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How to Start Mini Oil Mill Business In India

Edible oil refers to oil acquired from oil seeds and nuts via an extraction process. Mini Oil Mill Business, In today’s modern world the quality of life of the people is increasing, consequently intake of edible oils is likewise increasing. Therefore, the extraction of edible oil is a profitable venture that during maximum instances rewards manufactures with profitable returns. edible oil is extracted from numerous oil seeds which includes mustard, coconut, soybean, peanut, rapeseed, cottonseed, sesame, and many others through a pressing process.

And This business is very successful in our country, so you can start the business of mini oil mill and become a businessman.  However, before opening an mini oil mill, you should know very well how the mill is opened and what kind of seeds are extracted from the oil.

Here in this Article we have put complete detailed about how to start a mini Oil mill  business in Low investment.

Make a Business Plan

Before beginning on a mini oil mill business, having a business plan is very important. This offers you insights on the whole thing you’ll want to set up and run a commercial enterprise successfully. In the market several Seeds are extracted by grinding them through an oil mill and then the oil is packed and sold in bottles. However, before starting a mill, you have to decide which oil you want to sell in the market and which type of oil mill you want to start.

License for Mini Oil Mill Business

Before setting up a mini Oil Mill plant, take the necessary licenses.  So that you do not have to face any kind of trouble later.  Manufacturing business It is also necessary to take Agmark and FSSAI license for oil. And also Udyog Aadhaar, Shop Act and GST license will be required.  Where you can set a mini oil mill plant, take a commercial electric connection is best.

Location for the Mini Oil Mill Business

The location of your mini oil mill  business is another very important factor that can make your business more successful. To set up a mini oil mill unit, you will need about 500 square feet to 1000 square feet of area. The unit of mini oil mill should be placed at a location where there is adequate supply of electricity and water. And It’s best to find the location which is close to your source of raw materials. For example, if you will be going into sesame oil production, you should locate your extraction plant nearby sesame plantation. This will reduce transportation costs.

Investment for Mini Oil Mill Business

The Investment required of the mini oil mill is depends on your Business type. However,you may require about Rs 2 lakhs to start an mini oil mill. If you have enough funds to start the business with your own, its fine or you will have to arrange the money from other capital firms or from the banks. Depending on your requirement bank offers different kind of customized loans.

Select the Raw Materials

Whichever seed oil you want to extract from mustard, sunflower, cotton and more seeds, you have to buy that seed from the shopkeeper selling the seeds or from any farmers. If you want, instead of buying these seeds from the market, you can get seeds by planting their own plant.  However, it may take some time for you to grow the seeds by yourself.

Choose Suitable Machines

Mini Oil Mill is an essential oil extraction machine which is available in different sizes, horsepower and production in different rates.  It is rated according to the size of the machine.  It can range from 40 thousand to 2 lakh and more.  For more information about the machine, you can search on the website of IndiaMart.

Oil Extraction Process

The entire process of oil extraction is done in several stages and with the help of machine oil is extracted from any kind of seeds.

Selecting the right seed (seed selection)

Whatever seed oil you want to extract, the seed must be perfect.  Therefore, while buying them, make sure that they are not broken, nor dry, and select only those seeds which are of good quality.

Cleaning the dirt (Pre-cleaning)

Cleaning the dirt (Pre-cleaning) – When extracting seeds from anything, many types of stones, soil and other things are also found in the seeds.  Therefore, before extracting oil from them, you will have to remove these types of things.  Because if things like stone and soil will be crushed with seeds, then the quality of oil will deteriorate, So once they have selected a good seed, they must clean it.

Conditioning the seeds

Conditioning the seeds removes more oil and in this process they are put inside the rollers.  Actually, the seed cells absorb the oil due to passing through the rollers, and micro oil droplets are united in them, due to which the oil can be extracted from the seeds easily and fast.

Heating the seeds

After conditioning you have to heat the seeds, so that all the types of bacteria present in it can be eradicated.  However, each seed requires different humidity conditions and temperatures.  Therefore, according to the quality of the seed from which you are extracting oil, you will have to set the temperature.

Extraction of oil

After going through the process mentioned above, oil is extracted from the seeds and inside this process they are put into the machine and they are grinded by the machine.  The oil which comes out of it during grinding, is collected in one place.

Filtration (Oil Mill Business)

Some remains of crushed powder remain inside the extracted oil.Therefore, after removing the oil, it is sifted so that it can be completely cleaned.Even after cleaning the oil, it contains many kinds of chemicals, which are cleaned out during the chemical process.After completing all the procedures mentioned above, your oil is ready to be sold in the market and you can sell it by filling it into bottles.At the same time, you will have to have these bottles made by a trade rand at the same time you will have to get labeling done on these bottles.

Marketing Your Mini Oil Mill Business

You need to promote your brand and be a good marketer, the promotional strategies you choose and your marketing process will impact on the oils production.You can sell your oils with the help of retailers or local market. oils is used for the cooking purpose, so you can sell your oils in glossary store.

Create a small online store where can sell the product or take help of other hosting sites.Social media is one of the best ways to connect with customers. You can open your own website where you publish the article related to your business such as benefits of oils, facts about oils.

Final Thought’s of the Business

  • Before beginning the mini oil mill business, you need to get the insurance of the mill and if possible, you need to additionally take training of the way the oil is extracted, so you do now no longer face any hassle even as doing this business.
  • You have to shop for the device consistent with the seed of that you need to extract oil.
  • That is, in case you need to eliminate peanut oil, then you may want a peanut shaler device, even as to extract cottonseed oil, you may want a disc huller.
  • additionally You can boom this business even in addition and further to promoting one form of seed oil, you may additionally sell oil of 3 styles of seeds and earn extra profits.
  • However, you need to boom this business simplest whilst you begin making profits.
Mini Oil Mill Business

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