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Top 15 New Agriculture Business Ideas for Startups

Top 15 New Agriculture Business Ideas for Startups

Agriculture Business means agriculture-related businesses. And also that any person who wants to start a business of his own can be started with comparatively low investments. If we talk about Agriculture Business Ideas, then there is no doubt that agriculture is one of the most developed and demanding sectors today. At present, there are hundreds of such businesses related to agriculture which are growing at a very fast pace.

The agricultural sector is a very large and vast area that also includes many other things like animal husbandry, forestry, fisheries, beekeeping, etc. Agriculture is the main source of raw material for manufacturing a wide variety of products in the country. Any person who is interested in agriculture-related business can reward the entrepreneur, with a very good income if starts with passion and commitment.

Benefits of Starting an Agribusiness

There are many benefits to starting an agribusiness. The most important benefit is the ability to create jobs. An agribusiness can create jobs in a variety of ways, including through direct hiring, contract work, and subcontracting. In addition, an agribusiness can also create jobs by providing goods and services to other businesses. Finally, an agribusiness can also create jobs by investing in new technology or by expanding into new markets. So, Here in this article, We are giving a list of some New Agriculture businesses, which can be very beneficial to start at the present time.

1. Fertilizer Distribution Agency

We all know very well that farmers need fertilizers for their crops. And so that farmers can get this fertilizer at reasonable rates, the government has taken control of its storage and distribution in its hands. In such a situation, if you want to start a fertilizer distribution agency, then first of all you have to apply for it following the government standards. This agribusiness is risk-free, that is, there is no risk in it because at whatever level the entrepreneur obtains the fertilizer distribution agency, that agency is not given to anyone else in that certain area. That’s why all the farmers located in that area take fertilizers from there.   

2. Soil Testing Lab

We all know very well that different crops can be grown in different nutritious soils. That’s why there is a doubt in the mind of the farmers before sowing any new crop whether this crop will be able to grow in that soil or not, for this they may need to get the soil of that field tested. In this business, the entrepreneur provides his customers with the facility of testing the nutrients present in the soil, apart from this, the entrepreneur can also recommend the fertilizers required for different crops to the customers. This agriculture business supports modern agriculture, so the soil testing lab has more chances of success.   

3. Certified Seed Dealership

At present, the government is taking many steps to increase the farmers and their production capacity, one of these steps is to provide good quality seeds to those farmers so that their production of the farmers increases. If you live in a farmer-dominated area, then it can be beneficial for you to become a certified seed dealer, although for this you will have to do some formalities, the details of which can be obtained from the agriculture department of your state.

4. Hydroponic Farm Equipment Distributor

Hydroponic agriculture machinery distributor is a very good and profitable agriculture business idea because it can have unlimited profit. For this also you need technical knowledge because in this type of agriculture there is no need of soil, water and mineral salts solution is given directly to the plants in pipes, in which 100 times more crop is taken in less water. It doesn’t require much space, it can be done inside a building as well.

5. Agriculture Consultancy Service

Now the methods of doing agriculture are also changing, at present modern equipment is being used for doing agriculture. Apart from equipment, it is very important for the farmer to know about fertilizers, pesticides, soil suitable for crops, rainwater, etc. In such a situation, if you have the right knowledge of agriculture and agricultural equipment, fertilizers, soil, etc., then you can start your own agriculture consultancy business. In this Agriculture Business, you have to give advice to the farmers about which crop will be grown in which soil, fertilizers, water, which pesticides should be used and which should not be used, modern equipment, etc.    

6. Plant Nursery Work

Nowadays it has become a fashion to keep small plants in pots on the four walls of the houses and inside the houses, inside and outside the office. If you go to any luxurious bungalow, hotel, house, or office, you will see small plants in pots at every place. Apart from this, different types of plants are also seen in the gardens of homes, offices, etc. In such a situation, if you want, you can start a plant nursery business as an agriculture business.

7. Production of Organic Fertilizer

This business of producing organic fertilizers is a business to be started with less investment because in this process the entrepreneur is using natural and domestic waste etc. and any entrepreneur can start it easily in rural areas as well. At present, the preparation of vermicompost and organic fertilizers has become a domestic business. People and governments are facing many adverse effects of chemical-rich farming, so governments are also promoting the production of organic fertilizers. This agriculture business idea is good for those people who want to start some business from their home with less investment.

8. Cultivation of Medicinal Herbs

The method of healing through herbs is very old, at present there has been a huge increase in the number of people who prefer to take medicines made from herbs only. This is the reason that there are many such manufacturing units in the country which manufacture medicines for different types of diseases through herbs. If you have enough land and basic knowledge about medicinal plants then you can earn a lot of profit through cultivation of medicinal herbs. To encourage this type of business, the government also provides subsidy on bank loans etc.

9. Flower Cultivation

In the last ten years, this business called the flower business has increased a lot, because at present flowers are needed at every event and festival. Therefore, if you have any vacant land, then you can also start flower cultivation on it. Apart from this, dried flowers are also kept in craft stores or are also sold to people who are fond of flowers. Therefore, if you are thinking of starting a business related to agriculture, then the business of Flower cultivation can also be very suitable.   

10. Rearing of Silkworms

The process of silkworm rearing can be technically complex, so before starting this type of agribusiness, the aspiring entrepreneur must have good and appropriate knowledge of silkworm rearing. If the entrepreneur wants to get this information, he can get its training from any agricultural university, etc. Or one can gain experience by working with an entrepreneur who is already doing this work.

11. Organic Farming

Organic farming in which pesticides etc. are not used to grow agricultural produce, only organic fertilizers are used to grow the produce. The cost of products produced from organic farming is higher as compared to the products produced from conventional farming. And since the products produced by organic farming are more beneficial for health, their demand is also highest in cities. This business is the business of today’s era.

12. Poultry Feed Business

As we have already told that the entrepreneurs doing poultry farming business try to feed the birds with nutritious food for proper growth. Therefore, starting a poultry feed business near an area that is full of poultry farms can be beneficial. In this agriculture-related business, the owner of the chicken farm is going to be the main customer of the entrepreneur, so this is also a B2B business.  

13. Dairy Farming

People have been doing animal husbandry for centuries, even today in rural India one or the other animal like cows, buffalo, bullocks, horses, etc. can be seen in the courtyard of every house. If we talk about the dairy farming business, then it is a modern way of rearing milch animals. In this type of agriculture business, entrepreneurs have cows or buffalo which are prominent in the list of milk-giving animals. Raises them by arranging suitable accommodation, food, and drink for them. And then earns money by selling the milk produced from them.

14. Animal feed production

There is no doubt that man rears animals to fulfill his milk-related needs and meat-related needs. Apart from this, there are some animals that are also reared for the purpose of carrying a burden, which cows, and buffalo are reared for milk production, while goats, sheep etc. are reared for meat, horse, donkey, mule etc. are reared for the purpose of carrying burden. For their good performance, it is necessary to give them good fodder. This is the reason that cattle rearers buy fodder available in the market for their animals. To get this business off the ground, the entrepreneur may need a lot of investment.

15. Mushroom Farming Business

The supply is much less than the demand for mushrooms in the markets. This is the reason that this type of business can also be started easily with very little money. Yes, it is necessary that mushroom is not a crop that grows on the ground, rather it is a fungus that can be easily grown in closed rooms by filling straws, etc. in plastic bags. Before starting a mushroom farming business, make sure to decide which type of mushroom you want to grow. 


The conclusion of agribusiness is that it is a complex and intricate industry that requires a great deal of knowledge and experience to succeed. Those who are interested in pursuing a career in this field should be prepared to put in a lot of hard work and dedication, as it is a demanding field. Those who are successful in this field should be prepared to work long hours, be able to handle difficult tasks, and be able to multitask.

Top 10 New Agriculture Business Ideas for Startups

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