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How to Start a EV Charging Station Business

In Today’s, as air pollution from vehicles is increasing. So, the use of petrol and diesel vehicles is declining and electric vehicles are increasing rapidly. because of the air pollution caused by exhaust fumes from petrol and diesel vehicles. And also due to the high consumption of petrol and diesel, their rates are increasing. so today the electric vehicle trend is increasing very fast and the government is also giving full cooperation for this.The demand for electric vehicles is gradually increasing in India. So, When the demand for electric vehicles is increasing. it is obvious that charging stations will also be needed to charge them. EV Charging Station Business is a bright future business in India. Further, You can start the business of Electric Vehicle Charging Station  at a very low cost.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Business Plan

Market scope for EV Charging Station Business

Currently the GST rate for these electric vehicles has been reduced from 12 % to 5%, and sales of electric vehicles are expected to increase from 1.1 million in 2025 to 11 million and 30 million by 2030.  So, it makes sense to us that the use of electric vehicles is on the rise.  In this way, the demand for an electric Vehicle charging station will also increase.  Because, with more electric vehicles, people will have difficulty charging it.  Also, they need an electric car charging station to charge electric vehicles.  So, if you want to start a business with low investment, open a Electric Vehicle Charging Station Business and it is a completely fast growing business.

Training for the EV Charging Station Business

The government has made a new plan to open Electric Vehicle charging stations in the country. Ministry of Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) is training the youth to take this scheme further.  During the training, you will be given complete details about the charging station. Along with this, new techniques of working will also be taught. In the training of Electric Charging Stations, you are given details about many things like Mechanism, Solar Powered Electric Vehicle Charging Station Technology, Infrastructure, Business, Solar PV Charging Connectivity Loads, Electricity Tariff. In this training, you will be given complete details about this business.  After this you can earn good money by opening a charging station.

Investment for EV Charging Station Business

If we talk about investing in an electric charging station, it depends on what kind of charging station you want to open. That is, depending on whether you want to set up your own charging station or any company owner. Also, if you want to open an electric Vehicle charging station by picking up a franchise, the investment in it depends on how many charging machines are needed for the charging station. Generally,  The investment ranges from Rupees 5 lakh to 15 lakhs.

Place for the EV Charging Station

You will not need a big space for Charging Station business. First, You can charge two and three Wheeler’s. You can also charge the e-car as well. But you need big space for bus and truck.  If you want to start e-station business, then you can go to the option of small vehicles.  Later you can increase it when the demand and business increases. Apart from these, You can also Start Charging Station business at wall mounted units in places like shopping malls, public places.

Government Rules for EV Charging Station Business

  • First of all, you should know that there are not many rules in the government’s Electric Vehicle policy regarding e-charging station.
  • If you have land then fine, even if you don’t, you can open the station. A medium station should have five charging units, one transformer, electricity connection.
  • Keep in mind that there should be enough space for the movement and parking of vehicles.
  • A charging unit comes in six feet and after that, the space to park the car, that’s all the land is needed.
  • However, one or two charging units can also be installed for small stars. Apart from these, two workers are required out of which one will be trained to help the customers.
  • This is optional, you can also use the software if you want. The government also gives subsidy for setting up E charging station, although it is different in every state.

Distance Between Two EV Charging Station

Talking about the distance between the two Electric Vehicle Charging Stations. according to the rules that were made initially for this, the government has made provision for opening electric charging stations on both sides of the road, at a distance of every 25 km.  But now the rules have been changed and now electric charging stations can be opened on both sides of the road, at a distance of every 3 km.

Types of Electric Vehicle EV Charging Station

  • If you want to open an Electric Vehicle charging station by picking up a company franchise, you can apply online at that company’s official website. or if you want to open your own charging station, Then you should contact the state electrical department, And you can apply there.
  • Further, The Fast Charging Unit CCS should be of 50 Kwh capacity. The unit of a machine will also have to be installed of the same capacity. 
  • Apart from these, the low charging unit will be type 2 AC, which should have a capacity of 22 Kwh. A fast charging unit charges a car battery from 80 to 90 per cent in 40 minutes, while the low unit takes seven to eight hours. 
  • Fast units are available for up to Rs 15 lakhs. low units are available for Rs 2 to 3 lakhs.  The government is also bringing smart units, which can cost around five to six thousand rupees.

Profits in the Electric Vehicle Charging Station Business

Suppose two 50 Kwh fast charging machines and three 22Kwh low charging machines are installed at a station.  If these five machines run for 20 to 24 hours in a day, then about 2940 units of electricity will be spent in a day.  So far, the charging station’s earning per unit is considered to be Rs 2.5 to 3. Therefore, if you take only Rs 2.5 per unit, then the earning of Rs 7350 will be in a day.which will be Rs 2 lakhs 20 thousand in the whole month. and up to Rs 27 lakhs annually, which will be your profit.

Important Things for the EV Charging Station Business

  • There should be a proper place at the station for commuting and parking of Electric Vehicles.
  • A transformer should be installed at the charging station for safety.
  • If the station has the facility of fast charger, then there is a danger of overheating. which can also cause fire, then there should also be facility of liquid cooling.
  • Electric Vehicle in India are just an early stage in nowadays, their demand is going to increase a lot in the coming time. so if you were thinking of starting your own business. then this is a golden opportunity for you to start this business.
EV Charging Station Business

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