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How to Start a Water Bottling Company – The Quick Guide

How to Start a Water Bottling Company

Start a Water Bottling Company – We all drink mineral water bottles water, whenever we go out we feel thirsty. So we all buy mineral water bottles, Mineral water is pure water made by purifying any impure water. Water, is very important for the survival of all living beings in the world.

Therefore, drinking water should always be free from undesirable impurities, should be kept away from Water coming from untreated sources like boreholes, and spring is not pure from the point of view of health. This is the reason that it becomes necessary for human beings to purify the water first and then use it for drinking.

The Water Bottling Company comprises purifying the water, bottling them for consumption and selling them. If you want to start a Business with Less Investment, then Starting a Mineral Water Bottle Business is very beneficial for you.

Market Scope for Bottled Water Business

Unfortunately, drinking water is not pure everywhere, so drinking it is not even safe from the point of view of health. And if this type of water is drunk then there is a risk of many water-borne diseases to human beings. Also, due to the increasing awareness of people about their health, people are now using mineral packaged drinking water. Although the demand for mineral water remains for twelve months, people drink more water in summer than in winter, so its demand is also higher.

Although some companies have entered the mineral water business to meet the demand of the people, in spite of this, a gap can be seen in the supply and demand of this business. Because packaged drinking water is accepted everywhere in offices, railway stations, homes, shops, and more, this is the reason why only a few companies are unable to meet the demand. So, it can be said that starting a packaged drinking water plant can prove to be profitable for any entrepreneur.

Investment for Water Bottling Company

In the business of water bottles, you will not spend much investment, because you can start this business on a very small scale. However, you need  5  to 10 lakh rupees for your business. In this business, your RO machine comes up to 3 to 4 lakhs. Which has a capacity of 1000 litres per hour. And, you also need a chiller machine and a bottle packing machine. But, You can start this business without a chiller machine. Then you have to import the filtered water from outside. You can then just pack the bottle and sell it and You can invest up to 2 lakh in this.

License for Water Bottling Company

In the mineral water bottling business(Water Bottling Company), you need to get a license from FSSAI. You also need to get the GST number for this business. ISI License issued by Indian Standard Bureau (BIS) is mandatory for packaged drinking water plant businesses in India, for which some fee is charged from the applicant. Therefore, the entrepreneur doing mineral water plant business will have to take ISI  License from BIS. Apart from this, the entrepreneur will also have to register his business by doing tax registration of his Water Bottling Company and selecting one of the various business entities.

Select Location for Water Bottling Company

For this, you can take the place outside the city,  For this, you need 400 square feet of space. In this space, we can do the machine and the rest of the salmon easily. This business will be profitable only when the entrepreneur chooses this business after taking stock of his partial customers and choosing the location.

That is, the entrepreneur should know at least how much-packaged drinking water is available in his area. on the basis of which type of packaged drinking water is consumed, he will be able to choose the location.

Running this Water Bottling Company in cities will prove to be more beneficial than in rural areas because transportation costs may increase due to supply from rural areas to cities. And it may be difficult to run a business on the basis of consumption in rural areas alone. Therefore, the entrepreneur should choose the location for his Water Bottling Company wisely.

Find a Bottle Supplier for Water Bottling Company

The point to be noted in this mineral Water Bottling Company is that the entrepreneur will only purify the water and sell it in the market. Therefore the entrepreneur will need different types of bottles for water packaging, that is why the next step of the entrepreneur is now the bottles suppliers.

You should find it and select it for your Water Bottling Company. In this, the entrepreneur should choose a bottle supplier who has all types of bottles available. Apart from this, the entrepreneur can choose any bottle supplier who is a member of the International Bottled Water Association.

Machinery for Water Bottling Company

To start a mineral Water Bottling Company, the next step of the entrepreneur should be to purchase the necessary machinery and equipment for his business.

In doing this process, the entrepreneur can select a Vendor by asking for quotations from many Vendors and after discussing their terms and condition and finally comparing the price, warranty and so on. By the way, the following machinery and equipment may be required for a mineral water plant.

Water Storage Tank, Water Filling Machine, Reverse Osmosis Plant 2000 Liters,  Filters, Laboratory Testing & Quality Controlling Equipments, Conveyors, sealers and bottle loaders, Water sterilizers and dispensers, Generator, trucks for transporting water.

Production Process of Bottled Water

First of all, you have to arrange for boring and water. You have to filter the water with an RO machine. After that, the water has to be cooled after it is filtered.

Drinkable water must be tasteless, odourless and colourless. However, minerals and salts can be added to improve the taste. The steps involved in packaged drinking water production depend on the quality of the source water.

The quality of source water determines the treatment required. Treated water must be bottled in sterilized bottles with a label containing the details of expiry, composition, quantity, price, and more. After this, you can bring this bottle to sell in the market. 

You can pack the bottle with your brand name. After this, you can sell in the shop through the distributor. But, just keep in mind that in this Water Bottling Company you have to pay attention to marketing.

Marketing for Water Bottling Company

Marketing of mineral water bottles is very important. You can do marketing of this business offline. If you have the budget then you can give an ad in the newspaper.

If you start this Water Bottling Company in your city initially, then you can also set up a holding. And, you can make contact at some places to promote water bottles.

That means, you can promote business at any place like match stadiums, events, marriage, parties, colleges, exam centres, and other commercial companies, which can lead to good marketing of your brand.

How to Start Bottled Water Business With Low Investment

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