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How to Start Ball Pen Making Business With Low Investment

Ball Pen Making Business 

Ball Pen Making Business –  A pen is one of the handy things to have all the time. It is needed everywhere from home to school and office. Especially the use of ball pen is very much liked among the people of all walks of life. And These days ‘use and throw’ pen is also being used a lot. The most important thing about a ball pen is that its ink dries up quickly.  That’s why today the demand for Ball Pen is very high and the demand is increasing throughout the day, so today there are many companies in India that produce Ball Pen.

This is such a business that can be started from the smallest level to the biggest and it is an evergreen running business,  And if any person wants to start Ball Pen Making Business, then it is absolutely the right business. Because, In today’s time, pens are used by everyone, so many pens are sold and bought every day. And for this business, you will not even need much marketing, and also, you can sell this product in the markets around you as well. and Its business can be started with very little money and huge money can be earned.

Market Opportunities for Pen Making Business

The human population is increasing day by day. Schools and colleges are opening everywhere,  Students also need a pen along with a copybook to read and write because without a pen the study will be incomplete. There is a dire need for writing pens which we buy from stationery shops. And everyone has a need to use a pen for noting down their work, important matters, and even business dealings.

This tells us about the market demand for businesses involved in the pen manufacturing industry. further, the demand for pens is expected to continue in the coming days. Especially the ball pen, which is also called the use and throw pen. currently, many companies are engaged in this business and earn good profits. so, if you want to start this business on a small level, then it is the right business and if you drop a high-quality ball pen in the market, then there is every possibility that your business will definitely run. 

Required Space for Pen-Making Business

space for the pen making business, It depends on what level the entrepreneur plans to start a business. Because the entrepreneur starts this business on a large scale, he will need more land, machinery, manpower, and more raw materials.

While the entrepreneur may need about 200 to 500 square feet of space to set up such a small-scale industry. And, the space in which machine can be installed and raw material storeroom and a small office can be built provided there. Also, keep in mind that there should be a good road, water, and electricity facility at that location. If you don’t have your own land available in the market, you can start it from home.

Investment for Business

To start this business, you do not need to invest a lot in it. And its manufacturing plant cost is not high. Although if you want to start at such a small level then you may have to cost from a minimum of Rs.30000 to 40000.

Only the machine is worth 25 thousand rupees out of the total of 40 thousand rupees. As a result, it can be estimated that once the machine is installed, this business can be run with minimal investment.

Aside from that, if you want to start a large business, you will need an automatic machine, which can cost up to Rs 4 lakh.  And The total cost for this can be even more than this. You can also buy these machines online or it can also be purchased from your local market.

Registration for Business

To start this business, you first have to do GST registration, which has been made mandatory by the Government of India to start any business in today’s time.

After this, if you want to sell your product in the name of your brand, then you have to choose a good name and register its trademark brand, And  You must obtain a trade licence from your local authorities.

A current bank account and a PAN card in the name of the company are also required. After that, you should have no trouble running your business.

Raw material for Pen Making Business

Many materials are required within the business of making a Ball Pen. To make a ball pen, you’ll need the following materials.

Barrel –  This is a thin plastic pipe-like vessel in which ink is filled.

Adapter – This is also the lower part of the pen made of plastic in which the tip or nib is attached. 

Tip- This is the lowest part of the pen which, while writing on the copy, remains in contact with the copy through which the writing takes place. 

Cap- This is the top part of the pen which serves to cover the tip so that the tip does not get damaged if it falls.

Ink – This is the main raw material of the pen, due to which the pen runs.

You Can Buy the Pen making items that can be found in any big wholesale market. Or buy from online sites like IndiaMART or

Machinery for Pen Making Business

For industrial production of ball pen making business, you will have to buy the following machines-

Punching Machine- This machine is used to set the barrel with an adapter.

Ink Filling Machine – This machine is used to fill the pen with ink.

Tip Fixing Machine- With the help of this machine the tip is fitted in the pen.

Centrifuging Machine- With the help of this machine, the excess air filled in the pen is removed.

You can also buy the machines by checking the price of all these machines on the Indiamart or TradeIndia website.

Pen Manufacturing Process

The process of the manufacturing process is very simple.

First of all, the barrel is put in the punching machine, the adapters are already installed in this machine. The barrel and the adapter are properly punched in the right place so that the adapter is set in the barrel.

Once the adapter is in place, the process of filling the barrel with ink begins. An ink-filling machine is used to fill ink. In this machine, the ink is already filled, which has to be filled in equal quantity in the barrel. When filling the ink, keep in mind that the ink should be filled in accordance with the size of the barrel. Filling with too much ink can lead to overflow, which degrades the quality of the pen.

After this, keeping the hand on the upper hole of the barrel, it is applied in the tip-fixing machine, with the help of this machine, the tip is put in the barrel filled with ink, after this process the barrel is now converted into a pen.

In the next step, these pens are put into the centrifuging machine, which removes the excess air inside it and the pen is completely ready for sale.

Packaging for Pen Business

The completed ball pen must now be put into packages. Pack in such a way that the packets appear appealing. Put one more pen in the packet as an offer for the price of five pens. Otherwise, a dozen pens will be enough. As a result, customers will be drawn to your brand.

Marketing for Pen Business

The success of any business depends on how much your product is sold, the more sales, the more profit you will get, for this you go to the market around you and talk to the shopkeepers of small and big stationery.

Give them more profit than other companies. They will give more preference to your goods which will increase your sales and make you profit.

To promote your brand, you can use small-large posters and billboards. Get your brand holdings installed in advanced places of the city so that more and more people can see your brand.

Provided that you do not down the quality of your product, apart from this, you can also increase the selling of your product by going to all the small and big schools and colleges around you by applying ‘Special Sale Offer’. 

How to Start Ball Pen Making Business

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