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Top 10 Best Supermarket Franchise Business in India

Top 10 Best Supermarket Franchise Business in India

Supermarket Franchise Business in India – Small Retail business in India is growing rapidly with the passage of time, it is one of the fast thriving industries along with the food industry if we talk about the food industry of India. It contributes 10% to India’s GDP. And Indians spend more than 50% of their monthly income on groceries, by far the largest consumer segment. So, Without a doubt, the franchisors must capitalize on this opportunity.

With such massive market potential, different national and international brands are battling for market share. Entrepreneurs looking to acquire a firm in this sector should look for a well-known brand with strong marketing and a well-chosen product line. So, If you are looking for a good business then investing in a supermarket franchise working in the food industry is a good option.

List of Top 10 Best Supermarket Franchise Business in India

1. D Mart Franchise

D-Mart franchise is an Indian retail company that operates and owns a hypermarket chain in India. It is popular among middle-class families because to its inexpensive costs. And due to its product in a short time, it became a super brand in the market and went to No. 1 leaving everyone behind. it is known to every person for its work in India because it deals in everyday things used in the house, so it is no problem in selling goods in this business. So, if you want to start a Franchise Business, start the D’Mart Franchise.

2. Reliance Fresh Franchise

As you all know that Reliance is the largest company in India and it works in all types of fields whether it is Reliance Telecom,  Reliance Petropump, Petrochemicals, Textiles, Natural Resources, Retail, and Telecommunications. Reliance started its retail company in 2006, which was named Reliance Fresh Franchise and it has also become a part of Reliance Group, this company has stores in its stores with everyday items used at home. This company also sells fruits and vegetables, this company is very spread all over India, and its stores are more than 700 across India So Reliance Fresh Supermarket is one of the best supermarket chain networks in India.

3. Star Bazaar Franchise

This is a Tata-owned hypermarket, This Star Bazaar is considered to be India’s most innovative and significant modern fresh food and grocery retailer. It offers clients a wider selection of everyday needs, fresh vegetables, poultry, and a range of Tata brands at competitive pricing. STAR shops are available in two configurations. The first is the star hypermarket model, which includes food and groceries, fresh produce, bakery, cosmetics, home necessities, and other product categories. The STAR market follows, which is a one-stop shop for groceries, fresh produce, fast-moving consumer products, personal grooming, and general retail.

4. Hyper Supermarket Franchise

The Hyper is a chain of supermarkets, department stores and grocery stores that deals in the business of everyday items used at home. Hyper Supermarket and HyperMart are Online Grocery Store Chains which are doing a huge supermarket retail business in India, today Hyper Supermarket Grocery  Outlets have been opened in more than 60 cities in India and gradually more new ones are opened. Going Hyper Supermarket is a growing brand in the market, the supermarket of this company is currently running in the southern region but after some time they will have outlets all over India.

5. More Retail Franchise

More retail store brand is India’s fourth largest grocery chain. Similar to Big Bazaar More Retail with huge capacity offers a big range of products. And offer a wide range of products in food, clothing, and grocery items.  With over 600 locations across the country, the franchise is now India’s fourth largest grocery chain. Apart from being one of the four largest supermarket chains in India in terms of market capitalization, the franchise also has the most shops in the country, having a location in almost every city.

6. Hyper City Franchise

Future Group owns HyperCity, a supermarket chain focused on food, home and fashion. Hyper Supermarket Retail follows the best industry practices to unlock the full potential of its staff through world-class learning institutes. Every day, Hypercity Supermarkets delivers a diverse range of products, opportunities, and services to millions of Indian customers. And, they serve customers in more than 250 cities across the country. Despite the limited number of retail stores around the country, Hypercity might be a wonderful potential for many cities.

7. Spar Franchise

Spar hypermarket retail store is opened in India with Landmark Group Max Hypermarkets and Spar International. A wide variety of quality products in every category ranging from grocery, fruits, and vegetables, bakery, dairy, meat, poultry and fish, wine, beer and spirits, and home care are the main categories sold in Spar stores. Depending on the crowd and the existence of other supermarkets opening a Start Spar hypermarket in your area can be a terrific idea.

8. Reliance Smart Franchise

Reliance SMART is another Reliance Industries company that provides online services as well as one-stop shopping locations for dairy goods, personal care items, veggies, and groceries. Except for the name, you may find many similarities between Reliance Fresh and Reliance Smart in terms of types of products and their range in the store. And Reliance Smart, despite the fact that there are a lot of stores in the country, can still be a great opportunity for many small cities.

9. Easy Day Franchise

Easy Day is India’s largest retail brand; the company launched its first store in Punjab in 2008, and more than 900 locations have opened in 300 major cities throughout the country. Just as Easy Day has evolved into a brand, its client base has grown as a result of its network. Easy Day intends to open more locations in order to provide greater service to all of its customers. As a result, it provides employment to over 70,000 people in India.

10. Patanjali Franchise

Patanjali Ayurved is a consumer goods company. This company is an Indian company manufacturing Ayurveda medicines and FMCG products. It is the fastest-growing brand company in India. The aim of the Patanjali company was to coordinate Ayurveda with the latest technology and ancient knowledge, gradually the company started making many products.

Due to purity and quality at an affordable price, soon the company’s products became very famous, and the demand for Patanjali’s products increased rapidly in urban and rural areas. And, depending on how many people live in the neighbourhood and whether there is already a supermarket, A Patanjali Store may be a decent option for the best supermarket franchise business.


This is a list of the top 10 supermarket franchises in India that are simple to start yet require little space and money to get started. Furthermore, the supermarket franchise company is not always as simple as it appears; there is a lot of hard work necessary behind the scenes to maintain and properly run within operations. The retail supermarket franchise business concepts are the franchise category’s last part. So, let us know which retail franchise alternatives you think are most appealing and worth investing in.

Top 10 Best Supermarket Franchise Business in India

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