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How To Start Pickle Business – Home Made Business

When it comes to pickles, pickle is an important part of eating because pickle enhances the taste of food and along with it it is also very good to digest food, so many people consume pickle with food. Pickle Business – India is a country where spicy food is quite popular. People here taste different types of spicy pickles with food, even on the occasion of special events like any auspicious work, marriage, there is a tradition of serving different types of pickles.

And the demand for pickles is very high, due to this demand people are earning lakhs of rupees in it and there are many companies which produce pickles and doing business of crores of rupees, generally, mango and lemon pickles are sold more. Apart from this, you can make cabbage, bitter gourd, amla, ginger, chilli, carrot, jackfruit, garlic, chicken fish mixed and many types of pickles. And the Sweet pickles can also be made in many different ways. So, Considering the increasing demand for these pickles everywhere, you can make more profit by producing and selling them at a very low investment.

Market Opportunity for Pickle Business

Pickle trade shows and it is growing with CAGR 3% growth every year. In India, all kinds of people live in different places and they have their own language and their own culture. They have different foods and different types of food are prepared in different ways in different states in India and pickles are used in people’s daily diet. Pickles contain a wide variety of nutrients such as vitamins, iron, calcium and potassium. Used to pickle a variety of fruits and vegetables.

It has many hidden health benefits such as improving digestion, providing essential minerals and vitamins and reducing ulcers. In recent years, the aggressive advertising activities of manufacturers have increased the popularity of cultural delicacies, which has helped to increase the demand for pickles around the world. As a result of recent corporate scandals, demand for this speciality has skyrocketed.  And this is Best and most profitable business at the lowest cost. You can trade pickles in many ways, it does not cost much to start Also you can start from home.

Space Requirement for Pickle Making Business

You do not need much space in the pickle business, You can also start it from your home. Approximately you will need  500 to 600 square feet of space, and this does not require much work people, and you can prepare different types of pickles. Also the pickles will need some space to dry and packaging and storage.

Investment for Pickle Making Business

Talking about investment for this business, The investment in which depends on your business type and machine. because if you start this business from home with a manual machine, you can start this business for less than 20 thousand to 50 thousand rupees. including some fresh fruits, some spices, utensils to buy pickled, a machine You will have to buy a vegetable cutter and a baking machine, there will be some other costs besides this. But if you start this business in an automatic machine, you will have to invest more in it. That means you have to invest at least 2 to 3 lakhs in this business.

Registration and License for Pickle Business

When beginning a business, you’ll need some personal paperwork as well as business-related licences. To start a pickle business, it is necessary to register the business. pickle is a food item, so before starting this business you have to get the license of FSSAI from the food department. If you want to do this business on a large scale, then you have to do Udyog Aadhar registration in MSME along with GST registration, and Other related licenses. after that you can earn good money by starting Pickle Making Business.

Required Raw Materials and Equipments

The following Raw material and things are required in making pickles business.

Raw Materials like Mango, Lemon, Amla, Grapes, Apple, Pear, Peach, Carrot, Radish, Brinjal, Chilli, Cabbage and a variety of other meats and fruits. And mustard oil, Salt, a Variety of spices like fennel, mangoril, coriander and garlic. Equipments like vegetable cutter, small pots and other utensils, boxes for packing pickles and packing machine.

Pickle Manufacturing Process

Although pickles are made from many vegetable and fruits, but mango pickle is the most delicious and it has the highest demand in the market, so we will tell you the method of making mango pickle-

To begin, wash fresh raw mango fruits that are healthy and clean, then chop them into small pieces before applying turmeric and salt to them. spread them in the sun, then dry them with roasted spices, like Saunf Mangrail, Grind coriander, garlic, and mix it in one, Then thoroughly combine the dried mango chunks with the prepared spices and drizzle with pure mustard oil. Your pickle is now ready to go into the box.

This is a low-cost approach to establish a homemade pickle business. Further,  many people like only one type of pickle and many people like mixed pickle. In this way, you can make only mango pickle or only lemon pickle and sell it in the market. With this, you can also make mix pickles like mango, lemon, tamarind, jackfruit, chilli by mixing them in one and can earn good profits by selling them in the market.

Packaging the Pickle

Pickles are mostly packed in 250 gram, 500 gram, 1 kg, 2 kg, 5 kg cartons for ease of transportation. In the pickle making business, you can print your price tags and labels, logo marks. on the boxes print your brand name or can also give any Pickle business names.  As a result of this, your prepared ethos will sell more, resulting in increased earnings.

Marketing for Pickle Business

To increase the business of pickles, first, you have to promote your brand so that more and more people can know your brand. You can send samples to the market to improve your position in the market by letting people sample your pickle. You can sell your made pickles at nearby hotels, dhabas, restaurants, grocery shops, canteens and more place.

Further, You can also sell it online by starting Pickle Business, you Can publish information about pickle business on social media like Facebook, Whats app, Instagram and Twitter. and also you will have to search on google by writing How to sell pickles online, then you will get all the information from there.

How To Start Pickle Business From Home

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