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Bio-Diesel Production Secrets Exposed! Here’s the Juicy Details

How to Start Bio-Diesel Production Business

Bio-Diesel Production Business – Bio-diesel is a good alternative to conventional diesel because it is renewable and does not pollute the environment. Bio-diesel, a good substitute for conventional diesel, is a renewable fuel that does not pollute the environment (i.e. clean burning) and can be used in any diesel-powered machine. Cooking/vegetable oil, animal fats, soybean oil, and any other reliable source of fats and oil are used to make biodiesel.

Any individual can start a small-scale biodiesel production unit anywhere. However, you must choose a location where the primary raw material, Jatropha oil, is easily accessible. Because of the rate of depletion of fossil fuels, there is an ongoing search for renewable fuel sources. Essentially, the term biofuel refers to fuels derived from plants or animals. It is gaining popularity as a renewable energy source all over the world.

Market Opportunity for Bio-Diesel

The production growth of Bio-Diesel Production is steady during 2016 and it rapidly increases between 2017 and 2018 with the help of new feed-stock and advanced technology.

The industrial experts’ study predicts that the global market for biodiesel will double over the next few years. Average Bio-Diesel Production will reach up to 65 billion gallons per year.

Various types of engine mechanisms are coming nowadays that run on various fuels like petrol, gas and more.

Diesel is basic and most suitable fuel for every mechanism also bio-diesel is very similar to the diesel fuel, therefore, there is no need for modified engines to run on bio-diesel.

Another advantage of bio-diesel is, that bio-diesel emission is less as compare to other fuel and make the same amount of energy.

It is also a carbon-neutral fuel, making it an environmentally friendly and popular fuel source.

Therefore the market demand for bio-fuel is increasing day by day.

License & Permissions for Bio-Diesel Production

You must apply for certain licences and permits, and because it involves nature and natural hazards, a person must meet certain environmental protection standards set by the country’s government.

Before granting your licence application, a government-authorized inspector will inspect your facility to ensure that you have spill prevention, control, and safety measures in place, as well as that you meet other required standards. Because of air pollution and hazardous waste going into municipal waste, you must keep your production facility outside of residential areas. To be legally sold, biodiesel must meet ASTM-D6781 grade quality diesel. Obtaining operational permits is a difficult and time-consuming process.

Biodiesel is a flammable liquid classified as class IIB. To begin your biodiesel business, you must first meet fire safety standards and obtain certification.

A floodplain determination, motor fuel tax liability, and a business licence are all required. Register your biodiesel company as a Limited Liability Company and abide by state and local government regulations.

Area Required for Bio-Diesel Production

When starting a Bio-Diesel Production plant it is better to purchase land due to permit and registration issues.

You need to build a large tank farm, therefore, the area space must be large that sufficient for your plant. Minimum 2000 sq ft. area required for the Bio-Diesel plant.

Consider flood plain level, feed-stock availability in that area and good access of transportation.

You need to follow government rule incentives and proper protocol that are mention to initiate a Bio-Diesel Production plant.

Raw Materials for Bio-Diesel Production

Selecting a good feed-stock this is a challenging task to do.

The type of feedstock or raw material used is critical to the production and growth of the Bio-Diesel Production Plant business.

Choosing cheaper feed-stock will help to dominate the industry also for increasing volume and profit.

The common raw material is fat oil, beef tallow, and restaurant grease, the Recycled feed-stock is the richest source open to a Bio-Diesel Production plant. and Lye, Methanol, Recycled Vegetable Oil, Restaurant grease, Sodium hydroxide, Soybean oil, and Sunflower oil.

Machinery for Bio-fuel Business

You can produce bio-diesel by two ways one is by fat oil where generally vegetable oil is used as feed-stock.

Methanol is another method for producing biodiesel.

A list of apparatus and machinery used in bio-diesel plants is given below.


Conical flask

Hot plate

Magnetic stirrer


Separating funnel

Water bath

Digital weighing balance


Measuring cylinder


Retort stand


Manufacturing Process of Bio-Diesel

Basically, you can carry out the bio-diesel production process using oil in methanol in a shaking incubator at 250 rpm and 45° C for 4 hours.

First, dissolve the lye into the methanol. Shake or swirl until the lye has completely dissolved.

This may take 10 minutes. It is normal that the temperature rises. This mixture is called sodium methoxide. Now, place the J Oil in a large enough vessel (at least 150 percent of its volume), preferably with a bottom valve, and heat it to about 60 °C, then stop heating. Then add the methoxide mixture. Also, make sure to thoroughly mix it for at least 10 minutes. Leave the vessel and allow the constituents to separate through sedimentation.

The glycerin will settle out at the bottom. The sedimentation process is complete after 8 to 24 hours, and the glycerine can be drained.

What remains is raw biodiesel. If the reaction went well and the biodiesel is clear, you can use it straight away, though the quality may be lower due to impurities. The majority of these impurities will be removed by water washing.

Batch and continuous processes are the most common methods for producing biodiesel. Batch systems are generally appropriate for smaller-capacity plants with variable feedstock quality. Continuous systems generally run the operation around the clock, necessitating larger capacities to justify larger staffing requirements as well as uniform feedstock quality.

Marketing for Bio-Diesel

The demand and use of bio-diesel are increasing all over the world people are aware of the use of bio-diesel so you don’t need extra study or research about the bio-diesel market and it doesn’t take time to grab the market for bio-diesel.

While selling bio-diesel in the market you should be anchored on a good property and eco-friendly uses of bio-diesel, tell people how safer and Eco-friendly it is instead of conventional fuel.

If the marketing of Bio-Diesel takes time, then don’t worry this industry has a bright future you will surely succeed.

How to Start Bio-Diesel Production Business

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