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How to Start Cotton Wicks Manufacturing Business

How to Start Cotton Wicks Manufacturing Business

Cotton wicks are a very popular business, in India Cotton wicks are used to light a lamp in homes worship places, and on festivals occasions. And it is a tradition that has been going on for centuries. The use of cotton wicks is increasing Not only in Indian homes and also in other countries. And cotton wicks are also used in offices, schools, factories, Temples, and other places.

A few years before, women used to make cotton wicks with their hands,  But as the population increased, there was also an increase in the processes of worship, recitation, etc., and the use of cotton wicks also increased. So, a situation arose to manufacture cotton wicks by machine so that the demand for cotton wicks available in the market could be met. Also, Cotton wicks are in good demand in the small-scale sector. This is a low-investment business so you can start from your home and earn well.

Market Demand for Cotton Wicks

There is a good demand for cotton threads in the market, the main reason for this is that India is a multi-religious country and any festival comes here, in such situations cotton threads are exclusively used here. It is used everywhere like homes, factory, school, and temple and their use. They are used not only in India but also abroad, so if the entrepreneur wants, he can also export his product to foreign countries. There is a lot of demand for cotton Wicks even in the open domestic market because its price is so low that’s why no one hesitates before buying it. So, You can start both small-scale and large-scale cotton thread manufacturing businesses.

Investment in Cotton Wicks Business

If one wants to start this business then he can start this business even from 1 small room of his house, you only need 1 machine along with cost, and raw material. After that, you can start your business. And the price of the machine starts from 25 thousand, you can buy a machine according to your business, and the raw material is very cheap, you can buy it in the local market. So, you can start this business with 50 to 60 thousand.

Land Selection for Cotton Wicks Business

This business is a small-scale industry, you don’t need any big space for this business, you can start it from your home because the cotton wig-making machine is small and does not occupy much space. So, This type of business can be easily started from any Small empty room. If you want to work on a larger scale, you may need more land.

License and Registration for Business

Although in the initial phase, this work of making cotton wicks can be started even without any license or registration. But if the entrepreneur is planning to expand his business in the future, he can also register his business under proprietorship. Apart from this, tax registration, GST registration, a current account in the bank, a commercial electricity connection, etc. may also be required and a trade license may also be taken from the local authority. Despite this, the entrepreneur should find out the local rules and laws.

Raw material for Cotton Wick-Making Business

The raw material is required to start a cotton wicks business, only cotton is used to make cotton wicks, which are easily available in the local market. And medical cotton is used for good-quality wicks.  If you do not get the raw material, then you can also buy it online like IndiaMART or And there are many companies on the internet that sell raw materials; you can buy raw materials by contacting them.

Machinery for Cotton Wick-Making Business

There are many machines available in the market for making cotton wicks, such as manual machines, long-wick machines, semi-automatic machines, and digital machines. Normally a manual machine is easily available for 20 thousand rupees, while another automatic machine is available for 30 to 35 thousand rupees. So, the entrepreneur should choose the machine based on his budget. It is very easy to operate, which any person can understand easily at once.

Cotton Wick-Making Process

If you make cotton by hand, then it takes you a lot of time, whereas if you do the same work through the machine, then you can make it in a few hours. To make cotton wicks, first of all, you have to break the cotton into 2 parts. After breaking it is properly inserted inside the machine. And now the process of making your cotton begins. In a few seconds, you get cotton wicks.  It is very easy to operate the machines that are used to make cotton wicks, so before making cotton wicks, you must have experience with these machines which are very easy it.

Profit in Cotton Wicks Business

If you talk about profit, then the cost of 1 kg comes to about 300 rupees and if you make packets of 10 rupees, then you can make 120 packets in 1 kg, which has a retail price of about 1200 rupees. In this way, you can prepare about 240 packets in a day which has a retail price of Rs 2400. If you sell it in retail then you can earn around 1800 rupees daily.

Marketing for Cotton Wicks Business

You can use both online and offline for marketing this type of business. And market it in big malls, supermarkets, and wholesalers, Or you can go to any place and sell them during the festive season. Also, You can give video ads on television and ads in newspapers so that more people will know about your company. Apart from this, you can do a lot of promotion and dissemination through social media.


Cotton wicks are an essential component of Lamps and candles, and their demand is on the rise, making cotton wick manufacturing a profitable business. With the right equipment, raw materials, and a knowledgeable team, a cotton wick manufacturing business can be established and run efficiently. It is crucial to understand the market demand and keep up with the latest trends in the industry to maintain competitiveness.

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What are the raw materials required for cotton wick manufacturing?

The primary raw materials required for cotton wick manufacturing are cotton fibers.

What equipment is required for a cotton wick manufacturing business?

The equipment required for a cotton wick manufacturing business includes a cotton winding machine, cutting machines, and packaging equipment.

What is the demand for cotton wicks in the market?

The demand for cotton wicks in the market is on the rise as Lamps are becoming increasingly popular for home and festivals.

How can a cotton wick manufacturing business stay competitive in the market?

Staying competitive in the market involves understanding the latest trends and innovations in the industry, providing high-quality products, and offering competitive prices.

What are the different types of cotton wicks available in the market?

The different types of cotton wicks available in the market include square braided wicks, flat braided wicks, and round braided wicks.

How can the quality of cotton wicks be ensured during the manufacturing process?

Quality can be ensured during the manufacturing process by using high-quality raw materials, adhering to strict production processes, and performing regular quality checks.

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