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How to Start an Egg Wholesale Business – Egg Distribution Business

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The egg wholesale business involves purchasing eggs in bulk from producers and distributing them to retailers, restaurants, and other businesses. Eggs are a staple food item with consistent demand due to their nutritional benefits and versatility in cooking. And people who cannot bear the expenses of meat, meat, and fish, fulfil their desire by eating eggs.  Whether scrambled for breakfast, used in baking, or incorporated into various dishes, eggs are a daily necessity in households and a crucial ingredient in the food industry. This ever-present demand makes the egg wholesale business a potentially lucrative venture. Therefore, starting an Egg Wholesale Business can be a life-changing decision for any person. So, if you want to start this kind of business, then in this article, we will walk you through the essential steps to start and run a successful egg wholesale business.

Market Scope for Egg Wholesale Business

The egg industry is growing rapidly, driven by increasing health consciousness and dietary preferences. Because, they are used in confectionery to make bread, cakes and more items, they are also used in meat pies, shampoos, conditioners, soaps, cholesterol, cosmetics like face masks and as a cleaning agent for the textile industry and leather surfaces for glue.  The global eggs market size was valued at USD 150.84 billion in 2024 and is expected to reach USD 222.86 billion by 2032, with a CAGR of 5.40% from 2024 to 2032. In India, with a population of over 1.3 billion, there is a huge demand for eggs, which remains consistent in both urban and rural areas, making it a stable market. So, considering all these factors, it can be said that starting an Egg Wholesale Business can be a very profitable business.

Investment for Egg Wholesale Business

Starting an egg wholesale business in India the investment required will depend upon the size of the business you are planning to start. The capital investment can be roughly between INR 50,000 to 2,00,000 for small-scale egg wholesale businesses. While larger operations will need a more substantial investment to establish a robust supply chain and storage capabilities. This investment covers the costs of purchasing eggs, transportation vehicles, storage facilities, licenses, permits, and initial marketing efforts. The exact amount depends on the scale of operations, location, and the quality of infrastructure required to maintain egg freshness and quality.

Licenses and Permits for Egg Wholesale Business

Starting an egg wholesale business in India involves obtaining various licenses and permits to ensure legal compliance and maintain hygiene standards. Essential licenses include registering the business with the Registrar of Companies (ROC) or relevant local authorities, obtaining a Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) license for food handling and storage, securing a trade license from the local municipal authority, and acquiring a Goods and Services Tax (GST) registration for tax purposes. It’s recommended to consult with local authorities or a legal expert to ensure that all necessary documentation is in place.

Location and Space for Egg Wholesale Business

Choosing the right location for an egg wholesale business is crucial for operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Ideally, the location should be in close proximity to poultry farms or egg suppliers to minimize transportation costs and ensure fresh supply. Additionally, it should be easily accessible for delivery vehicles and customers. The required space depends on the scale of the business, but a medium-sized warehouse of around 500 to 2,000 square feet is generally sufficient. This space should be well-ventilated and equipped with proper storage racks and refrigeration units to maintain egg quality and handle bulk inventory.

Where to Purchase Eggs

Sourcing eggs for an egg wholesale business can be done effectively through various channels. First, local poultry farms are a primary source, offering fresh eggs directly from the producers, which ensures quality and supports local agriculture. Additionally, larger poultry farms and egg distributors can provide eggs in bulk at competitive prices, essential for maintaining a steady supply. Key egg-producing states like Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Maharashtra have numerous farms and distributors that can meet large-scale requirements. Building strong relationships with these suppliers and negotiating favourable terms will be crucial for the success of your business.

Equipments for Business

To run an egg wholesale business, it is important to have specific equipment for smooth operations. Essential equipment includes vehicles, such as trucks or vans, equipped with egg crates for safe transport from suppliers to the warehouse and from the warehouse to clients. Additionally, refrigeration units are necessary to maintain the freshness of the eggs during storage. Storage racks are essential for organized storage within the warehouse, while packaging materials, such as egg cartons, trays, and boxes, are needed for handling and distribution. Office equipment, such as computers and phones, is also essential for managing orders and accounts effectively.

Running Process of Business

After completing all the necessary steps, you are now ready to launch your egg wholesale business. First, establish partnerships with reliable egg suppliers and finalise agreements that outline pricing, delivery schedules, and quality standards. Next, Implement an efficient system for managing orders, processing invoices, and coordinating deliveries. Utilize technology such as order management software to streamline processes and ensure accuracy in fulfilling customer requests. Regularly inspect and monitor the quality of your eggs to uphold high standards. Implement strict quality control measures to identify and address any issues promptly. Finally, continuous monitoring of market trends and adjusting strategies accordingly is also essential to stay competitive in the industry.

Marketing Tips for Egg Wholesale Business

Entrepreneurs who sell eggs usually don’t market their product, as it is in high demand and doesn’t require much advertising. However, to succeed in the Egg Wholesale Business, it’s important to offer competitive prices and even consider delivering the eggs to nearby retail stores, hotels, and other potential customers. In terms of marketing, establishing a strong online presence through a website and social media is crucial in India’s rapidly growing digital landscape. Additionally, utilizing local advertising channels such as newspapers, flyers, and community events can effectively reach target customers. Along with competitive pricing and reliable delivery services, you can differentiate your business in the competitive market.

Profit from Egg Wholesale Business

Profitability in the egg wholesale business depends on efficient operations and market demand. With consistent supply and good client relationships, you can expect a profit margin of 10% to 20%. For example, wholesale rates for eggs are Rs. 550 to 600 per 100 pieces, but consumers pay around Rs. 7 to 8 per egg. So, you can buy eggs for Rs. 5 from suppliers and sell them to retailers with a 0.50  to 0.75 piece profit, making a profit of Rs. 50 to 75 per 100 pieces box. It’s important to note that these figures are general estimates and can vary significantly based on individual circumstances.

How to Start Egg Distribution Business –  Egg Wholesale Business


Starting an egg wholesale business in India is a promising venture with the right planning and execution. By understanding the market, securing the necessary licenses, investing in the right equipment, and employing effective marketing strategies, entrepreneurs can establish a successful and profitable business in this growing industry.

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