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How to Start a Bakery Business – A Detailed Guide

Most of the products that are eaten all over the world come inside the bakery, and the demand for products made from bakery is increasing continuously. Bread, biscuit, double roti, cake and other types of products are the sell in  bakery. In today’s time, be it any function, whether it is a Party, Marriage, Birthday, Anniversary, Retirement or any other occasion, it has become a trend to order a cake in all.  Some bakeries also sell tea, coffee and other beverages to increase their business, so that customers can consume the products made in the bakery along with those drinks. Bakery has also become a part of a person’s life for their food, and that is why you can start a business with it. And also, Any one can start this Bakery Business with small investment and Can do it easily.

Bakery Business Market Demand

Bakery products are eaten the most in the whole world, its products are eaten from children to old people. so the demand for this business is high in the market, the products of this business are used daily in the house, that’s why it is also used in this business.  The demand for business is high in the market, you can see the demand for this bakery business in your area as well. And you can guess from the sales of cake itself. Because, everyone use the cakes on their birthday function And other functions. so If you wants to start a bakery business, then this is the right time to start for this business is very good.

Investment for the Bakery Business

As far as the investment of Bakery Business is concerned, it will require a little more capital investment than other small scale industries. To start this industry on a large scale, about 10 to 15 lakh rupees will be required, which includes the cost of machines and raw materials.  In the beginning you can buy more required machines and start your business with few raw materials. as your business will grow you can increase investment on raw material. Apart from the above cost, you will need a good skilled cook and some labor for the successful operation of your Bakery Business. whom you can hire by paying reasonable remuneration.

Select the Right Place for Bakery Business

The place is of great importance behind the success or failure of any business. if you are opening a bakery business, then look at a place where people keep visiting such as Market Place, Office’s, or  For any road square, or inside a market. So that people who come for shopping in the market see the bakery shop and buy the same. In this way you want 500 Square feet Space Required for your bakery business. Along with this, you should have enough space so that you can keep the products made safely.

Licenses and Permits for Bakery Shop Business

With small scale business, certain legalities and formalities have been created that a bakery shop, has to follow in order to make your cake shop legally acceptable.

Apply for the necessary licenses and food permits for any state from the health department. Select one of the main operating structures for your small business. such as a corporation, limited giving company, partnership or sole proprietorship.

And also Your bakery business needs 5 licenses. 1.FSSAI License, 2.GST Registration, 3.Local Municipal Corporation License, 4.Eating House License from Police, and Finally 5.Fire and safety License from Fire department.

Raw Material for the Bakery Business

The following types of ingredients will be required for the bakery business.

Wheat flour, Water, butter, yeast, Salt, Sugar, Ghee, refined oil, essence, lactic acid, Milk, starch, peanut flour, Glycerin, Vitamins, Dry milk And more products are used as raw material. You can easily take them from any grocery store, by using them you can make all your bakery products.And also You can buy the raw materials from online.

Machines for Bakery Business

In any business you need machines, in this business also you will need some machines.

Electronic Bakery Oven, Mixer Machine, Dropping Machine, Bread Cutting Machine,

Platform Weighing Scale, And Other miscellaneous equipment like trays, bowls, large tables, cooling racks and test laboratory. Further, Cardboard, Tape, Tape Machine, Candle and Heater for sealing packing. You can buy these machines according to your business, their capacity is different, you can buy them online site you should get complete information and training about running them before buying them.

How to Make Bakery Products

To run a bakery business, you need to know the preparation methods.  To make bakery products you first need to knead the ingredients like flour or maida, then hold for a while and then cut into the shape of the bakery products you want to make.  Then bake in the bakery oven.  Once they are ready, you can stuff them in a baking machine and send them for sale.

Profits in the Bakery Shop Business

Speaking of revenue from the bakery, it depends on sales.  That depends on how well your products are sold.  However after deducting the price of the finished product, you will get a profit margin of 40% to 50% on selling it in the market.  This way you can easily earn 2 to 3 lakh rupees per month by investing 10 to 15 lakh rupees.

Marketing for the Bakery Business

To increase the sales of the products of bakery business ideas, you can get a good poster printed and put it in place. Can advertise in dailies and can hire commission based sales agents. Use your store’s website and social media site to market your bakery business. Show your store on Google Map.  Use social media like Facebook to reach a growing online consumer population. Which will help in growing your business. By doing this, when your sales will be more, then you will also get more profit along with it.

Final Thought of Bakery Business

If we talk about in this business, then let us tell you that this is a business that runs throughout the year. The demand for the products made here is always there, so you will not have to suffer in this, but you have to keep in mind only one thing that the products you make are fine for a limited time, after that they get spoiled automatically.So you have to always keep in mind that you do not stock more goods and sell the made product together.

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