their customers come to their shop and buy pizza.  Whereas pizza of a famous brand people prefers to order online or over the phone. that means people living in small towns from metros to small towns have also started liking to eat pizza.  Therefore, it can be beneficial to start Pizza Business not only in the metro city but also in other small and big cities.

Create a Business Plan

A business plan is very important for any business, That is to say, when any person thinks of doing Pizza Business, he always has two options.  The first is to start this business by taking a franchise of a famous pizza company.  And secondly, keeping in mind the local market, he should start this business personally. 

Therefore, first of all, the entrepreneur has to take this decision considering his capacity, budget, and spending capacity of the local people.  Whether he wants to do a franchise business or own a shop on a small scale. Apart from this, the entrepreneur will also have to decide whether he wants to provide delivery service to the customers or not. 

If he wants to give delivery service, then within the radius of how many kilometers he wants to give and what will be the minimum order conditions will also have to be considered. Before adding any pizza to your menu, it is important to analyze the local market and it is also important to evaluate the competition before setting their price.    

Select the Location for Business

You have to choose a place for your pizza shop that people can easily reach, it is easily visible from the street, and there is a crowd of pedestrians. And You can choose the nearest railway station, bus stand, airport, shopping mall, college or office premises, and other busy places for your Pizza shop. in this way, you need 500 to 1000 Square Feet of space for your pizza business.

You have to keep in mind that it is very important to keep in mind the base of customers expected while selecting the location. Opening a pizza shop requires renting a large space. Because in that you have to leave a part of the total space of your pizza shop for the kitchen and also give a part to the customers to sit and eat the pizza.

Investment in Pizza Business

If you want to take a franchise of any big brand to start your own Pizza business then you will need to arrange a lot of finance.  Because starting a business with these brands is likely to cost 50 lakh to 2 crores. or Entrepreneur can easily start a pizza shop in a local market with a 10 to 25 lakh investment by setting up his own pizza brand. 

However, this amount can also be transferred depending on the need of the entrepreneur and the service provided to the customers, such as if the entrepreneur does not want to provide the service of home delivery to the customers, then he will not need a driver and delivery vehicle, which will help in starting the Pizza business.  The cost may be less.  An entrepreneur has to arrange finance according to his plan. 

License & Registration for Pizza Business

The most important license required by an entrepreneur to start Pizza Business is FSSAI License.  That is to say that in the initial phase, the entrepreneur needs FSSAI License, in addition to GST registration.  And if the entrepreneur wants to establish his own brand then he may also need trademark registration. And The company may need to be registered with ROC.

Also, get a Fire and safety License from the Fire department. And as the business of the entrepreneur will grow, and will increase the number of employees, so he may also need the following license and registration.  PF, ESI registration may be required if there is more than a specified limit. 

Raw Materials Pizza Business

Many raw materials are needed to start this business but what is needed depends on the type of pizza. However,  You need the following basic ingredients to make pizza.

plain flour or maida, sugar, salt, olive oil, onions, tomatoes, capsicum, tomato sauce, and more. All the Basic raw materials are easily available in every local market.

Machinery and Equipment for Pizza Business

As far as the machinery and equipment used in this business are concerned, their list is as follows.  Freezer & Refrigerator. Commercial Pizza Oven.  Duff Mixer. Various Utensils & Racks. Cutting Tables. Measuring Cups. Pizza Cutter.  Box. Pizza Delivery Vehicle. Pizza Serving Utensils and Napkins. You can buy them from the market at different prices. Machines also differ in terms of quality, which makes a difference in their prices.

Pizza making process

You can follow the steps given below to make pizza. With its help, you can make pizza for yourself very easily.

First of all, chop your vegetable finely.

After this, you mix your paneer well, and after that, you dissolve all your vegetables in it.

After this, take the base of the pizza and apply butter on it and apply the sauce on top of it. And After this, you can also apply a mixture of vegetables and cheese on top of it.

Now open your microwave, press the convention button or press the button that cooks the food on your microwave, set the time for 6 minutes, and put the pizza in it, now start the microwave

After 6 minutes your pizza is ready, you can keep it in the shop and batch it.

The menu selection is a key aspect in making your pizza company a success. You can make pizza with meat and unique sausage toppings using the basic pizza recipe. Include some unique nibbles, appetizers, desserts, and beverage choices on the menu. Request assistance from your kitchen chef in preparing the menu card.

Marketing your Pizza Business

When all the above-mentioned processes are completed by the entrepreneur towards starting his own Pizza Business, after that the entrepreneur can promote his business in the local market if he wants.  Here is a list of some such methods which can prove to be helpful in bringing good customers to your business and promoting your business.

To promote your Pizza business, you can adopt traditional methods of marketing like an advertisement in local newspapers, advertisement in the local cable channels, distribution of fliers in homes, pasting posters, and using loudspeakers on any rickshaw.

And also Use free social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp to promote your business.

Build a good website to establish your business’s online presence, Tie up with online food delivery apps like Jamto, Food Panda, and Swiggy.

To attract more customers to Pizza Business, keep running offers and discount schemes from time to time. 

Pizza shop Business

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