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How Liquid Hand Wash Manufacturing Business Works

Liquid Hand Wash Manufacturing Business

Liquid Hand Wash Manufacturing Business – Liquid Hand Wash has become very much used today and liquid hand wash is being used in every home, hospital, restaurant and shopping mall because today there is a big virus disease going on. Also, it has become very important to keep your hands clean before eating and drinking anything. This is the reason that liquid hand washing has now replaced soap in front of washbasins currently available in homes or commercial places.

So today the demand for Liquid Hand Wash has become very high. And the use of hand washing is considered to be much safer, and more comfortable than soap. Today there are many companies in India which are Liquid Manufactures of Hand Wash and earn good profits. And anyone who starts this business can be started for less money, and good money can be earned. So Here in this article, we will tell in detail about Liquid Hand Wash business.

Market Scope for Liquid Hand Wash

Today, before and after eating anything, we compulsorily clean our hands with soap or liquid hand wash. Which has become the primary need of almost every household today. And Today, the way our society is coming from the diseases like viruses. So today people have become aware and clean their hands from time to time, so the demand for Liquid Hand Wash has become very high. And The global Liquid hand wash market is expected to grow to $ 4.29 billion by 2028 at a CAGR of 6.6% in the forecast period. So, there is a lot of opportunity in the market of Liquid Hand Wash Business today it has become a profitable business, and it is a business which is never going to decrease or even more.  Also, the business can be started with a small investment and earn good money.

Business Plan for Liquid Hand Wash Business

To start  Liquid Hand Wash Business, a business plan should be made. In the business plan,  how much money will we have to invest to start this business and how much investment will be required to run the business smoothly in the next years? Where will the money come from to start a business? When starting a business, how many people will work in this company and who will do what? How much production will happen in a day and a month and where will we sell this product? then, how much will be produced in the second year and how much profit will be made by selling it This Business plan will help you.

Investment in Liquid Hand Wash Business

This business can be started in two ways, one can start a small business from home, which you can start it with a cost of RS 10,000 to 50,000. But if we start a business by setting up a factory, then a little more investment like 2 to 4 lakh has to be made in it. because a machine has to be installed inside it. Apart from this, finance will also be required for the purchase of land and building, the appointment of employees, and the purchase of raw materials, furniture for offices, computers, printers etc. To estimate the cost accurately, the entrepreneur can prepare a project report. Then he will be able to arrange finance from a bank loan or subsidy loan under government schemes.

Required Space for Business

To start a Hand Wash Manufacturing Business, not much Space is required, because the machinery used in this business also does not take up a lot of space. However, the entrepreneur needs space for other works such as space for power utilities, space to set up an office, store form etc. In this way, the entrepreneur may require 500 to 600 Square Feet of space. If the entrepreneur has any land of his own, then the entrepreneur can establish his unit there, but if it is not, then the entrepreneur can start this type of business by renting a ready-made building.   

Required Licenses for Liquid Hand Wash Business

The following licenses require to start Liquid Hand Wash Manufacturing Business. First, you have to get the company registration done and get the GST number. Apart from this, you will also have to take permission from the Pollution Control Board. And need to approach the local authority for a factory or trade license. And also need drug and cosmetic registration. If the entrepreneur wants, can also apply for Aadhaar registration. Apart from this, you can also get ISI trademark registration for your product. If you want to start your products in the market with the brand name, then you have to register the brand name.

Raw Materials for Hand Wash Manufacturing Business

The raw materials used in this industry are very easily available at any chemical goods shop in your location.

The list of required raw materials is as follows.

Sodium lauryl ether sulfate.


Coco Made.

Coco Made Propyl Butane.



NaCl And DM Water.

Machinery for Liquid Hand Wash Manufacturing

In this business there is no need for many machines when a business is being started from home then work can be done without machines. But if you do business on a large scale then you have to buy the following machine for it.

Liquid Mixing Machine – In this machine, the raw materials that make up the liquid hand wash are mixed one by one.

Filling Machine – With the help of this machine, the liquid product is filled in a certain quantity of bottles.

You can take the above machinery from your local market, if these machines are not available in your local market, then you can buy them online from websites like IndiaMART or

Manufacturing Process of Liquid Hand Wash

The Manufacturing Process is very simple, first, the cold blending process is carried out, and all the necessary chemicals are mixed together in a proportionate ratio. After that, all these ingredients are mixed well together with help of the Mixing machine.

And this mixed material is left like this for at least 6 to 8 hours, after that about 60% De mineralized water is added to this mixture After that, the DM Water mixture is thoroughly mixed, And Allow it to fully mix. In this way, your hand wash soap is ready. After that, its quality is checked, and it is packed using filling and packing machines.

After the hand wash shop is ready, it is packaged and supplied in the market. For packaging, you can buy 100 gm, 250 gm, and 500 gm boxes. For this, put liquid in it and pack it. After packing the sticker of your brand will have to be pasted. While packaging, keep in mind that the bottle should be attractive and the box should look beautiful after applying the sticker.

Marketing for Business

After the product is ready, the most important thing is to make people aware of your product, which means marketing your product, and there are many options available for marketing.

For this, you can contact your local grocery shops, schools, public service centres, medical stores, hospitals and private clinics etc.  You can promote your business by creating a page on Facebook in social media. You can also use posters, pamphlets, banners, flakes and stickers etc. Along with this, you can also contact the traders of the wholesale market for wholesale sales.

Profit in Liquid Hand Wash Business

Usually, the cost of good quality liquid hand wash, including packing and marketing comes to around Rs 20 to 45 per litre, which is sold in the retail market for Rs 60 to 99 per litre. As the consumption of your product increases in the market, your profit also increases on the basis of multiplication. So, If you start this business and sell it by making quality like branded companies, then you can earn at least 30 to 50 % profit.


Today, as our society is becoming conscious about cleanliness, the utility of hygiene products etc. has started increasing, due to which new possibilities are being created in the business or business of making liquid hand wash. Due to this set up a business of making liquid hand wash can prove to be a profitable option. However, Before starting any business, market research and consumption assessment must be done. By doing this, you will be able to face the risks and difficulties in business and you will be able to manufacture your products well according to the demand in the market.

How to Start a Liquid Hand Wash Manufacturing Business || Liquid Soap Manufacturing Business

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