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How to Start Egg Tray Manufacturing Business with Low Capital

How to Start Egg Tray Manufacturing Business

Manufacturing Business with Egg Tray Making Machine – Egg Trays are mainly used by the entrepreneurs engaged in the poultry farming business to keep the eggs produced from their poultry farm safe and move from one place to another. Since Egg Trays are mostly used by Poultry Farms involved in the production of eggs, so we can say that the demand for Egg Trays is B2B. Apart from this, Egg Trays can often be found in various types of outlets in the market like grocery stores, hotel dhabas and other institutional canteens.

So, there is a huge demand for making egg trays in every country. The egg tray manufacturing process is also very easy and, Any person can do this business easily, just he should know some information related to it. This form of business has the potential for higher profit. So if you are thinking of opening a business of your own, then you can also think about this Egg Trays manufacturing business.

Small Business with Egg Tray Making Machine

Market Scope for Egg Trays

The demand for egg trays is increasing day by day as it falls on the use of eggs which are used every day. As the consumption of eggs is increasing, so is the demand for egg trays. It is well known to all of us that egg is a major food item in India and is a business related to the poultry farm business. And the demand for eggs increases in the market, the same way in the packaging of eggs Demand are eggs Trays. Researchers have provided a report about egg trays which are growing at a significant CAGR of 6.0% during 2018-2027. Through this report, we can easily predict the growth in demand for egg trays in the coming future.

Investment for Egg Tray Manufacturing Business

You will need sufficient investment for space and machinery to start this business. You will need to invest Rs 7 lakh to Rs 15 lakh depending on the scale of the business. If you do not have that much money, then you can get a loan from any bank, subsidy is also being given by the government for many businesses. However, It is better to try second-hand machines as you will get them at a much lower cost in the initial stages of your business.

Registration and license for Egg Tray Business

Egg Tray Making business is a business associated with the Manufacturing Sector, so for setting up this type of business, different types of licenses and registrations may be required from different government institutions. These licenses and registrations may vary depending on the state.

To starting this business, you must obtain information about the applicable laws from the local administrative office.

During this, you should know the basic things from them, such as – business registration, business license, business current account ,VAT registration, NOC from Pollution Control Board and other independent bases of state law.

Apply for MSME Udyog Aadhaar by Online Registration. Getting  GST Registration which is very important. Also, Apply for BIS certification.

Location for Egg Tray Manufacturing Business

The most important thing to starting any business is the location. So choose a place where there is a proper supply of water and electricity with good connectivity with the transport system. At the same time, it is not necessary that the place should be in the city itself. If you want, you can also take a location outside the city. However, The area chosen for receiving the raw materials and manufactured products should be comfortable to facilitate. By doing this you will be able to save on the cost of the rent. Along with this, also see that there is a lot of place in the place you have liked.

Raw Materials for Egg Tray Manufacturing

The main raw material used in establishing the Egg Trays Manufacturing business is Recycled Paper like Used Newspaper, waste core board, and paper tubes. Apart from this, aluminium sulfate and soluble wax are also used as auxiliary raw materials. Not only that, but this material will be easily accessible and reasonably priced.

Egg Tray Making Machine

For making egg trays a person can use any of the following listed categories of egg tray-making machines depending on their financial aspects.

1. Rotatory Egg Tray Making Machine

For the start-up budget, this machine has a semi-automatic automation grade which operates on a single-phase and has an output power of 1000 to 1200 trays per hour. The machine weighs 1500kg and uses waste paper as raw material.

2. Semi-automatic Egg Tray Making Machine.

A semi-automatic egg tray-making machine is an iron machine that requires a power supply of 380 volts and has a production rate of about 750 trays per hour.

3. Three-phase Semi-automatic Egg Tray Making Machine.

This three-phase machine has a semi-automatic automation grade and requires 45 kW power for its operation. The production rate of this machine is about 1550 pieces per hour.

4. Egg Tray Pack Making Machine.

The production rate of the egg tray making machine is around 700 egg trays to 5000 egg trays per hour. This is an automatic machine which requires 380 volts of Power.

Manufacturing Process of Egg Trays

First of all the recycled paper is put in Hydro Pulper Machine, it is beat with 4% consistency in Hydro Pulper. The pulp is prepared through the vibrating screen and the refiner cleans and refines it. After that, it is diluted and agitated in the civil works pool.

In the Egg Trays manufacturing process, after this waterproof agents like Soluble Wax or Aluminum Sulphate can be mixed as required. At this stage, the pulp can be diluted to a 1% consistency. The pulp prepared after that is forwarded to the pulp chest beneath the rotary moulder.

In this process, Automatic Molders keep rotating, on the basis of which moulds are prepared in Egg trays. After the moulding process is completed, the drying process is started. Dryers are used to dry wet Egg Trays All modules of the dryer are fitted with a gas or diesel powered burner, temperature controller, air recirculating fan and air diffuser.

The temperature may be changed to suit your requirements. After the Egg Trays have dried, they are inspected. And by packaging the Egg Trays that have passed the inspection, the entrepreneur can earn his income by selling it to the owners of Poultry Farms.

Marketing for Egg Tray Business

After starting your business, marketing is also very important. To market your business, you should meet with people who work with poultry farms and fruit supplies and associate your business with them. Or you may make your company visible to potential clients by developing a website. The egg tray manufacturing business gives good profits as it has high demand in the market and will also come under the paper recycling business. In no time you can make 25-30% profit in the egg tray manufacturing business in India.


Before starting an egg tray-making business, the first and foremost thing is to do qualified market research about the business. The market charge of demand and supply should be checked and ensured. Nearby market research is essential to be aware of the production and supply volumes and will determine the setting up of the unit. Examine the competition of demand and supply and make a plan to beat your competitors, if any. Get in touch and build healthy associations with those who need it to supply it.

Egg Tray Manufacturing Business – The Best Business Idea You’ve Never Thought Of

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