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How to Start Detergent Powder Manufacturing Business

Detergent Powder Making Business

The detergent powder is a very essential item for cleaning. It is generally used for washing clothes. Because Washing powder is a very essential item to clean clothes. It is such a product used in daily life which is needed by every person in every household. And  It is an FMCG product. Per Capita Detergent Consumption in India is 3 kg per year and its demand is going to be more in the coming time because as the population is increasing, so will the detergent powder demand.

Various brands in the market are making very good profits by selling such detergents. There are many such detergents in the shops of the markets, whose price is very high. Big companies are selling their own brand of detergent very easily. The production of detergent powder is not a difficult process. It simply entails combining various ingredients in the proper formula.

So, If you are also willing to start a business, then You can also make your own brand of detergent very easily and sell it in the market. And You will get very good profits in this business.

Market Opportunities for Detergent Powder

Detergent Powder is an FMCG product whose demand remains throughout the year and never decreases and is going on increasing. Moreover, the global liquid detergent market is expected to grow steadily over the next four years and post a CAGR of over 8% by 2021. Today there are many companies in India that produce Detergent Powder.

Further, Every person wants to be clean which requires wearing clean clothes and washing powder is needed to clean the clothes which we buy from the market. Therefore, washing powder is always a product to be sold and as long as there is human civilization on the earth, washing powder will continue to be sold.

So, the market scope of this business is good, and this is a business that can be started with little money. So a person who Anyone who wants to do a small business can do a Detergent Powder Making Business and earn good money.

Investment for Detergent Powder Making Business

The investment in this business depends on the size of the business because this business can be started at a small level and can also be started at a very large level. And there are various types of machines in it, with varying rates; investment is also dependent on them.

To produce detergent powder you have to buy mainly three machines, About 2 to 3.5 lakh rupees will be required to buy these three machines and capital investment will be taken separately for buying raw materials.

You will also have to hire skilled operators and other workers to run the machine and they will also have to pay a proper salary, this also adds to your capital investment. Therefore, the Detergent powder manufacturing plant cost will be around 4 to 5 lakhs, it may be less or more, this is just a rough estimate.

License & Registration for Detergent Powder Business

When the investment is done, then apply for the license because if you want to sell Detergent Powder by manufacturing and selling it under the name of a brand, then a license should be gotten for this.

To make detergent powder, you have to register your firm under LLP, OPC and so on. It is very important for your firm to have a bank account. Along with this, there is a need to obtain both ‘Consent to Establish’ and ‘Consent to Operate’ licenses from the Pollution Control Board.

You will have to get registered with the industry base and you will have to send a sample of your product, only after the sample is approved, you can produce it.

And GST registration has to be done,  and you will have to choose a brand name and get it registered for a trademark so that no one can copy your product.

Space Required for the Business

To start up a washing powder Business, initially, you have at least 500 to 1000 square feet of space is need. So, In which all the machinery can be installed, and an office and warehouse can be made in this space.

The most important thing is that the factory should be at such a place where there is a proper facility for traffic movement So that raw materials and finished products can be easily brought and sent. And also,  keep in mind that there should be good water facility and electricity facilities at that location.

Raw Material for Detergent Powder Making

The list of things that are used as raw materials for making detergent powder is as follows.

acid slurry. Perfumes and brighteners. Alpha Olefin Sulphonate. Sodium Tri Poly Phosphate. de cole. trisodium phosphate. CBX. soda ash. dolomite.  Glauber and colour salt.

 you can buy all things from your local market to make detergent powder, their price ranges from Rs 100 to Rs 700 per kg, apart from this you can buy these things online from the IndiaMART website.

Machinery for Detergent Manufacturing Business

Only three machines are used to make washing powder, these three types of machines are Mixer Machine, Screaming Machine and Sealing Machine. These three’s work is described below.

Mixer Machine- This machine is used to mix all the raw materials properly. 

Screaming Machine- This machine is used for grinding the raw materials into fine powder.

Packing and Sealing Machine- This machine is used for packing and sealing finely ground powder.

Two or four large utensils of 40 or 50 kg capacity – These utensils are used in the factory to store the washing powder during the process.

A clean carpet for keeping the washing powder on it for 12 hours to dry. 

You can buy these machines online and can also buy offline, but for this, you have to do some research, And their price depends on their capacity.

Check Here for Detergent Making Machines Price

Manufacturing Process of Detergent Powder

Once all the machines are in place Then, it is very easy to manufacture Detergent Powder.

First of all, take Acid Slurry and add AOS to it, After this add De Cole to it.

The reason for adding De Cole is to reduce the negative effects of the chemicals used in its manufacture.

After this CBS x is inserted in it. Mix these three together in a container well. In this CBS-x has to be mixed well.

After this use the mixer machine to mix all the ingredients. In this mixer machine add 35 kg Glauber salt, 5 kg soda ash, 5 kg dolomite, trisodium phosphate, and colour salt and mix it well.

Now add colour salt, whitener and perfume to it. Add colour salt so that the colour gets good inside it and the aroma comes in it.

Now add acid slurry solution to it. Which was prepared earlier and also add sodium tripolyphosphate and carboxymethylcellulose.

Now all the ingredients have been mixed, now dry it for 12 hours, when it is completely dry, then take the help of a Screaming machine to make it fine.

Now it is ready as a detergent, it can be packed and sold in the market.

Packaging for Detergent Powder

Fully prepared washing powder is now packaged in small and large pouches as per the demand in the market. The help of packing and sealing machine is taken to do this work.

In this machine, only a certain quantity that is set in advance keeps falling in each pouch and its sealing, and packing continues.

The pouch in which the washing powder is packed should look beautiful and attractive in appearance, it should have your brand logo printed on it, as well as printing the image of a lemon or orange, people like it at first glance.

Marketing for Detergent Business

You can use both retail and wholesale markets for marketing. You can include all the shops that sell goods in retail in your marketing strategy. The profit is more by selling your made goods in such shops. Apart from this, you also sell detergent to big shops under wholesale, from where retailers often buy for their shop.

You can sell your products from village to village with a reward coupon to promote the brand. If you give any kind of offer on your product in the beginning, then that will also be effective. You can also advertise more and more by using print and electronic media and social media to promote your product. 

How to Start Detergent Powder Making Business || Washing Powder Making Business

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