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How to Start a Medicine Delivery Service Business

Medicine Delivery Service Business

Medicine Delivery Service Business – Today’s era is the age of technology because people have started using the internet a lot and they have become more tech-savvy than before. Now they need every service on their fingers online. Currently, grocery items like tea, sugar, edible oil, soap, pulses, rice, flour and fruits and vegetables are also regularly bought online. Similarly, Nowadays medicines are also regularly bought online. And,  wants the right medicine at their doorstep at the right time.

Generally, any person prefers to take medicines from the medicine store near his house.  However, many people must take medications on a regular basis. And it is possible that those medicines will be useable for the rest of one’s life. In such a situation, never claim that it is due to a lack of medicines in a nearby pharmacy, a lack of a proper discount on the price of medicines, or an inability to walk from home.

Often people can be seen ordering medicines through Online Medicine Delivery services. So, there is a huge demand market online for medicines. And due to this, an aspiring entrepreneur can start their own online medicine delivery business.

What is Online Medicine Delivery Service Business?

Online Medicine Delivery Service can be interpreted as a service under which the entrepreneur regularly delivers standard medicines, generic medicines, surgical items, cosmetic items and other complementary products to their customers at their doorstep. This type of Online Medicine Delivery Service Store may have more products than a typical pharmacy.

Apart from this, many brands of the same medicine are available to the people or customers, the customer can choose any brand based on their choice or their price.  To start this kind of business, the entrepreneur may need both a retail drug license and a wholesale drug license.  According to the rules and regulations, only a registered pharmacist is authorized to give medicines to customers.

So, in this case, if the entrepreneur so desires, he can start this business with the registered pharmacist as a partner.  People’s awareness of their own and their families health is gradually increasing.  And now people have started believing in online Medicine shopping also. 

As a result, for any aspiring and qualified entrepreneur, starting an Online Medicine Delivery business can be extremely beneficial. Follow the complete steps to start your own Online Medicine Delivery Service business.

Step 1. Create an Outline of the Service Process

A person who wants to start his own Online Medicine Delivery Service business should first prepare a Service Process Outline.  That is to say, which license and registration would be required to provide such service to him.  An outline should also be prepared of how many registered pharmacists will be appointed by the entrepreneur in the initial phase.  And apart from that, the entrepreneur may need to consult a legal advisor before launching an online pharmacy.

Aside from that, the entrepreneur may need to collaborate with pharmaceutical companies.  A website and mobile app will also need to be developed to start the Online Medicine Delivery service.  The app and website should be equipped with various features like a shopping cart, facility to upload subscriptions, search, sponsored listing, advertisement banner, latest offers and more So that later he can start his business easily.

Step 2. Make a Financial Plan for Medicine Delivery

Now that you have created the roadmap for running your online medicine service business.  So the entrepreneur can prepare a project report to implement that framework.  The entrepreneur will also be able to learn about the costs associated with his business thanks to this project report. 

On the basis of which he can secure financing for his company.  To manage finance, entrepreneurs can take the help of formal sources like bank loans, angel investors, subsidy loans under the scheme and informal sources like loans from friends, family members, acquaintances and so on. 

Step 3. Apply for License and Registration for Medicine Delivery

The entrepreneur can also register his business as a company, and can also register as a proprietorship in the initial phase.  Apart from this tax registration like GST registration and opening of a current account with a bank may also be required and shop and establishment registration under the local authority or municipal corporation and so on may also be required.

Before starting your online medicine delivery business, you must obtain your drug license. But, The State or Central Drugs Standard Control Organization issues drug licenses only to those individuals who are certified with a degree or diploma in pharmacy. This licence cannot be granted to people from different fields by the government.

Step 4. Buy the Necessary Machines and Raw Materials

Now the entrepreneur must purchase the machinery, equipment, and raw materials required to launch his own Online Medicine Delivery business. For this, the entrepreneur may necessitate the use of computers, advanced software, network infrastructure, and other resources. Aside from that, the entrepreneur may need to buy delivery vehicles, storage racks, furniture, and so on. In addition, there may be a need to purchase medicines from pharmaceutical companies with which the store has a tie-up from time to time.

Step 5. Create Your Own Online Pharmacy

Since it’s an Online Medicine Delivery service, the website and mobile app will serve as the conduit between the entrepreneur and the customer. The entrepreneur should now hire a web developer to create his website. And, who can make both his website and the User’s likes, dislikes and ease of use should be kept in mind while designing a website and mobile app.

That is to say, it should have the option of the shopping cart, review uploading prescriptions, feedback, and more.  Android and Apple’s IOS are the most popular mobile operating systems. Therefore, the entrepreneur should prepare the mobile app of his business for both platforms. The entrepreneur may also need to pay some one-time fee for publishing his message on Google Play Store and Apple Store.

Step 6. Team up with a Logistics or Courier Company

Apart from partnering with pharmaceutical companies, the entrepreneur must also partner with a logistics company, which will be in charge of delivering the entrepreneur’s medicines to the people’s homes. So, in the beginning, if the entrepreneur only wants to target the local market and provide online delivery of medicine in a specific area. Then he can either buy a delivery van himself or appoint some two-wheeler drivers as delivery boys.

Step 7. Appoint Required Workers

Although the number of employees required by the entrepreneur to launch his Online Medicine Delivery Service business is dependent on the entrepreneur’s business plan. Entrepreneurs may also need to provide delivery assistance, marketing assistance, and the services of a registered pharmacist.

Aside from that, the entrepreneur will require a storeroom to store the medicines so that they are ready to ship as soon as a customer orders. They can easily pack their orders and deliver them as soon as possible to the customer. This may necessitate the hiring of packaging personnel as well as a storekeeper.

Step 8. Promote Your Online Store

The entrepreneur’s next and final step should be to promote his Online Medicine Delivery Store. Entrepreneurs can promote their online medicine store using various social media platforms. Aside from that, Google can promote by creating a campaign in Ad, Facebook ads, and so on.

How to Start an Online Medicine Delivery Business – Pharmacy Delivery Business

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