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How To Start a Aluminum Recycling Business

Aluminum Recycling Business – Aluminum waste is considered one of the most valuable wastes in the world.  As we see around us, while drinking beer, soft drinks like Coke or Pepsi, chocolate milk, or buying foods like ghee, oils, packaged foods and chemicals, an aluminum can is definitely used. | A total of 180 billion aluminum cans are produced annually globally. Most of the cans used are made from recycled aluminum and not primary aluminum.

In one report it was said that Americans throw away aluminum cans worth about $1 billion. Aluminum recycling companies in the United States spend about $800 billion per year on recycled aluminum because the recycled aluminum industry is diverse. So, if you are thinking of starting a recycling business, you can start this aluminum recycling business and make good profit.

Market Opportunity for the Business

Aluminum waste is viewed as one of the most significant waste in the world.The aluminum market in India is developing at a heavenly speed and is relied upon to fill dramatically in the coming years. Higher creation will bring about higher waste age and higher reusing. It is assessed that practically all aluminum items are reused due to the greatest delivery rate at which aluminum can be reused, one should give the wire the right shape. The other in addition to point about opening a reusing plant is that it has an extremely low establishment charge contrasted with whatever other reusing plant that reuses metal waste. Other benefit is the edge of benefit among speculation and return. As a rookie who needs to make great benefits in the reusing industry, reusing aluminum would be an extraordinary thought.

Business plan for the Business

Be it any business, whether it is of large scale or small level, it is very important to take care of the things related to them before starting them. What do you need for a small or large scale business? How much will you invest in all this and after that how much profit will you earn from it. It is very important for you to know all these things because all this information will be very beneficial for you in starting your business.

Place for Aluminum Recycling Business

Recycling aluminum does not require much space. 100 square feet of space is enough to operate an aluminum can recycling plant. You can also start your own recycling plant at your home after taking NOC from the concerned authorities,  An open and ventilated room is essential where you will set up your recycling machine. It should have proper safety standards, electrical connections, ventilation openings, technical support and other necessary equipment. Apart from this, you also need a good place to keep your Recycled Products and Waste Products which need recycling. For this, you should have enough space so that it does not cause congestion leading to accident.

Investment for Aluminum Recycling Business

Investing in this business depends on this business and land, because if you start a big business, you need more investment, i.e. at least Rs. 30 lakh to Rs. 1 crore should be invested. It also costs between Rs 5 lakh and Rs 15 lakh to start your business on a small scale. If you have your own land, you can work for less money. Also inside there are different types of machines and the proportions of all are different. The investment also depends on it.

License for Aluminum Recycling Business

  • It is important to get the following permissions from the relevant authorities to start your aluminum recycling business.
  • first ,You need to get permission from the Environment Authority, the Recycling Authority, the local municipality, the industry authorities.
  • Then you have to register yourself as a taxpayer on GST.
  • And water tax, transportation fee, packaging fee and electricity tax Should also be included.

Raw material for Aluminum Recycling Business

If we start any business, it will definitely need raw material. So we need waste aluminum as the raw material to start this recycling business. The easiest way to get enough used aluminum cans. Is to create strategic collection points for used aluminum cans. Also, you need to work closely with local scrap pickers who pick up aluminum waste. For this you can approach the scrap officers near the trash can who can supply aluminum based on your need.

Machine for Aluminum Recycling Business

Various types of machines are used to start Aluminum Recycling Business, whose prices can be several lakhs. Therefore, while buying machines, it is very important to work very carefully and wisely to avoid fraud. While purchasing the machines, their comparative analysis must be done and after that the supplier should be selected. The names of some of the major machines used in this business are as follows:-

  • Baler Compressor: Baler compressor is a hydraulic machine which compresses aluminum. These bins are compressed using a baler into a square shaped thick and heavy solid containing thousands of cans.
  • Smelter: A smelter is used for smelting aluminum in a smelter. This brings out the pure aluminum while removing the bulk which is the unwanted waste material associated with the aluminum can.
  • Furnace: This is where aluminum waste is heated to a temperature of 750°C.
  • Sheet maker: After the aluminum is melted it is shaped as required, usually it is drawn into sheets.
  • Aluminum Cans Shaping Machine: There are many more machines needed to shape aluminum cans, polish them, print stickers around cans, clean items to fill them.
  • Other Appliances: There are many other helpful gadgets that you need like, electric generator, heater for melt aluminum, container, coolant and boiler.

Marketing for Aluminum Recycling Business

Marketing for this business is very important because, without it, it will not be easy for you to run the business. You will need to print cards to advertise your business. Along with this, you can supply cans to already running companies and newly opened and opened companies. Once you get to know the companies in the market, after that the company itself will start placing orders for you.

Profits in the Aluminum Recycling Business

This is a business whose demand in the market remains the same throughout the year and profit margin is also very high in this business. As we all know that in today’s time there will be no such household in which there is no product or box related to or made of aluminum. Aluminum has reached every home today. Whether it is any beverage or food item or any other product used at home, aluminum has taken its hold in everything. Today, with its increasing market day by day, its use in the future and if you are starting a business, then you can understand the benefits of this.

Final Thoughts of the Business

While starting the business, it is very important for you to have proper electricity connection and water supply. Make sure to have a proper supply of clean water for your recycling work. Cleaning waste aluminum cans requires a good amount of water. And It is obvious that for recycling and manufacturing of aluminum you will need some experts, engineers and technicians and workers. It is very important to have all of these at work.

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