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How to Start a Juice Bar Business – Juice Shop Business

how to start a Juice Bar business

Juice Shop / Juice Bar Business – The juices are made from various types of fruits, Juices are always refreshing, and people love them through different weathers. While they are more hydrating in the summer, they provide adequate vitamins and minerals that can boost immunity in the winter. Juices are an excellent way to start the day. It doesn’t get any better than starting the day with freshly squeezed juice made from pulpy fruits.

These days people everywhere are showing awareness regarding health. However, with the passage of time and in view of the present situation, it is also necessary for people to be health-conscious. Health remains better only when we consume energy-giving things like fruit juices People drink juice based on the season’s availability of various fruits.

So, starting a juice-related business can be a lot of fun. If you want to start a small business in this way, opening a juice shop can be beneficial.

Here in this article, you will get full information about how to start a Juice shop / Juice Bar business.

Create a Business Plan for Juice Shop Business

This is the most important step in launching this business. Before you start a business, you must first create a business plan. Conduct some market research. Find out what the most popular juices are in your area. Also, look into the raw materials that are available.

You will also require some other planning in order to progress in your business by working. In planning, you must decide where you will open your shop, where you will get the juice dispenser, how you will arrange capital, and how you will reach out to customers. After that, you will be able to easily launch this business.

License and Registration for Business

You have to apply for some registration and license to start this business which is as follows.

FSSAI Licence: Because this is a food-related business, you will need to have your quality checked and your FSSAI registration completed.

Tax Registration: – You are also required to do tax registration and GST registration for your business.

Trade License: Obtaining a trade licence for your business is critical. So you’ll have to get this as well.

Investment for Juice Shop Business

You will not need much cost to open a small juice shop, you can start it for about 50 thousand rupees. But if you also have to take machinery and fridge in it, then you may have to invest up to Rs 1 lakh for this. And, Typically a medium juice shop with a seating capacity of about 15 to  30 can be established with an investment of about 5 to 15 lakhs.

There are also several options for opening a franchise unit of an established chain of juice shops. If you do not have that much money then you can get it by applying for a Mudra loan and You will get money easily. However, the scalability of a stand-alone juice shop is limited, and success is heavily dependent on the location of the juice shop.

Location Selection for Juice Business

Choosing the right place for a juice shop is very important. You can start your juice shop around the gym, market, railway station, bus station, hospital, park, shopping mall, cinema hall, school and college. Because there you will get a lot of customers.  

Nowadays people do walking and jogging in the morning and evening, there will be many places, playgrounds or walking tracks in your city where you can do juice business.

In the beginning, you do not need to start any fixed shop, you can set up your stall or handcart and go to different areas of the city and sell juice. You can experiment by going to different areas, and you can set up your juice shop permanently where you will get good results.

Raw Material Required for Juice Shop Business

The following items are required to open a juice shop.

Vegetables and fruits, First and foremost, fresh fruits and vegetables will be required. Apart from this, there should be an ice Bar, because in summer people like to drink cold juice by adding ice to the juice.

Juices are also made of dry fruits, so you must keep them in your shop too. Let us tell that in various fruit juices, many people also like to drink dry fruits on top. 

Machinery and Equipment Needed for a Juice Bar

You will need to purchase machinery and equipment based on your desired output quantity. Furthermore, it is dependent on the type of juice you intend to produce.

In general, the unit can be set up semi-automatically or fully automatically. Never go for fully automatic arrangements if you are starting a business with little experience. Furthermore, a semi-automatic plant allows you to get a better understanding of the subject while also allowing for future scale-up.

You’ll also need to keep a fridge on hand if you want to stock up on fruits and vegetables. Aside from that, you’ll need a knife, a chopping board, a fruit cutter, large and small glasses, a bowl and spoon, and so on.

Hiring Employees in Juice Bar

Specific conditions in a juice shop may necessitate the use of staff. This is entirely dependent on your requirements and the size of your company. You don’t expect to have a large staff when you have a mobile juice shop. In such a case, you will most likely have one helper as your staff, but if you have a shop, you will need numerous people.

Every department will require a special person to manage things in order for the business to run smoothly. You will need to hire people to help with processing, billing, serving, cleaning, and other duties. It all boils down to how big you want your company to be. The more it grows, the more staff it requires.

Profits in the Juice Bar Business

Juice shops and juice centres are among the most profitable businesses on the market. Even if you are new in the field, you can easily expect a 50 to 60% gross margin. When you sell a glass of juice in a juice shop, you get 20 to 50 rupees in it, and you take at least 10 to 30 rupees per glass.

That is, if you talk about your monthly income from this business, then you can earn at least 50 to 70 thousand rupees from it. So, A proper plan and working according to the plan will bring you profit.

Marketing plan for Juice Bar Business

Marketing is most important for any business to be successful, you can use the marketing methods given below for the juice shop.

You have to give a unique name to your shop and do marketing with that name everywhere. Later a time will come that people will come to your shop because of your brand. 

Fruit juice has many benefits, So What are the benefits of which juice, and which vitamins and nutrients the body gets from it. Which juice helps in which diseases? You can put some such informational posters outside your shop.

You can use some food delivery apps. If someone orders juice from his home, then you will get many customers through these apps too.

If you can spend a little money, then you can also run Local TV Ads and Paper Ads in your city. And also, You can run these ads on Facebook for very little cost.

How to Start a Juice Shop Business || Juice Bar Business Plan

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