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How to Start A Ice Block Making Business – Ice Factory Business

Ice Block Making Business – Generally, Ice Factory refers to the place where water is converted into ice by various machinery and equipment.  It is called an ice Factory. Before setting up Ice Factory, it is very important to take stock of its Demand in the concerned area.  Because it is not possible to keep ice at normal temperature for a long time. ice is used mostly in ice-cream shopkeepers, juice-selling entrepreneurs and hotels. And also Used in ice perishable foods such as seafood, fresh meat, Poultry Products and pharmaceutical.

This type of factor helps these products reach the end consumer. Today most people earn millions of rupees every month making this ice cream business, if you want to make a lot of money by investing less, this business can be a profitable business for you. In this article, we are going to give complete information about what you have to do in the business of making an ice factory.

Market Opportunity of Ice Blocks

India is having warm and hot weather throughout the year. The warm weather works in the desire of the ice block making business because it will increase the call for a few of the customers of the same. And also commercial ice is also used for storing items in commercial institutions like hotels, dhabas, tea shops, clubs, juice shops etc.  In short, we can say that Ice Yankee Ice is used extensively in summer in all types of geographical, economic, social environments in cities, small towns and rural areas.   Therefore, it can be said that setting up an ice factory in a city with a huge population of people can be beneficial from the point of view of the business.

Investment for the Ice Block Making

Where most people live, then it may be better for you to start a business of making ice in such an area.  If talk about investment, if you want to start the smallest ice factory business, then it requires you to invest at least 3 to 4 lakh rupees.  You can add better income by starting an ice factory business with this investment.

Select the Right Location for Ice Making Business

Starting the ice-making business you should be 700 to 1000 square feet of space needed. And The location you choose to start your business gives you a prediction of how profitable the business could become. Ice block manufacturing companies generally thrive in densely populated areas with information about a terrible supply of electricity. Ensure which you discover your business near an area in which there may be access to smooth and transportable water.

Business Registration For Ice Block Making

The  Ice block is coming under in food items. And it demands specific licensing and Registration from the Government. However, it relies upon the place in which you’re starting up the business. It is advisable to check your state law carefully before commencing the business. In India, FSSAI registration must be obtained from the nearest industrial department as a small scale industry.

Raw Material for the Ice Block Making

Water is the primary raw material for this business. So, a very good supply of water is important As ice cubes can be used often for consumption, so it’s miles important to apply the natural shape of water like sterilized or distilled.  The nice aspect is that water is to be had in free of fee and the purification way moreover fee very less.

Required Machinery for the Ice Block Making

Ice Factory includes many machines, their names are as follows. Slip induction with starter and condenser, Ammonia oil separator with flanges and oil drain valve, Ammonia type atmosphere condenses having pipes, Brine agitator with indication meter, Ammonia Receiver, Frizzing tank, Coil, Condenser water curriculum Pump, Low-pressure air blower, thermometer, Seem welded Ice cans, Air fittings, Salt, Hydrometer, and tool kit, Apart from these, there is much such equipment, in which water, ammonia gas and salt are very important.

Manufacturing Process of Ice

In the ice manufacturing process, ammonia gas is released at a lower temperature from the cooling coil, and due to the pressure, it gets contracted into the liquid.  It is then passed through a cooling coil installed in the freezing tank.  Due to the low boiling point in ammonia, it changes its size from liquid to vapour and condenses it on the side of the condenser, with a salinity of up to 30% salt in the tank.  

To maintain a uniform temperature in the tank, the cold saline is dispersed in the tank through agitation.  Reduce the temperature of humidity  It has to be brought up to 5 F. This method can take 24 hours to complete. When the humidity reaches the working temperature, the ice cans are filled with water and these ice cans are placed inside the brine tank in such a way that the humidity level is below the level of the ice cans.  

Due to the high freezing capacity of the water, it gets jammed only at 30 F temperature, a little bit of air is passed in the ice cans to get the water to freeze.  This process can take up to 18 hours to complete, although the time taken can vary according to the amount of ice.

Marketing for the Ice Business

You do not need to go anywhere to sell ice, if there is too much snow demand in your area, buyers will come to you on their own. For this, you have to do some marketing. You can promote your business by enlisting on the web and promoting through online media sites. It is higher to have contact with ice block producers close to your area. So, that you may get some contacts to your ice block making business.

Final Thoughts of the Ice Business

if you do a little market research about your place before starting your ice factory business, then this is you Would be good enough.  You should research at that place how many such people or businesses are there that need ice. If it is proved in your research that there is a low of business at that place where there is a need for ice and if there is a high demand for ice, then you can start a business of making ice in your area.

Ice Block Making Business

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