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How to Start a Milk Powder Making Business

In today’s era, Every person has a desire to start an own business, And If you are also one of those people who are dreaming of starting their own business at a low cost. Then, Today we are going to give you detailed information about the business of preparing milk powder. Unfortunately, many enterprises are nowadays completely unaware of the manufacturing of milk powder. There are no local manufacturers and suppliers left in most of our country’s areas. Meanwhile, the food business has a high demand for this raw material, which necessitates importing it from other countries on occasion.

Today, its business is beginning to acquire more and more important, as this industry allows to make good profits. So, start this Milk Powder Making Business, and you can make huge profits from this business. 

Market Potential for Milk Powder

From 2018 to 2025, the global milk powder market is expected to increase at a CAGR of 4.4 percent, from $27,783.3 million in 2017 to $38,086.1 million in 2025. Powdered milk is a dry dairy product obtained by evaporating milk to dehydrate it. The goal of making powdered milk is to extend the shelf life of milk without the need for a refrigerator. Whole milk powder, skim milk powder, milk whitener and various varieties of milk powder are available.

It is commonly consumed around the world for its nutritional benefits and has been used in baby foods, candies, pastries, and savoury dishes. In addition, the powdered milk business is growing thanks to reduced storage and transport costs. The inclusion of preservatives, sophistication, and strict rules on baby food, on the other hand, limit the expansion of the powdered milk business. The development of flavoured powdered milk has opened up new commercial potential.

Investment for Milk Powder Making Business

The manufacture of milk powder necessitates a moderate capital investment. Fixed costs and working capital costs are the two most important investment categories. Several components of this project necessitated a fixed capital commitment. Plant, building, machinery, and other early costs connected to project reports and technology sourcing are included on the list. Generally, the investment needed to run this firm would be in the range of 15 to 20 lakhs.

Location For the Milk Powder Making Business

For the manufacture of milk powder, you have to find a place from where the raw material can be easily brought and transported. The unit where this food product will be prepared must meet health needs. Take precautions to have a sewer and heating system, water supply system, and electrical wiring rated for 380 volts.  Also, there should not be any problem in Milk Powder Production, you will have to find such a location.

Registration and License for the Business

Registration of business and application for a license, both of these are one of important processes. To register the milk powder business, you have to contact the commercial department of the municipal corporation and complete this process. Now because your business is a food-related business, then for starting it you will have to apply for a license from the FSSAI department.  Below is the list of some licenses required before starting the Milk Powder Making Business.

1. Registration of firm certificate.

2. GST registration.

3. Trade license.

4. Pollution certificate.

5. MSME/SSI registration.

6. Trademark and IEC code.

Raw Materials for Milk Powder Making

It is permissible to utilise the cheapest low-fat milk and the concentrated somatic cell content as raw materials. And one of the biggest advantages of the milk powder industry is that it doesn’t require a lot of capital.

Machinery for the Business

For the production of milk powder, you will need some necessary machines. The most important of these important machines is a unit, which includes all the necessary equipment for making milk powder. Milk heating equipment, bunker, device for measuring fat content in milk powder. And other types of machinery which are necessary are fat meters, Recuperators, conveyors and fans, and more. You get all these tools in one unit.

Making Process of the Milk Powder

Procedure to Start a Milk Powder Manufacturing Business First, heat the milk to a temperature of 35-40 degrees Celsius. Following that, it is delivered to the cleaner, where it is filtered to remove small fibres, wool, and other residues that have passed through the farm’s filters. It is then delivered to the normalizer, where a process is performed to get a product with the best fat content and cream.

After that, pasteurisation is required, with the following criteria varying primarily based on the kind of pasteurisation: We’re talking about a long-term variety if the milk is heated to 65 degrees for half an hour; a short-term variety if it’s heated to 95 degrees for a minute; and an instantaneous variety if it’s heated to 98 degrees and a couple of seconds. This procedure is used to get rid of dangerous microorganisms.

The milk is then chilled, washed, and delivered to the sublimation chamber, where it is evaporated until only 40% of the dry stuff remains in the combination. The finished composition is then homogenised, or altered to a uniform consistency. Only then is the manufacture of skimmed milk powder moved on to the last stage, where it is dried completely. The final product is then packaged in branded packaging.

Marketing for the Milk Powder Business

Milk powder is classified as a fast-moving consumer good (FMCG). As a result, you should think about distributing the goods to local retailers and wholesalers.

Aside from maintaining touch with supermarkets and shopping malls in order to keep your goods on their shelves. People in cities and suburbs prefer to buy home supplies from online businesses like Grofers and BigBasket.

As a result, you can also sell from those online food stores. Finally, don’t let your community’s institutional market slip away. This product is mostly purchased by restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, and nightclubs. As a result, you can also supply them.

Milk Powder Making Business

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