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How to Start Shoe Manufacturing Business

Shoe Manufacturing Business

The shoe manufacturing business refers to the factory that makes shoes. Shoes can be made with the help of artisans, craftsmen or with the help of machinery. The shoe is now a daily necessity in a person’s life. You need shoes for your school-going kids, your college-going teens and so on. And also People use shoes in different places and use different shoes. Like shoes for school, Shoes for the office, And there are different shoes for walking.

So the demand for shoes has already been very high in the markets. Presently in India, this business is produced from both organized and unorganized sectors, so it is certain that there will be competition in this business. But considering the population of India, there are still opportunities for the entrepreneur to enter this business. Because you can easily select a segment or multiple segments and make your business profitable.

Here in this article, you will get information about how to start a shoe manufacturing business.

Market Scope of Shoe-Making Business

The shoes Manufacturing Business is a very promising business. If you want to start a shoe manufacturing business, then it can prove to be a smart decision. If we talk about the footwear or Shoe industry, a global report has claimed that the footwear industry earned a value of $208 billion in the year 2014. The report also states that the revenue of the footwear industry is expected to reach around $260 billion by the year 2023.

In footwear, the major contributor to the revenue is the footwear sector, and hence we can calculate its potential. And, It is expected to reach a billion units in future. So, there are possibilities of earning good money in this business, but starting is not so easy in this business. So it is very important to have a good plan before starting this business, as well as this is a business that demands more investment from you.

Select the Type for Shoe Making

There is a big difference between the footwear of men and women and apart from the difference in size in the footwear of children and elders, there is also a difference in designing, among them, shoes, slippers, sandals and so on. are the main products in the shoe category. Therefore, an entrepreneur starting a shoe manufacturing business should first select the product. And also decide whether he wants to do this business keeping in mind any one category of women, man, children or everyone.

Because there may be a need for different equipment for different categories,  so do not focus on too much variety at the beginning of the business, instead, focus on one type of product. when the entrepreneur decides this, only then he will be able to make his business plan for the future.

Location for Shoe Manufacturing Business

Its location is critical for any business since the success of the business is dependent on whether or not the surrounding market is beneficial to your business.  At the beginning of the shoe-making business, you will need a big space, in which your entire production work will be done, along with this you will also have to build a small office, which will have all the activities related to your business planning and more.

You will need at least two storage rooms, in which you will keep raw materials related to shoe room, in the other storage you will keep your finished product, in this way you will have at least 1000 to 3000 Square feet of space.  Therefore, you can choose any place according to your convenience, whichever place you choose, And keep in mind that, there must be a means of transport at the place.

Investments for Shoe Business

The investment required for shoe making business depends on the size of your business whether you want to start your business on a small scale or on a large scale. If you want to start this business on small scale then you will need 5 to 10 lakh rupees on small scale. And if you want to start this business on a large scale, then you will need 20 to 25 lakh rupees. apart from this, including the cost of raw materials, it becomes an investment of about 5 to 10 lakhs. And this investment amount can be more or less according to your place and location.

Registration and License for Shoe Business

You will have to get some following licenses for start to your business.

You have to get your business registered with the municipality. And also have to get a trade license for your business. You need to register a GST number for your business. Then, You will have to register your business under the Shop Institute provision. You have to make a PAN card for your business. All these necessary documents and licenses will be required for the Shoes Manufacturing Business. if you start your business without these licenses, So you may face many problems.

Raw Materials for Shoe Business

As there are many different types of shoes, the same materials are utilised, some of which are difficult to locate and expensive. The raw materials required for making shoes are as follows.

TPR Material, Rubber, PVC material, Adhesive, Leather, Rexene, Heel, Colors, Dye, Neolite, Nails and Foil paper. Packing Materials like boxes, cartons, tissue papers, tags, and barcode labels. Finishing Materials like polish, lycra, and waxes. Fittings and Decorative Items like Buckles, rings, diamonds, and elastic threads.

Machinery for Shoes Manufacturing

Shoes are made from many different types of raw materials, which may require different types of machinery. There are not many, to start this business, you will need the some following machinery

Mixer Grinder.

Vertical Injection.

Moulding Machine.

Different Sizes of Moulds.

Machine for Different PVC Sole Design and Verity.

AutoCAD system for Designing Footwear.

Single-Needle Shoe Sole Stitching Machine.

Deluxe Machine.

Super Deluxe Machine.

Gum Boot Making Machine and More. This machine is very easily available from your nearby market. You can buy according to your budget and business. And the price of these machines varies from place to place according to the markets, Or you can also buy them online like the Indiamart website.

Manufacturing Process

First, It is mandatory to develop the shoe design prototype before initiating the final shoe production process.

A series of steps are essential to follow including pattern making, technical team consultation, management of the materials, sole making process, outbound and inbound design making, trial processes, initial packaging, and other steps.

After completing the above-mentioned series, you will be necessary to produce the product in accordance with the quantity expectations.

It is preferable to begin the production of shoes in small batches, followed by huge makers of the items.

Items’ packaging and distribution connect your company with top-quality shoe box manufacturers and email them your shoe quality and size needs.

Assign the packaging team to best pack the items and deliver the consumers based on the orders obtained.

Marketing for Shoe Business

First of all, you need to have an attractive name for your Shoes Manufacturing Business, and it should be easy to remember. After you have to create an attractive logo of your business and use it on your shoes so that the marketing of your business will be more and more. And most importantly, you have to keep the quality of your shoes very good and they have to give good design. So the marketing of your business will happen automatically.

Next, you can use banners and posters to market your shoe business, which you put up in a place where more and more people gather. You can also run ads for your business through social media. And You have to create a business profile for your Shoes Manufacturing Business on all social media and post your product there. You have to make the design of your shoes even better keeping in mind the new trend coming in the market. So that people buy more and more of your shoes.

How to Start Shoe Manufacturing Business || Small Manufacturing Business Ideas

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