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How to Start Electrical PVC Cables Manufacturing Business

By PVC cables we mean a cable made of polymerization of vinyl chloride. It is a rope shape that can have two or more wires inside it, which are wrapped, interconnected,  Can be  Wires and cables are covered in PVC or polythene as protection under non-conducting plastic material. To protect the surrounding environment.  As far as PVC cable is concerned, it is an important contributor to the transmission and distribution of electric power.

This type of cable is considered suitable for use in substations, distribution systems, industrial installations, house wiring, street lighting.  Wires and cables insulated from PVC are considered best for electrical distribution.  Therefore, their demand remains for industrial and domestic use all the time, PVC cable manufacturing business can be started by entrepreneurs as small scale industries and medium industries.

PVC Cables Market Potential

Electric wire and PVC cable market in the Asian country to grow at a CAGR of 16.18%. over the amount 2015-2020. The demand for household electric cables may increase in the first place. this may be due to the bold program of electrification and housing construction. It is conjointly due to renovation job as the previous cable should be removed to avoid any short due to ageing with the new advanced cable of high conduction. In a given size with excellent insulation against any electric fault. a number of the majority purchasers of this product are coal fields & collieries, Electricity Boards, Railways, all kinds of Power Stations, Aviation industry and Housing Boards/Colonisers. 

Registration & License for Business

In beginning PVC cable production, register your business with ROC. get Trade License from Municipal Authority. Apply for VAT Registration. protect your name with trademark registration. Apply for Udyog Aadhaar MSME Registration. get B.I.S Certification. it is often a production operation without pollution. However, the reduction of waste composed of PVC is to be strictly observed. Apply for a ‘No Objection Certificate’ from your state Pollution management Board.

Investment for PVC Cables Business

Start the business PVC CABLES producing company you wish is sources of finance To run the company. you wish a large quantity of capital. There are 2 varieties of capitals you need to run the business are:

Fixed Capital: Fixed Capital includes assets like Tools & equipment, machinery manufactory building. which are necessary for manufacturing operations.

Operating Capital: capital Includes money that is important for day to day operations like buying of raw materials, transportation charges and more. The investment modifies the project capability and project value as per your requirement.

Location for the Business

The location required to start a PVC cable company doesn’t really matter. Hence, you shouldn’t spend a lot of money trying to find a more expensive facility or location. You can set up your PVC cable manufacturing business outside of the city and set up manufacturing plants that are at least 500 square feet in size. Make sure the area has facilities like water supply, drainage and electricity.

Raw material for PVC Cables Business

The needed raw materials are E.C.Quality metal wire, in PVC (hollow grade) and consumables for packaging. Raw materials will be purchased either on a wholesale market or from the producer of the same items.

Required Machinery and Equipment

The list of machinery and equipment used in the PVC cable manufacturing business is as follows.

  • PVC Extruder and Wire Coating Machine 50 mm. complete with cooling through supply stand take up the unit control panel with Automatic Temperature
  • Indicator
  • Electric controllers and Motors
  • Wire Straightening equipment
  • Cable Printing Machine
  • Measuring & Coiling Machine
  • Extrusion Dies, and Nozzles.

PVC Cables Manufacturing Process

First. E.C Grade aluminium wire is inserted into the extruder.  After that, the wire passes through the dye in the same extruder, so that an equal amount of PVC is coated around the wire.  After that, this wire is passed through cold water, which helps the wire to cool down.  The wire is then passed through a high voltage spark tester. In this PVC cable manufacturing process where the insulating strength of PVC Coating is checked. 

Keep in mind that after removing from the extruder and before cooling, the name of the manufacturer can be embossed in this wire, after that a 100-meter wire bundle can be prepared from the coil winding and wire measuring machine.    As far as the quality of PVC cable is concerned, its production should conform to the IS: 694: 1990 standards set by the Bureau of Indian Standards.

Marketing your Business

Once you are done with all the procedures and production of PVC cable. Creating a marketing plan is a very important task in the PVC cable production business. here we have mentioned some markets for PVC cable production. You can sell your PVC cable product to your local retailer market. And sell your PVC cable product to the wholesale market. Register your business on B2B websites Where you can sell your product on bulk orders. And sell online Where you can sell your product directly to the customer.

Electrical PVC Cable Manufacturing Business

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